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I am replacing the head gasket on this tractor as that was idenified by the seller as required. I have gotten to the ppoint of removing it, but it is stick, I will lock nut and remove the studs as this tractor uses nuts not bolt and I think it is binding on the studs.

30 weight summer 20 winter. I will not use synthetic in this tractor.

I think modern oils especially the synthetics are far superior to those or old. I worry about moisture and blowby getting into the oil. I change my Duramax LBZ every year even though it gets only 6000km a year. Just seems like cheap insurance. I will change the oils and all fluids on tthe Chinese Shenniu tractor project. Maybe they are still the Chinese versions of these fluids. My diesel generator will get an oil change every 5 years as it is seldom used.

More on Uncle Roy. I was at his place fixing the brakes on my 1956 VW Van. He asked if I had ever greased it. I said no. There must have been 6 to 8 grease nipples in each side of the king pin/ link pin setup, and he greased them all for me and showed me how. I was just 20 then and didn't know these things. When I drove it home, It felt like I had power steering!

Thank you for that. I haven't figured out how to add photos, I can compress them but posting is still a challenge. I can get new shoes for under $100.00, so the Uncle Roy method would just be temporary until the parts arrive.

Well thank you for that. I will get into it when I am back where the tractor is stored. My uncle who was a millwright had a solution for oily brake shoes. He would soak them in gasoline for a while then light them on fire. Claimed the oil dissolved in the gasoline and then both burned off. Uncle Roy was once a farmer. They had to find cheap ways to fix things on the farm back in the 40's and fifty's. I learned a lot from him. I appreciate the advice about the seal. I have a lot of time to do this project.

I ahve found the product, made by Permatex in a spray ca. I will definately use it.

Thank you for the advice, not familiar with the product but we have a good auto supply store here. I have found the diagram for the brakes. They are mechanical and parts are available.From my experience with my Chinese diesel generator and with discussions with clolleagues, the Chinese designs are usually good and ofter copies of proven Japanese Gernman of British products already out there. Fut the quality control, Lubricant, rubber items and bolt tension all need to be checked.

Just picked up a tractor (Shenniu) with the 259T engine. I am about to replace the headgasket. I will have the head checked for planing and will lap the valves and torque in 3 stages the 10 headbolts to 95 ft lbs.
I welcome any advice. I am particularly interested in finding more about this apparantly common engine made by as many a 50 Chinese companies. Was it originally a German design as I have read or a Kubota?  If so what model so I can research that engine too? I see this engine by many names, mine is a Hubei, and that they are used in generators. Does the injection pump need oil? As for manuals, I have a few but none that cover the brakes which do not work. I see I can get parts from Ali express and I have ordered some. I plan to install a lower hose engine heater for easier starts. I will clean the injectors adjust the decompressor and valves, change all fluids and hoses, filters and check to see if the preheater is working. any other suggestions and information as to the engine particularly . Tractor is 4wd with a loader and backhoe.

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