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Things I want to Buy / Re: cast iron single
« on: October 02, 2009, 01:56:31 AM »
Doug, as for your engine. I am looking for a smaller engine for a project for breast cancer. Wherer is this engine and would this engine be able to run fairly slow rpm? I need something that will not run away and woule be able to be mounted on a trailer for transport to where it will be displayed. DRDEATH

Everything else / ROCKET BOY
« on: September 30, 2009, 08:02:14 PM »
Rocket boy I need to speak to you if possible. I concerns my lister engine. It is not one of yours but I think you might have the answer. My email address is listed but I would rather speak in person. My phone # is 620 339 5671. It has to do with oil filtration on a 24/2. If you send me a tele # by email I have free calling US wide. Thank you, DRDEATH (Mike Lisenby)

Dail I live in the great town of Dodge City. Home of Wyatt Erpp and several other great marshals. Gun Smoke, and soon to have casino. Mike

Listeroid Engines / Re: a compelling need to get up to speed
« on: August 31, 2009, 10:06:21 AM »
Robert welcome to the forum. I too am new in the slow engine field. I was brought up on a farm so I do have practical experience with diesel and gas engines. In the last 4 or 5 years towns in a hundred mile area of us have had black outs for some reason or another. Ice, tornado's and storms. I decided that our town was either lucky or our time is coming. I started looking for something for backup when it hit. I looked at numerous 3600 RPM machines and even thought about a 10,000 wat welder. Then I saw an ad for a lister 24/2 with a 15 k head on it.

Well when I was talking with the head of our maintance department and he said that would not be big enough to supply the house if we really needed it. Just FYI I work in the medical field if you didnt notice the name. So I started looking for another head because I have a wife that is well into the 21 century. I picked up a 20 K head and then I had plans for the 15 K head. After all of this I found this wonderful forum that I just had to let everyone know what a good purchase I made.

Man the replies made me feel like I was dumber than dirt. So now I have a 24 hp engine and a 20 K head which I knew up front was to large but someday I hope to convert to wind power since our city is listed as the windest city in the uS. We have two large wind farms on both sides of us.So in the end I used the 15 K head which i had already planned to do and make a portable generator out of it and mounted my 180 wire feed welder and 225 am stick welder and a box for a 220 feed out to plug into a house if needed and run it with my 20 hp diesel garden tractor.

My stationary set will be mounted in a above ground storm shelter for two reasons. Cement makes a good sound barrier and it will also be where we can go if a toranado get close. Now all we have is looking out for one or becoming mobile if we need to to miss it. So with my stationary I will have enough power for myself without problems and I will be able to be a good neighbor and run BIG extension cords.

I noticed in you intro you stated you made all of your lumber you needed for your house. This tells me you must have some sort of a pioneering spirit. I would guess you must have included some sort of heat supply in your house other than what you will produce with a generator. Wood heat I would guess. You will probably have a few candles sitting around if needed. So the worst would be if the generator quit for a short time you could stay warm and have light with candles.

What Bob said is true since you will be off grid is to get something already running. I dont believe you will have to much problem with finding that. Its the preperation of getting it set up that might be the issue. I may be new but I realized very early these engines like good pads to set on. There is quite a bit of cotroversy about how much cement. I chose the solution that to much is not to much. It would be much harder to add more later. Another part of the plan that you need to think about is these engines need food. Now granted not as much as gas engines but you still have to feed them. How much fuel supply do you plan to have on hand?  Remember that if for some reason where you get your supply from might be without power so you being off grid I would always have plenty of extra. You also have to change thier oil and minor other repairs. Then heaven forbid something major that might take a few days to fix.

Do you have any other form of power that could run a generator? if so you might think of getting a head and building a portable system then you have a backup for your stationary system. This saw mill you used. Is it an option for putting a generator head on it. There is a guy in Georgia and his son is in Las Vegas who sells ST heads and they are pretty reasonable.

There will be plenty of advice from this forum and some of it might seem negative.  Like RAB said we have no idea of what you needs are and then what you wants are. These can be to completly different amounts. In my case I needed to plan for what my wifes needs were and she loves the 21 century. There is one guy up in your area in Washington or Oregon that you might want to steer clear from. He will sell you a bill of goods. You can probably figure it out when you get a price for his systems. I wont mention the name. Keep in touch I have my email listed and even though I am new I still have some knowledge. I may know more about health care so if you are out there in the woods and cant get to a doctor I might be you savior. I also have a fair amount of experience in welding and a little about engines. I depend on the forum for help there. Bob, Bill, Murph,Jens and the Oliver guy have been very helpful and if I havent said it lately "THANK YOU GUYS". Good luck, I would like to see your place sometime. I have a son in CA. Mike :) :)

I think IH had a great PU but trying to hold them together was a challenge. I was told EPA had something to do with thier demise. Dont know if that was true. I think that was also VW beetle dmise. A great vehicle. I have aquestion. I am a big suporter of breast cancer awareness. I work at the medical building at Dodge during the rodeo. There is a big push for tuff enough to wear pink. This is nation wide. Our hospital is a big suporter with several money events yearly. I thought of this idea today and you have to promice not to laugh. I guess I am probably the only lister owner in the area. There is a dealer about 80 miles away but I am not sure they really sell many. I saw a lister painted quite different than most engines. My idea is to get a single, hopefully fairly small and sandblast it and paint it pink. I would suppose there should be paint out there that would work for this. Then get the smallest gen set and hook up a light board with the phrase TUFF ENOUGH TO WEAR PINK. I would have this at all of the events running diring he events. I would advertise the listre engine and its dependability for a power plant. So this is open to everyone. First does anyone have a good idea what would be the best engine to use and where to find one real cheap. This will have to be carried on a small trailer so a TON of crete will not be an option. I would like to have this ready by next spring when the first event starts. It is a 24 hour walk a thon. this is just an idea and it always gives people a warm fuzzy feling when they might donate something for a good cause. I am not able to give a tax deduction for this. Ideas dont cost much. If nothing else I will do this on my own because my wifes mother died of breast cancer and I have had several friends die of it. i also know sveral people who are survivors. Mike

I ordered an international PU from there. The order was cancled because they quit making them. I had a boss when I worked at Heston KS that lived there. Evertt Cress I believe is how his name was spelled. He was a good guy to work for. i believe he is dead now. Your right Florence has just about dried up. That would be a good town to live off grid. You would probably have it better than most people around there. Mc Pherson and Newton are not far away. Lots of hunting and fishing in that area. Bob did you see my question about Lovejoy couplers. I will look to see if you answered. Have a "GREAT DAY".

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: The little CAT diesel
« on: August 29, 2009, 09:50:16 AM »
Thanks Randy. Mike

Bob I read you post a little better and noticed you grew up in Wichita. I was born and reised in Wichita. Moved out in the early 70's and have never had any desire to move back. If I read right when you move back you probably wont need all of your cool stuff. I know someone in Dodge looking for more toys. lol  Let me know when you move you might need someone with a strong back and week mind. Mike

Well Bob I lived in Liberal from 1990 till 2000. I now live in Dodge City. I was hoping to find someone in the general area to hang out with. Maybe I will just have to start my own Lister following for western KS. By the way Liberal has changed a bunch. Of course Dodge has changed and is getting to change even more. We will be getting a casino by the end of the year. YEA.  :) :)

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Re: The little CAT diesel
« on: August 29, 2009, 07:18:55 AM »
OK I waited for all of the dust to settle because I have a question about lovjoy couplers. On my generator trailer I used one of these to go from the generator to the 540 attachtment which came with the generator. I think I have it pretty good "BUT" it is not exactly straight across. How close to straight does this have to be. I welded a bracket to secure the 540/1800 gear box   to the trailer so there is no actual weight on the coupler I think. It seems to turn freely. Any help would be nice before I shell out something. Thanks

OK so this is another request of where people are located. I live in Western Kansas . I am curious if there are any other forum readers in Kansas and especially Western Knasas. Thanks, Mike

General Discussion / Re: Government health care
« on: August 22, 2009, 04:44:35 AM »
I guess I would like to put in my 2 cents. Of course with inflation it would now equal 2000 dollars. Our nation has been strong all those years because we had something the rest of the world wanted. It seemed to continue to work because we had open arms for everyone who wanted to come and in return the imagrints made a commitement to the US. This is still happening but not as it use to be. We have a large share of people who just come here for a free ride. A large share of people. I know the arguements that these people are doing jobs no one else would do. The "JOBS" were being done by Americans before and they would still be done if no one else would do them. unemployment is at its all time high and the lower class jobs are still in demand.

Now the next problem is that the quality of our health care is second to none. In most ways this is good. People are living much longer than even 50 years ago. It has been predicted that 90 % of a persons medical expense is spent the last 6 months of thier life. Twenty years ago this was less than 50 %. This has created a large expence towards government and private insurance companies.

Another is that ther is a large influx of people who have never donated a penny towards medical coverage and yet they expect the same medical treatment that everyone else who has been paying thier entire life. People are crossing the boarder at such an alarming rate it would scare you. We have girls coming to the US to have thier babies just so number one they get better care and number two the babies are citizens. Well for all of you who didn't know obstrecticts is one of the largest malpractice specialities only second to neuro surgery. Now these woman have had no prenatal care. If the babies are born with complications it is not unsual to spend 1/2 million dollars on them. You have to spend it because if you dont even if they are not citizens there are lawyers out there that will help them get paid for what they think is our fault.

Next I suppose explain why health care continues to climb. Some of it is related to greed. This is only a small precentage of it. There are more test run than use to be. The cost of these test continues to climb. This is all because there is no such thing as an HONEST MISTAKE and in some cases it really wasn't a mistake. It use to be that sometimes things just did not turn out the way we thought it would. We use to call them risk. Risk now are considered mistakes until proven other wise. Litigation cost a fair amount of everyones doctor bill they get every time the visit the doctor.

Now we have the BABY BOMMERS hitting the retirement age. The average family is now 2 to 3 members. This includes the parents. Inother words the average family of 2 parents and 3 or 4 children is almost unheard of except minorities. This is why anglo's are slowly becoming a minority with the hispanic slowly becoming # 1.

So what are the solutions. Solutions are like belly buttions, everyone has one. One solution wil be that people who live in the US are going to have to start respecting the US and work for a stronger US. I cant tell you how much is irks me when I hear how crappy the US is just before someone expects medical care with no intention to pay for it. I have other ideas of what might help bu I will keep them to myself. I dont wish to offend anyone. Almost all of us were imagrints at one time. So I suppose I need to come down from my soab box and quit befoe I offend someone. DRDEATH

Listeroid Engines / Re: my first engine
« on: August 21, 2009, 11:34:49 PM »
The portable generator is powered by my 20 hp diesel garden tractor. The generator trailer will include a 180 amp wire feed welder and a 220 amp stick welder with a tourch. This will just be used for projects for myself and a few friends who will not laugh that I didnt buy a regular portable welder. I do have a CD and book from George and I have spent a little time with it I just figured I would use it more when I finally get to start with my stationary engine. So the question I had about the oil line seemed to be a good one before I ruined something. Just where do you put a regular oil filter? I know people do this. This might be in Georges book? Sometimes I just get the cart before I have the horse. To back up a little the portable generator will also be used if the power goes out for an extended time for the neighbors. I also plant a community garden to share with others. When I have my greenhouse I will have goodies to share year round. I have to say I have worked on numerous engines in my lifetime on the farm but I always had my grandpa or dad there to master mind the project. Since that is no longer possible I seem lost. Maybe when I get started some of the knowledge will shake loose from the cob webs in the back of my brain. My welding skill returned qruite quickly after 20 years in health care. Thank you Oliver for the formula. I should be smart enough to figure that out. As for the tube Irish it is on my Lister engine and sits on the oppsite side of the engine of the big plate that removes. I dont actually have my engine at home yet because I have not got its resting place done yet. That project will have to wait until the trailer is finished and a storage shed is done. I have just seen it twice since I got it home so I am just going of memory. Enough for now I need to get back to work. I had to work last night and worked around the house till about noon then got a little sleep. I had to log on here to get my FORUM  fix before I goy back to work. This forum is to me is like a drug addiction to others, I cant go long without opening it up. Mike PS I did get a Audels Diesel book because i figured it couldnt hurt.

Listeroid Engines / Re: my first engine
« on: August 21, 2009, 06:46:25 AM »
So as I was working on my portable generator trailer today a project which I need to finish before I start on my stationary engine I noticed what I think is the oil filter. It is tubing coming from what looks like the bottom of the engine and goes through a tube part way up the engine and then looks like it has a site glass or maybe I just need more sleep. If in fact this is the oil filter system then is it ok to cut into the system and put a real filtering system on it and just leave the contacption at the top end because it looks like it is rather large to try to manfacture something to replace it???? Also when I get ready to work on my stationary engine my goal is to slow down my engine to around 700 RPMs. When I do this I surley hope there will be a kind soul out there that will let me know what size of pulley I will need to make the generator run at 1800. When I am ready I will post the size of my flywheels. If someone post a formuls for me to figure out then I am SOL. I gave up on math when they decided to include number, letters and silly figures. This is not to say I cant figure out a drip rate on numerous cardiac drugs without those formulas. I can even get close without a caculator. It is just my form of math. My teachers always shook thier heads but had to pass me because I always came up with the right answers without cheating. LOL  I think I have decided on how I am going to build my base but I will post it before I do it to see what type of response I get. I think it will be about 3 1/3 to 4 yards of concrete. It might be over kill but I only want to do it once. Waiting for answers for my oil solution. Mike :)

Listeroid Engines / Re: my first engine
« on: August 20, 2009, 02:00:38 AM »
I guess I didnt realize there was an actual Lister recomendation for bases. It seem all I have seen is different ideas. There are about as many ideas about them as belly buttons out there. I will try to find it on the forum. I will also use the advise on a chrysler theromast. i never thought about what would if the concrete would crack inside a tractor tire, or if the rubber wore out. That would have not been a fun fix. Thanks

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