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Generators / Re: One phase not working
« Last post by AdeV on Today at 09:44:30 AM »
A friend has a generator where one phase has stopped working. The phase not working is the one supplying the 240v output. The 3-phase does not work. If the 240v outlet is switched to one of the working phases to supply 240v, will running the generator like this cause further damage? 3-phase not required

It depends on how it's failed. If it's shorted internally, then it'll heat up and catch fire - which wouldn't be ideal.  If it's failed open circuit, then it shouldn't do any further damage, it's just a dead leg. You'll lose some efficiency (i.e. excessive fuel consumption), as the engine is dragging a dead phase around, but assuming this is just an occasional use set, that's probably not an issue.

All three phases should be giving out the same voltage - i.e. 220 across the board, or 240. The specs for 240v AC power actually allow anything from 220 to 250, so even at 220 you're (just!) in spec.

Machine Mart occasionally sell reasonably priced 3-phase alternators (I think they're Mecc Alte branded), they also do 240v ones, but for some reason they're more expensive, IIRC.
If it is a conventional lip seal and comes out "outwards" - one accepted practice is to drill a couple of small holes (maybe 2mm?) at top and bottom, or at each side - wherever access allows - and screw a pair of short TEK screws into the holes so the heads are maybe 8mm out from the surface of the seal.  Then use a baby pry bar or perhaps a claw hammer, or vice grips and a big screwdriver as a lever - and pull them out.  Have a google - there will be videos explaining this for sure.  Cheers
If you can post a clear picture I could answer your question as I have not been down in this area on mine as yet. Some oil seals you can pick out from the outside and others have to be pushed out from the inside. If there is a lip of the alloy cover in front of the seal then it is out from the inside but a pic helps a lot.
Intake and Exhaust valves:
Valve heads recessed into cylinder head face by 0.055" Min to 0.100" Max
 Bump Clearance 0.045" to 0.050"
  Valve Seats (None OEM)
    Detroit Diesel series 92 valve seats are a very close replacement

I have a clone, and no change over system, but maybe it's seat is the same as the others ?
Does anyone no how to remove the old end cover oil seals to replace it? on a lister st1, I cant figure out how to remove it and don't want to crack the end cover haha
more pics...
Hi Gentles

It has been a while this thread is idleing, and nothing like to post some news:

2 daily fuel tanks to get repaired.

A Lister DK (1950), that is advertised at 1000 (thousand!), with some play in main bushing, to make it jump. (Was the first I saw here in running condition). Owner think it is made of solide gold!

And a surprise in my 12/2, with a loose gibkey in fly wheel.

Some pics to showoff.

Stay safe.
Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: Lister CE decompression changeover damage
« Last post by Mtour on December 02, 2020, 10:54:31 PM »

 I tried lapping the valve, used a drill... the valve seat still has deep pits, didn't want to grind any more as the valve face and seat are starting to curve. Really not sure what to do about this..
Generators / Re: One phase not working
« Last post by Bilbag on December 02, 2020, 05:25:30 PM »
The generator is a Mecc Alte ECO28-VL4. It is a 12 wire system. It is a Stephill generator but cannot find their model number on it. I can work on it no problem and have good test gear. UK location so 240v and 50Hz.  I have had a quick look at it and there is 220v between L2-N and L3-N. the 240v output is from L1. The owner only used it for a 3-phase supply but he now has a mains 3-phase supply fitted so the generator is no longer required. I would only be using it for 240 supply. My concern is that if one of the windings for L1 has broken down, will using it and taking the 240v supply off L2 or L3 make it unstable. Also a concern is that the 110v supply for the regulator is from the fields on the L1 supply so that will also have to be moved to the L2 field. For me to investigate it properly I will have to get the unit moved to where I can take it apart under cover to trace the exact location of the problem. There is a voltage selection switch and I suspect that the problem may be in that. Not quite sure of the exact reason for this switch as in other generators with only 3-phase and a single 240v output they have no switch.  There is a considerable cost to get it moved as it is mounted on a skid base so requires a forklift to move it on and off a trailer so to do this I want to be sure I will get some use out of it.
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