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I'm selling a c 46 arrow. It's old, the guy said about 1950 is. It's all there turns over but I've not had running perfect for an off grinder or tinkerer.
     I've also got a k6 these were an Indian petter. It's a heafty little beast. I put some new parts, rings,herrings,head gasket,spark plug, gaskets. I've had running just need govenor dialed in. This would be a good off grid runner. Both are ng or propane, I guess you could even convert to gasoline. The k6 could be converted to diesel . I'm looking for 1,200.00 for the k6 and the c46 I'm open to offers call 8 am to 10 pm 780-618-5818 Greg.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: March 05, 2019, 04:40:13 PM »
Almost 4 months running the Kohler, runs really nice and I can't find any thing major wrong when it's time for my weekly oil change and service. It's an ongoing chore to clean the plug and tighten or fix anything that has loosened up but it's a real gentleman's motor, no need to get greasy up to ur elbows. That said I did have generator problems. I seized and replaced a berring, and changed new brushes. 135.00 . I'm using a new more expensive oil petrocan Centron, it's a ng engine oil and I'm hoping it will reduce the ash I see on top of piston and plug. I 'll up my hours for oil change to 100 hr, but have figured how to run an oil furnace pump to pump and filter my oil. Will rig up this spring, other then that it a great motor for producing power. So who wants to buy a Arrow k6.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: November 09, 2018, 01:49:42 PM »
It purrrs, I got this beast hooked up and producing power, running at 1800 rpm. I still have to fine tune the gov throttle but it has no problem running what I'm guessing is a 3500 watt gen. It dose this without making the noise the Honda makes. The Kohler wants to vibrate around the room so u should see the concoction of crap I employed to get it to stay put. More fine tuning to come. As always when u diy stuff. The funny thing about this motor is I've had it parked in a shed for at least 10 years, and because I was blinded by the slow speed bug I just didn't see it as a possibility as a prime mover. Sure I  have the listeroid and have burned thousands of gallons of wvo but I'm so tired of messing with it.  Every 1500 hr tear down and decarbon, usually a 2 day job. My old bones don't  enjoy it much anymore. I just hope ng stays close to $1.00 gigajoul or I may be back to running the roid.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: November 07, 2018, 05:43:42 PM »

I'm not understanding how the carb regulates the gas mixture.  What type of carb is it? Is there a needle that goes into the main jet Like an SU  to regulate the gas feed or will this be set up for a constant speed Load?

I take it the gas is pressurised so unlike liquid Fuel it will be admitted at the same rate regardless of the airflow.  Must be something different about this setup i'm not thinking of.

I bought one of those Chinese trifuel carbs for Honda they were so inexpensive I bought 2 at 26 bucks each. They have a demand regulator so the more vacuum created by the motor the more the fuel valve opens. I stole the demand reg from the spare carb and mounted on the Kohler. It seems to run it fine. I since bought a demand reg from USA it cost lots more, about 125.00 Canadian. I built a frame and today should be making power. The carb I'm using is just the stock gas carb from Kohler but I drilled it out so it's now only lpg or ng.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: November 04, 2018, 03:08:12 PM »
I'll just keep rambling on as not many are interested in Kohler engines. But this relates to the k6 because I now found the sweet spot to convert the Kohler carb. I took off the float bowl and with 3/8 drilled out the high speed idle jet where it goes from the float bowl to the venture In the carb. I then plugged the high idel adjustment screw. I had to plug another hole from the float bowel. The 3/8 copper tube I shoved in to the newly expanded jet and intruding in to the carb 1/2  inch. It runs good I have full throttle and govenor control and now I can open the choke compleatly. Before with the 1/4 inch line I couldn't open the choke. I had similar issues with the petter, so now I have new insights into my next experiment with the petter. But now to get the Kohler a frame and mount a generator so I can park the Honda.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow C46 for free.
« on: November 02, 2018, 02:22:54 PM »
I agree it would sound like air leak. But I'm playing with a k301 kohler conversion , I took out the high speed jet and shoved a 1/4 in pipe in there. It ran great I had full throttle control, the govenor worked, but only wit the choke closed. The choke plate has about a 3/8 hole and the same on the edge of the choke plate, which alow  air in. It picked up speed if I opened the choke just a tiny bit, but floundered badly when open compleatly hmmm! So is there a formula air to gas mix. If I had bigger then 1/4 gas in would I then need to open the throttle more. I'm going to have to hook up a load to see the performance. So this gives me new hope for the petter.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: November 01, 2018, 03:17:07 PM »
I'm having a change of plans yes I love this k6 petteroid, haven't got running proper yet but am now thinking, and working toward using a k301 Kohler. Thinking of running ng at around 1800 rpm. It is a 12 hp engine and hoping at that rpm will develop enough power for my needs. I'm using a Honda at 3600 rpm and it drives me nuts after a while when I work in my shop. I also picked up for cheep a 10 hp and a 14 hp Kohler. These are old and obsolete engines but we're very popular so there are many parts. That is my concern with the petter I paid $100 and after some minor parts I'm into it for several hundred. A kohler though heavy about 170 lb it dosent  require a crane to lift, so sorry guys don't mean to be a turncoat but buying an American product can't be bad, after all the saying isn't make India great again

Petteroids / Re: Arrow C46 for free.
« on: October 20, 2018, 05:37:12 PM »
I need to figure out how the gov works, and the best way to get in to the gov weights, would any of yous  guys have an exploded view of an AV1, I understand that was the mother of the DM 10 that I think my petteroid is.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow C46 for free.
« on: October 20, 2018, 05:03:10 PM »
I got to tinkering on the petter and she wouldn't run, poop. Ok I did what a mechanic friend told me, start from the beginning. Check for gas. Check for spark, ok. Still no go. Uhh check the in of water column. Way out. I have the gauge from an old blood pressure checker, measures in mm hg.  Ok convert to in hg. 20mm = 10 in hg. Ok now it fires but runs at about 5 pops a min. I sorta accidently covered the air intake and the speed picked up, I then 90 % cover air intake and she runs in the 1500 rpm range. I have a laser teach but hands are too bussy to bother checking speed but it was up there. Another strange thing is the govenor  pins  the throttle totally to the max which over centres the throttle valve and makes it run shitty. I'm clulss about these machines so more experimentation is in order. Can't wait to park the Honda and run this puppy. Got my first gas bill for a month gas alone was about 16.00 canuck bucks. So the cost of gas alone was 53 cents a day, that is to heat my house and a 600 square ft boarding kennel, and then run a 5 hp Honda for 5- 6 hr/day not bad. But we got news they are singing a deal to build a lng  port at Kitamat BC. So in 4-5 year the price of ng for us will prolly go through the roof. I guess I'd better hang on to Mr listeroid, it burns straight wvo. But I'll be 70 by then and that will be the last thing I want to do is hand crank that pig.

Petteroids / Arrow C46 for free.
« on: October 16, 2018, 09:31:45 PM »
Just visiting with my oil field engine friend and I spotted a c 46 poking out of his garbage can. Was just about to ask about it when he said I could have it free. So I have to wait for their picker and he'll pull it out of the junk bin. It will run with very little tinkering. Good skore. Now I'm engine poor. I have a listeroid , a k6  arrow and now a arrow c 46. I guess I'm in the business of selling to off grinders engines.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: October 12, 2018, 11:42:00 PM »
It's alive!  And running on ng or propane. And purrrs like a beast. Not sure where I saw it but this is 900 something cc . Lots more to do now gotta  mount generator. And sin of all sins I'm going to pull the roid out of her closet and replace with Mr Petter ( k6 ) .

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: August 21, 2018, 05:15:52 PM »
Forgot to mention I found a number stamp on the block DM then 10 stamped sideways and a few other numbers I can't recall.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: August 21, 2018, 01:50:09 PM »
Ok I got the gas permit and I'm now done plumbing the lines now I guess it's time to put my k6 back together. I'm waiting on rings and head gaskets from Big All s . A lot more pricey then from An ad but he quit talking to me after that last shipment of mostly the wrong parts. If any one needs some petteroid parts I'll sell u what I have. 5 head gaskets 87 mm bore, mine needs 102 mm and I think by the shape these are air cooled. I have some governor stuff including weights and springs.
       Now the reason I'm writing is I m clueless as to what do u set the tappets . Another is being I have no injector to set spill timing how would u set the timing. I was going to convert this back to diesel but now will keep as ng, so when I took apart I didn't pay much attention to some details. I haven't a clue what engine this is I'm leaning to a DM 10 and am guessing the reason they call it a k 6 may be it's a Koal or Kirloskar and probably at the recommended 800 rpm may develop 6 hp, I'll be running around 900 rpm so I now have a k7

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: August 09, 2018, 06:12:52 PM »
You are right solar power is difficult. An example of this ,I used to raise pigs and had an electric fencer  hooked up and charged by solar. This was in December and after 3 weeks of no sun to speak of the battery died and now froze. So after that lesson I ran a long extension cord from my house battery to the pigs, it worked from then on. But on the other hand come Feb when the day light hr get longer and there is still snow on the ground, it's like having 2  suns one from the heavens and one from the reflection off the snow. And of course solar pannel love cold weather. Another limitation is the lack of size of my pannel. I think I have 250 w of mostly used pannel, bought back when the price was still 12 bucks watt. Oh well if only my world was perfect.

Petteroids / Re: Arrow k6
« on: August 08, 2018, 06:37:43 PM »
Just to let u know Big all's is in Illinois 618 963 2619

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