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Listeroid Engines / Re: GM90 Listeroid Powerplant Walk-around
« on: February 03, 2012, 07:15:48 PM »
WOW, nice set up !  After I get mine the way I want it I will do a complete teardown, paint and do something similar. What type of oil pump are you using ?

32 coupe

Listeroid Engines / Hot Rod air cleaner
« on: February 03, 2012, 06:52:02 PM »
We have all seen this before but I thought I would share how I did mine.

I took a piece of 3" round  al. stock, cut a 1"  section then faced both sides on my old lathe. After drilling a hole in it I took the rest of the material out with my homemade boreing bar to fit the intake pipe. A little Loc Tite, install air filter and tighten clamp and presto ---Hot Rod air cleaner !

Think I'll get the 5 to 10 horsepower increase they advertise ??? LOL

32 coupe

Listeroid Engines / Re: 32 coupe's Metro 6/1
« on: February 03, 2012, 01:38:25 PM »
It did "walk" a bit untill I balanced it with wheel weights.  The wood blocks are bolted to the frame so I can move it with my tractor and most of the time I set it outside on the ground to run. (remember I'm just "playing" so I can do all my running and testing outside )Hard to see but on the table are 4 large rubber blocks , 4" X 4" x 1" that I place under it when on cement.

The wheel weights and rubber pads are the trick. I got the rubber pad from Enco and cut it into 4" squares. After adding the wheel weights I too am able to set a glass of water on the valve cover and it will stay there !

My next move will be to replace the wood with 4" x 4" steel tube bolted to the frame and make shallow "cups" so I can glue the rubber pads on the bottom. 

Have you tried balancing yours ??

32 coupe

Listeroid Engines / Re: 32 coupe's Metro 6/1
« on: February 02, 2012, 11:18:23 PM »
Thanks guys...appreciate the help !

32 coupe

Listeroid Engines / 32 coupe's Metro 6/1
« on: February 01, 2012, 10:34:57 PM »
Thanks to ronmar I learned how to post pics ! Thanks gang !

Listeroid Engines / Re: Fuel use
« on: February 01, 2012, 08:00:33 PM »
Hi Tom,
1932 Ford 3 window chopped top coupe.....custom frame, aftermarket everything.....it is a work in progress. I started it about 3 years ago and it is a LONG way from being done. I'm new to the forum so I'm still trying to figure out how to post pics.


Listeroid Engines / Re: Fuel use
« on: January 31, 2012, 09:04:08 PM »
yep, here we go !

I have a custom made fuel tank......so I filled the tank, ran the engine and refilled measuring out of a graduated 1 qt. cup as I refilled.

I am not in a "lab", I'm just doing "backyard engineering".

I live in Florida but am building a house in Kentucky and thought about using the Metro for power. I am not sure I have a grasp on the whole "off the grid" concept. I just realized through my "play time" that running the Metro all the time is NOT the way to go. You guys and gals here have been a great source for all the info I've gathered about the "Lister" clones and if nothing else I enjoy watching the thing run !

I work during the week so my "play time' is relegated to the weekends. My set up consists of Metro 6/1 on a 6 x2 inch "c" channel frame with the ST 7.5 gen head, custom fuel tank, napa fuel filter assembly, honda radiator and fan, custom t stat- housing, 195 degree stat, with a thermostaticly controlled fan. I made my own "tappett puller" , reworked the intake lifter, had to make a brass "shim" for the intake rocker arm to align it properly and various other "tweaks". From reading here I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because I have had no real problems with my engine. It was pretty clean inside and it ran good right out of the box.

I will get some pictures this week end and post them, you guys might get a kick out of them.

Gary Lane    AKA:  32 coupe

Listeroid Engines / Re: Fuel use
« on: January 31, 2012, 12:58:24 AM »
I checked all the electrical with a Fluke as well so I think those numbers are close....as I said I guessed on the number that it took to spin the head ....I'd say the 4200 watt full load guess on my part is pretty close because the engine is really starting to work at that point. A little grey smoke and a fairley heavy "chugging" sound.

I guess I was just a little surprised at the fuel numbers I got. I thought they would be much better.

Listeroid Engines / Re: Fuel use
« on: January 30, 2012, 11:19:06 PM »
I knew this would happen !

 I got my numbers with the trusty Kill A Watt and a couple of yard sale space heaters one being 2 stage so I can get 3 different loads. I know its probibly not the most accurate method but it is close enough for what I'm doing.

 This was my first attempt at fuel numbers so I really can't get a base line untill several more runs.

 Will different fuels, used motor oil or veg oil, result in different numbers ?

32 coupe

Listeroid Engines / Re: Fuel use
« on: January 30, 2012, 09:00:12 PM »
Thanks for the reply, veggie.
I just thought it was too much but I guess it must be correct. I will be playing with different fuel mixtures in the next few weeks and will try to keep everyone posted on the results.

Listeroid Engines / Fuel use
« on: January 29, 2012, 08:49:08 PM »
After years of reading this site in '08 I purchased a Metro 6/1 and after may mods and about 200 hours of "play time" today I "ran some numbers" and would like to share:

3500 watt load in 1 hr. I used 42 oz. diesel fuel
1630 watt load in 1 hr. I used 25 oz. diesel fuel
1000 watt load in 1 hr I used  21 oz. diesel fuel

I guessed the ST 7.5 head used about 1 HP just to turn it. (some of you guys will know the correct number on this I'm sure ) so at 3500 watts plus my guessed 750 for the head  at 4200 watts the engine is "working" pretty good.

My question is it seems like it is using alot of fuel per hour......does not smoke or belch fuel, it starts and  "runs like a champ".

I have not checked the timing because it runs so good untill now I thought everything was fine. Should I "spill time" it or does it sound like the idler gear could be off ?

Thanks for years of advise. I hope to put up some pics soon.

32 coupe          

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