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Gee Casey, I thought I was cynical.  Y'all have a nice day over there  :)


Yeah, and machines such as that Lister were not only designed to have a long service life - they were designed with forethought so that they could be rebuilt to a standard that would give ANOTHER long service life after that

And when folks like Mr 38ac and Mr Dieselgman et al take something to bits and measure all the components and clearances with the aim of sending it back out the shop door to the customer "as good as new" - or probably better - that's kind of an affirmation of the build philosophy of those old engineers of the interbellum era

It's worth commenting that, seventy or eighty years ago, raw materials were really expensive (largely as a result of the labour involved in mining/refining/transport etc), and the manufacturing (done by men who were skilled machinists) was an expensive process.  Now the raw materials are handled in bulk with nary a human being in the process and they are worth almost nothing, the labour of smelting/casting is done in the third world and the wages are in third-world currencies - again worth almost nothing, and assembly is either by robots or by sweat-shop staff who might as well be robots.

That TV may well have cost $20 to produce

Complete with 50 years of birdshit & dust

or just go to   -  and look at listing # 1268789475

Listeroid Engines / Re: Getting My Listeroid to Tasmania
« on: February 20, 2017, 06:56:24 AM »
Yeah!  What a wonderful project!

Engines / Re: Magical Honda Engine
« on: February 20, 2017, 06:55:36 AM »
If your just looking for a gen head...well I have a couple 3500 rpm heads kicking around. One is on a 9000 watt jap scrap gen. The motor just put the rod out of the side of the block..and an other on a 6500 watt genset, this one is an older(1980ish) Briggs 11 hp, both have good working gen heads, just NFG motors.
If your not too far to ship..then the price would be right!!I'm near Kingston Ontario Canada.
I was using both (one at a time) in my shop, until they went bang!!I have another Lister SR2 with a 10KW head, that I'm just finishing off for full time work in the shop...should have built the second Lister.. years ago for the shop!! Instead i spent $1000.00  junk, Jap scrap....

Hey there (Brian?)  Just looking at your comments there re gen heads & wondering if you have had any experience of trying to put an extended shaft and/or second bearing on a single-bearing gen head off of a Jap-type genset?

I have seen a couple of posts from years ago from George the Utterpower man; but I formed the opinion that particular opinion stream may have been longer on theory than on practice.

I'd be interested in any thoughts on this

Cheers, Mike

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: air starter
« on: February 15, 2017, 06:14:28 PM »
In this video you can see the mounting face I was talking about.

Hey Jake, thanks.  A manual option as well as an auto-timed.  That makes sense

Interesting detail the single/twin flywheel being industrial - vs - agricultural.


Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: air starter
« on: February 13, 2017, 11:07:48 PM »
Gotcha.  Yep, wet air is always a problem

Often you'll find the air plumbing has a "downleg" with a valve to be left open and allow it to drain at the lowest point - or an autodrainer; but then people forget, and the autodrainer fails, and . . .


Other Slow Speed Diesels / air starter
« on: February 13, 2017, 04:46:47 AM »
Guys, I'd really like one of the big slow engines like the 4YHR units or similar - all the old side-shaft units, really.  But I don't fancy my chances of finding one . . . .

I really like the way they're designed to run 24/7

I have been watching a bunch of videos on them - and it looks as if maybe the air starter assemblies are an early casualty when they are decommissioned and then abandoned?

I guess there's some kind of cam assembly that "times" air into the cylinder a couple of degrees after TDC on the power stroke or some such?  But, watching videos, it seemed to me maybe some folks just had a manual valve and were watching the strokes and just giving it a "puff" of air at a couple of hundred PSIs on each power stroke until it picked up running speed . . .

Is that what I have been seeing or have I misinterpreted that?

Those big old slow machines with their external bearings and external lube systems and big rotating governors have a fascination all of their own IMHO

I really like the way the mains and big-ends and piston-and-rod are just "there" to lube or work on etc etc


Engines / Re: Lister SR2 air compressor?
« on: February 01, 2017, 06:47:53 AM »
Very interesting. I cut my teeth on the VW air-cooled engines, way back when... and Lister/Petter was the US Distributor for the VW industrial and power products equipment until recently. I have never seen one of them converted to air-compressor service. Some pictures of that would be welcome. We do have a few of the Lister ST twins converted by Hamworthy though.


Hi.  I have only seen rough ones here - but there's a link here to a youtube . . .

if you have a google there will be swags I think

I grew up with air-cooled beetles before there were Japanese cars in our markets & have a lot of respect for their integrity if they are (a) not modified, and (b) maintained as per spec - especially in relation to oil changes and valve clearances


Listeroid Engines / Re: More Listeroid fun
« on: February 01, 2017, 06:44:14 AM »
G'day Steve - there's a good chance the engine will out-live you!  Mine is almost eighty years old

Congratulations on what looks like a very good and careful build   :)

Engines / Re: Lister SR2 air compressor?
« on: February 01, 2017, 02:35:04 AM »
FWIW I have seen VW air-cooled engines adapted as air compressors - light, portable, fan-cooled etc etc.

Two cylinders run the pump, two cylinders run the engine, and the flat-four layout (boxer) means it's easy to get at the heads for plumbing, I guess


Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Re: 5KW ST-type generator head
« on: January 31, 2017, 08:52:31 AM »

I just looked at the exchange rate.
Geez Your Dollar has gained on ours. Virtually the same now.  Last time I was there for work we had almost a 20% advantage. Not any more.

I wouldn't even know how to get something like that brought in. I can imagine I'd have to go through a shipping brokers and pay all sorts of fees to the ports, customs etc.
Probably be cheaper to bring one in direct from China.
Better wait to see what the next house is like before I add anymore to the 5 ton of " treasure" I am stressing about packing up and moving already.

Yeah just hold your breath for a few more minutes and us folks here with the $NZD will be ahead of the $AUS lol

Sending it is simple - there's effectively a door-to-door process & all you'd have to do at your end would be to pay GST

But it's too expensive to be worthwhile - probably close to $400 door to door


Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Re: 5KW ST-type generator head
« on: January 30, 2017, 06:22:22 PM »
Can't imagine it'd be cheap?

I lifted if from a pallet-on-forklift across to the work bench yesterday and my back still hurts

I guess it's 90 kg

Will enquire re freight - costs nothing to ask


Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / 5KW ST-type generator head
« on: January 30, 2017, 03:52:12 AM »
Of no interest to you Northern Hemisphere gentlemen, but you never know when someone from NZ is lurking . . .

I have a new, just-out-of-the-crate 5KW ST-type generator (alternator, really)  plus a built-for-the-purpose mount-and adjusters assembly

Was going to put it onto my CS 5/1 but then I got the 10/2 and it'll run a bigger one so now there is plan "B" and the unit is for sale . . .

Expressions of interest welcome . . . .

I imported it from China myself, and I have forgotten the fine details of what it cost but there was:

Purchase $USD650

Shipping & insurance I forget exactly . . . I know there was a $140-odd fee at the shipping warehouse?

Customs stuff added up to another maybe $200-300?  I forget

then there was GST (tax) at 15% of all the above

i think it cost me something like $NZD1400 and I have it advertised locally for $NZD875 . . .


Listeroid Engines / Re: Are my flywheels typical?
« on: January 30, 2017, 12:45:11 AM »
Hi there!

I balance helicopters for a living, the lister is child's play. I understand single cylinder engine balance quite well. I've come to the conclusion that the balance of a single cylinder engine really needs to be done while running. While not required, it might be slightly better to do it at partial load. If both flywheels are consistently made, they then any unbalance will offset each other. As they are mounted opposed.

Install 'em, run the engine and then balance it, via the methods contained in some threads/posts on this forum. If you balance the flywheels first, you have not accomplished anything helpful on a single.

Briefly: A Lister's single piston's inertia can be offset by a 100% counterweight. However, that full counterweight will then cause horizontal "shuffle", as there is no horizontal opposing force to that counterweight. Picture the counterweight at the same level as the crank, it's inertia will pull the engine that direction!

Soooooo, a counterweight is generally "about" 50% of the reciprocating mass. For many single cylinder engines, a 53% "balance factor" works well. This results in an engine that has equal up/down and fore/aft vibrations. And done correctly, is generally considered comfortably smooth.

A single will never be vibration free without some form of trickery! (for example, a single or better yet, pair of counter-rotating balance shafts) There are other ways to make a single mostly vibration free. None of these methods apply to us, ignore them.

I predict there will be discussion on this question . . .

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