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General Discussion / Newbie looking for reccomendations
« on: February 22, 2007, 01:42:52 PM »

My name is Carl and I am a total newbie to this forum and to slow speed gensets in general.  I have been reading this forum for about a month now and I am ready to start planning out my generator. I am intrigued by the Lister type engines and think they are very cool.

I would love to do a Lister type genset but I don’t know if it is really feasible and had a few questions I wanted to ask.

We live on grid and have a grid tied 7kWh solar array and a 1.8kWh Skystream wind turbine (these produce all of the electricity we need plus about 1.5mWh surplus each year that we sell back to the utility) . Both of these only run when the grid is up due to UL regulations.  We only have power failures once or twice a year at most, and normally less than 8 hours each time.
I have been working of gas race engines for over 30 years so I know my way around an engine, I have a background in electronics so neither of those issues are a problem with maintenance or installation.  I also do welding but my machining skills are not great.

Based on the above information I am looking for recommendations for a backup / standby genset.

I love the simplicity (and idea)of the Lister / St combination and if I go that route I would also have to add a Transfer switch to connect to my mains. Thinking of a 6/1 with 3 or 4kw ST type generator

I also like  packaged natural gas fired Generac type automatic standby generators but I know their life span is pretty short (no muss no fuss ).

I guess lastly a portable gas or diesel generator connected to a transfer switch would work also.

We do not have any batteries so we would only run the genset to power the house when the grid is down.

I suspect we could run all of our necessary loads with a 3 to 4kw generator

Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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