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I'm well aware, believe me.

I just brought a set of NiFe batteries through customs last month.

Nothing cheap or easy.  My freight has so far been LCL, which isn't so bad, somehow.

I did not think the 165's were available with electric start.  ???

One of the suppliers I talked to, the one I bought my Laidong engines from, said she could get R165 compressors with an integrated electric drive motor.  She called this the R165M.

I am working to get my Chinese partner to show me a few compressors from the factory he is loosely associated with.  These seem to be updated Yanmar clones, with integrated oil filter rigs and other features.  I still want details and pictures.  He says the workmanship and details on these engines are a "premium" brand for that factory.

He works loosely with Chang Xing engines, who have a high-line model they call Yang Man.  These seem similar in form to Changmei's line "Yangmai" and Changfa's "Gold Crown" product lines, and look to be the commercial marine variant of these engine designs.  They come in variants ranging up to 42hp or so, from a single cylinder.

When he provides pictures and details, I will share them here in the forum, if anyone is curious.

I intend to import a couple of compressors of this type.  One, I will work with to put a spark plug in and convert to wood gas.  I will feed pictures and video back to my Chinese connection, so he can advertise an alternative fuel option.  Maybe we will design some production parts of that type together, too. :-)  I have asked him to gather me a couple of parts for the R165 and 175F engines, for measurement and drawing.

The other one of these air compressors, I will sell to someone here, if they are interested.

It would be instructive to me, to find out what one of their premier "air compressors" is truly worth, in this market.  The compressor itself will cost $X, plus $Y for shipping and handling, plus $Z to help me keep the lights on.  The total of $X+$Y+$Z will still have to be attractive to customers, and $Z will have to be worthwhile.  Not because I want to zap people for money, but because there is an opportunity cost, and time I would spend to bring these compressors in and get them ready for customers.  I still need to break even, or the wife will say that we can't afford to build this small business.

If anyone has a CAD software package and an engine, and would like to donate a drawing of a simple plate, with dimensioned holes, that would cover the fuel pump port in the crank case, that would decrease my expense for turning out variant parts for different compressor models.  Similarly, dimensioned drawings of an air take-off tube that would replace the injector and seal up in the same way, have facilities for securing it with the injector hold-down bolts, and have threads for a simple pipe cap on the other end of the tube, I could have parts produced from those drawings instead of having to pay to have drawings produced from parts I would purchase and send to another shop, to have measured.  I'm happy to keep designs provided by folks here, as public domain.

I personally suffer from the delusion that Americans and others who happen to be situated here, will need access to small, efficient sources of ... compressed air ... in the near to mid-term future.  This will be key to their survival, as they try to restart small-scale agriculture to keep themselves fed.

I assume they are IDI, but I will have to ask the supplier who said they could get them.

I have found a fellow who runs an ag machines business, who is familiar with the engine market.  He says he will help me get the compressor conversion parts prototyped, and help me to prove the pipeline.  In turn, I will probably purchase all my single-cylinder low-efficiency air compressors from him.

I want at least one of the 165s in an electric start, too, if I can get one, because there is just something too cool about a little diesel that small.  If not electric start, then I still want a crank-start one just because.

I have a couple of 175F air cooled air compressors already purchased, that I will figure out something to do with.  I know I want one of them to run an old concrete mixer I have.

Red Stone Engines / From the Redstone engine manufacturer...
« on: April 08, 2022, 06:04:27 AM »
Dear tks for your response .The JSD1800 and JSD3200 are double flywheel engine, JSD3200 has been stopped a few years ago, JSD1800 has been not produced about 3-4 years, about our sd SERIAL ,the main market is Afghanistan ,but three years ago, the afghanistan market is stead of solar panel ,so the our single cylinder engine business is almost stopped, so, the engine part supplier factories also change the business too, so it makes the supply problem .if you are interesting, i think you can think of LD serial engine, its supply normally some, but i do not know if your way, mentioned air compressor is ok or not when clear the Customs.

I can source R165 air compressors with a built-in electric drive motor.


What are they worth, to you?  I intend to purchase one or two myself, when the rest of my stuff is bought and ready to ship, because that's just cool.

Amen.  It's just good common sense.

Permaculturists call it "stacking functions".

Pure efficiency.  Hot water, compressed air.  What's not to love?

I'm putting out feelers to see if I can find conversion parts to make a 165 into an electrically-driven compressor via the attached drive motor.  Perhaps a flywheel and a bracket from a 170 model.  I think I have seen a 170 that had the electric drive motor, and I know I have seen a 175 equipped that way.  I don't know if there is a difference in dimensions or weights of the flywheels in a particular size range of compressor, and that's why I want to weigh and measure everything...

Can the 165-sized water-cooled compressors be had with an electric drive unit?

I don't think I've seen those in my geeking, but it'd be worth a look!

I've been bit pretty hard by the bug, and started importing engines.

My wife's "Wheel Ox" tractor (Shenniu Bison 254) we bought at an auction crapped an engine on its way to its first job.

I needed to import a rack of NiFe batteries, so we added a couple of 2105 engines to the shipment, and a couple of LD1115s, and a little slant-cylinder air-cooled 60mm diesel, because it was cute.  That'll run our Surge milker.

Now, I want to make sure we can still power stuff on the farm, and maybe cook a little water to load-test the generator, even if everything oil-based goes the way of the dodo.  So, I want to build a good gasifier this summer.

My farm's paid off and my bills are low, and my paying job pays adequately.  I could build a little warehouse for parts to mail-order, and be that little bit less dependent on my telecommuting job.

It seems to me there has to be a latent demand for air compressors.  I can't be one of three or four people on the continent who dig on these things.

I'm still trying to get in touch with the Juling company, to find out the whole story on the Redstone engines.  The trading company I worked with told me they require an MOQ of a full container.  I'm not sure whether they would mix it up, and sell the JSD1800 and JSD3200 engines as a mixed lot.  That will probably be the second set of compressor parts I would have prototyped, if there is enough interest here.

If there are any other boards like this one, where people similarly afflicted hang out, I'd love a few links.  Most of the fora I've visited seem pretty dead or, in the case of the microcogen site, are broken and not able to process registrations.  If there is enough interest, I intend to break down each engine model, or at least each engine family, and do a weights-and-measures number on it, with lots of pictures.  Maybe I'll have my daughter reassemble the engine and crank it up, and make a video of that.

What do you mean?

I hadn't seen anyone else posting a similar post, so not sure why this would not be welcome here.

If not welcome, have an admin delete it and I'll ne'er darken your doorstep again.

Just for clarification:

Please build a wish-list here.  Suggestions for brands and models, and so on.

My intent here is to start a little side business selling piston-type air compressors from various Chinese brands, and full lines of parts to support them.

I think North America will need the ability to pump air efficiently and reasonably inexpensively, in the very near future.


Changfa Engines / Gauging interest... Wanna buy an "air compressor"?
« on: April 05, 2022, 04:00:33 PM »
I am talking to a couple of companies in China, and I think I have one of them sweet-talked into going on a little adventure with me.

I will fund the prototype and initial small production run of air compressor parts for their engines, and try to arrange to import air compressors.  They will need to build air compressors for me, and pack them with the proper accessory kit.

What I want to know is, is there anyone still interested in buying Chinese air compressors?

I recently imported a couple of Laidong LD1115s that I will tinker with.  One will be diesel-powered, and run my off-grid farm generator/inverter-generator.  The other will probably be fitted with a spark plug and taught to huff wood gas.  Maybe that turns into another kit some day.

I would be willing to set up a business, get all legal, and set up escrow accounts for pre-orders.  After we hit a certain threshold, we can order a container load of air compressors.  The old "Redstone" air compressors are still available, but they would have to be purchased a container-load at a time.

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