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General Discussion / microcogen.info - problems?
« on: May 29, 2015, 10:25:44 AM »
I'm struggling to get the microcogen site today, is it just me or is it playing up for everyone?

Makes a change for that site to be down & this one to be up!   ;D

Original Lister Cs Engines / A new Lister in the family...
« on: May 18, 2015, 01:26:58 AM »
Last Friday, I was up at sparrowfart for the long (200 miles - I know that's peanuts to you Americans, but on our roads... that's a trek) drive down to Bath to go pick up my new toy. 4 hours down, 3 hours to pull it out of the boat it lived in & onto my transport, and 6 hours back (Friday night traffic...), another hour to offload, and here she is, nailed to a selection of railway sleepers, almost ready for a first run:

Lister JP4 by AdeV, on Flickr

Yup, I finally have me a Lister JP4, aka 38/4. 38 horsepower, feel the width...

Lister JP4 by AdeV, on Flickr

Lister JP4 by AdeV, on Flickr

Lister JP4 by AdeV, on Flickr

The engine was originally fitted to a Dutch barge. In this shot, we can see the genuine, original, Dutch diesel catch tank (for the injector overspill)...

Lister JP4 by AdeV, on Flickr

The spec plate, showing this to be a 1940 engine.

Lister JP4 by AdeV, on Flickr

Interestingly, it's been retrofitted with a 1963 JK flywheel - presumably to add the ring gear & electric starter motor. Originally, it must have been a hand-crank start, quite a task on such a big engine.

Lister JP4 by AdeV, on Flickr

The upside-down flywheel serial number reads 213JK4MP13 - it looks like the MP has been added in the wrong place (MP=Marine Propulsion), and should have been after the 13 (which, we assume, means 1963).

That's it on the photos for now; but, with a bit of a jerry-rigged fuel line, a couple of fresh batteries & a battery booster, I got her fired up :) Lots of smoke and noise, and she won't run on all four at low RPM, I suspect the fuel lines still need a little bleeding. Next job is to fit a radiator & associated pipework - and probably a waterpump as I don't have the enormous thermosiphoning radiator that this engine would normally sport - so I can run her for more than a brief period. Oh, and a more powerful governer spring than the lash up I added, which sets the "tickover" at about 100rpm I think...

Still - all in all, I am chuffed. This engine will easily run my entire workshop, and when I move out into the Portuguese sticks, it'll be my only access to 3-phase power.

General Discussion / Scheduled Downtime
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:49:59 PM »
I've just been informed that our host is patching their VM infrastructure with some high priority updates, this will start approx. 2 hours from the time of this message. There will be at least one re-boot. Since that normally causes chaos for our server, I fully expect to have to manually kick it once or twice afterwards, so LEF might be up & down for a few hours tonight.

Sorry for the short notice, they've only just let me know now....


General Discussion / More unexpected downtime
« on: January 25, 2015, 12:23:41 PM »
Apologies for the lack of service yesterday & into today; for some reason, the daily website was REALLY slow, which prevented me from getting the root password (which is REALLY complicated), so I couldn't fix the databse :(

All done now, as you can see...

I'm going to look for somewhere else to host LEF - the virtual server we are on now is becoming flakey. More news as I get it...


General Discussion / DOWNTIME - 25th/26th Sept 2014
« on: September 26, 2014, 11:03:41 AM »
Apologies for the unexpected downtime around the 25th/26th September, this was caused by a host failure at 2am UK time, which was finally "sort of" resolved at 4am; but I needed to reboot our VPS again, as it always needs a reboot following any kind of disruption...

I've decided to go on the hunt for a new host anyway, since the platform we're on has proven to be less reliable than I might have hoped. I'm also going to look into upgrading the forum software to SMF v2, which has many new and useful features, not least better security.

There's no timetable on this work, I'm mad busy both at work & leisure at the moment, so I'll fit it in as best I can...

Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Listers for sale (UK, Birkenhead)
« on: September 01, 2014, 07:12:28 PM »
Due to imminent downsizing of storage space, I'm having to sell of machines I'd hoped to hang on to. Still, my loss can be your gain.

They're on eBay now, finishing Sunday 7th September:


I'm keeping my working SOM set & the spare parts engine that came with it, look out for that one day in the future, I still have big plans for it...

Other Slow Speed Diesels / New acquisition: Lister LR1
« on: October 16, 2012, 02:22:56 PM »
I recently bought a cheapo Lister LR1 engine - an air-cooled 2hp @ 900rpm unit which had been sat in a garden for some time.

Surprisingly, the oil looked OK, and there was diesel in the tank, so I had a go at starting it - no joy, I got a few pops and clouds of clag, but nothing resembling an actual running engine...

So, I set to and modded an old car flywheel (turned most of the weight off the outer rim, the LR1 already has a flywheel, it doesn't need another one), turned & milled a hub for it so it would mount onto the Lister's camshaft. 2 bits of flat iron were needed to mount the starter motor, I need a 3rd bit to prevent the starter from flapping about too much when running, and also to ensure it engages properly when the solenoid operates.

I then discovered just how hard a start it really is.... I took this video to show the claggy old beastie firing up. Until she's got a bit of warmth, I just can't make the revs pick up. Once warmed up, the engine runs freely, and will re-start on a single compression stroke. Speaking of compression, it is mental, the starter motor won't turn it over compression without a run up, or the use of the decompression lever:


This engine is destined to be converted to a throttle-controlled machine, and will be mounted onto the "Clagobility Scooter", aka Granny Chariot.... one of these:

??? :police:  ;D  ;D 

Inspired by this:



General Discussion / Further unscheduled downtime
« on: February 09, 2012, 12:19:21 PM »
Once again, I must apologise most profusely for the unexpected downtime; something happened to the server, I've no idea what, but it's fixed (or been fixed by someone more knowledgeable than me) now & hopefully won't happen again.

In the meantime, please make a note of this e-mail address: javickers@yahoo.co.uk - if you discover the site is down, please e-mail me on that address and I'll look into it asap.

From: The Lister Engine Forum. Please do not reply to this e-mail (if you are reading this as an e-mail)

Fellow Lister Engine enthusiasts,

I would like to apologise most sincerely for the unexpected downtime LEF has experienced over the Christmas period. It must have looked like the "bad old days" were back. Well, I'd like to assure you that they most certainly are not back, and that this was one of those really bad luck situations experienced by our VPS host.

I will quote their status message so you can see what happened; this contains techie computer speak, so feel free to skip over the quote, and I will explain in English:

Update: Wednesday 28th December
The below post is a summary of previous posts regarding the VPS issues being experienced. Further updates will be added here.

On Thursday 22nd December at approximately 2100, we experienced a disk failure in one of our Storage Area Networks (SANs)

We have failover systems in place for an event such as this, as all of our SANs are clustered and have hot-spares (basically spares kept in the SANs solely for failover purposes), meaning an automatic rebuild takes place within minutes onto the other SANs. This process started as expected.

What we then encountered was the extremely rare event where we experienced both another disc failure on our other live SAN and the replication cluster at the same time (approximately 2300)

The chances of multiple failures on different systems and in such a short period of time is minute, but the result of events like this have severe effects on the workings of SAN systems and in this case caused them to go offline (and any VPS using the SAN to stop responding).

As such, the only option to restore service at this point was to bring the SAN back online, remove the initial server from the cluster, access the data and transfer the data from this onto the standby SAN.

Our engineers set about restoring the SAN immediately and also contacted Dell (the vendors of the hardware who we have support contracts with, who stated they had never seen an issue like this occur before) and worked throughout the night to bring the SAN back online. This was a very critical process as a main concern was with preservation of data so that when systems were fully back online, customers would still have their VPS in the state they were in prior to the outage.

With assistance from Dell (whose engineers have specific workarounds and tools to bypass some of the automated procedures with the SAN), we managed to bring the SAN in question back online the following afternoon on Friday 23rd December at approximately 1400 with 0% data loss.

We then set about removing this SAN (with the disk issues) from the cluster so we could next perform a data migration onto the active SAN. For this to happen, the disk array on the affected SAN first needed to be rebuilt to allow the data to be accessed. If for any reason the array rebuild failed, the SAN would automatically go into offline mode again. To minimise the chances of this happening and avoid any additional delays from having to restart the process, we fitted additional spare disks into SAN (the result of having several additional clean disks in a SAN meant that if there was a further error, the SAN would detect the disks and carry on with the process rather than defaulting back to offline mode)

Due to the very large volume of data the process of evicting the SAN from the cluster, rebuilding the array, performing a data integrity check and migrating the data from is a long and largely automated process. It is not possible to accurately estimate a duration, as the process will vary throughout (e.g. 0%-10% could complete twice as fast as 10%-20% or vice versa). We have kept our status page updated with estimates based on the time it had taken thus far. As we have seen though, the final 10% is taking the longest.

The process commenced from Friday 23rd December and so far into Monday 26th December. No further errors were detected, though the overall process stalled at 99% since the evening of Sunday 25th December and this ran into Monday 26th December. This was identified to be a corrupted partion, so our engineers set about copying this data onto external storage so that the rebuild process could be continued and the partion copied back when the rebuild was complete.

The partion was fully copied off by 1130 on Tuesday 27th December and the rebuild process continued through the afternoon until 1230 whent he VPS hosts were powered back up. By 1553 we had restored service to all our Windows Virtuozzo VPS and all but two of our Linux Virtuozzo hosts. Work was continuing throughout the night into Wednesday 28th December for our Xen and Hyperv VPS hosts and the two remaining Linux Virtuozzo hosts (one of which was going through a final disk check and the other was having the partition copied back.

Further updates will be posted to this page the moment we have them and will continue to do so until we have all services running as normal again.

The whole team here at Daily.co.uk sincerely apologise for any problems an outage of this nature will have inevitably caused our VPS customers. We would like to reassure customers that we are doing everything possible to restore service in the fastest possible manner whilst minimising the chances of any data loss.

A full incident report will also be available once systems are fully back online and all parties have been debriefed. This will clarify the above details along with further information as well, such as future preventative measures.

Or, in English, a disk broke, then a disk controller broke, then some other stuff broke, and the whole system shut itself down to prevent further failures. It then took Daily 3 (4?) days to get everything back up and running, hence the delay. I have also had to hard-reboot the server to get it going again, so there MAY be a post or two gone missing, but I sincerely hope not.

Anyway, apologies again, and hopefully this will never happen again.


General Discussion / HOWTO: Post pictures in the forum
« on: May 01, 2011, 09:51:20 AM »
A perennial issue for users of forums, not just this one, is "how do I post a picture". Having seen another such question, here is the definitive answer.

Step 1: If you haven't already, please go visit http://www.listerenginegallery.com, and grab yourself an account. Accounts are completely free, and the gallery is run by a good friend of the Lister Engine forum. Once you've got your account, follow the simple steps there to upload and (optionally) resize your photos to "forum-friendly".

Step 2: Open a new tab/window/browser session (whichever suits you best), open the Lister Engine Forum, go to the thread/forum you plan to post in, and start your post.

Step 3: From the icon view of the Gallery, click the picture you wish to see. It will appear in "screen size" view; this is perfect for the forum. On Windows machines, right click and choose the appropriate option:

IE6/7/8(?) users - click "Properties", then copy the contents of the "Address" field in the pop-up window to the clipboard
Opera - click "Copy Image Address"
FireFox - click "Copy Image Location"
Safari - click ???? <--- Are you a Safari user? Please let me know the menu option to copy an image's URL to the clipboard so I can complete this FAQ
Other - click ???? <--- If you use a browser not listed above, please help! I need the same info as for Safari + your browser's name & version no.

Step 4: You now have the picture's URL in your browser. Switch to your new posting, and click the IMG button (); this will give you an {IMG}{/IMG} tag pair, only with square brackets not the curly ones I'm showing.

Step 5: Finally.... position your cursor between the two IMG tags, and paste in the URL you selected in Step 3.

To add extra images, simply repeat steps 3-5. You can do this with almost any picture you find on the web, they don't have to come from the Lister Engine Gallery; I believe you can do something similar with PhotoBucket and other on-line galleries.

If you can add anything to this guide, or if you feel any part of it needs clarification or re-wording, please do let me know either by PM, or by replying here.


General Discussion / GUESTS & NEW USERS, PLEASE READ!
« on: February 25, 2011, 10:59:13 PM »
So, you'd like to register as a member of the Lister Engine Forum? Welcome aboard!  :)

Please take the time to note the following, and your life will be greatly eased:

1) Please ensure you use a VALID e-mail address, which CAN RECEIVE e-mails.

It's important that we have your up-to-date e-mail address, and that it works... New registrants are sent confirmation to their new address; you will also be e-mailed an activation URL which you MUST click in order to be accepted as a member! No e-mail, no activation, no membership.... Simples.

2) Er, that's it. Enjoy yourselves!

If you recently subscribed, and didn't receive any e-mails, or any activation codes, please send an e-mail to info@listerengine.com, stating your username, and I will clear the database record so you can re-apply. If your e-mail address is wrong or not working, you'll never find out that I did this, so please do check it first!

Thank you!

General Discussion / Welcome to the new server!
« on: January 30, 2011, 12:13:54 PM »
If you spot any problems, e.g. missing graphics, bits that don't work, etc. please let one of the admin team know.

Your new admin team are:

Andrew (T19)
Bob (mobile_bob)
Ade (AdeV)

You can PM any one of us for assistance.

There are more changes to come, but for the time being, let's just settle in & see how we go.


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