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Thank you for the info/advice. The prop shaft has been disconnected in order to isolate the vibration source and it is the engine.
There is a local injector servicing facility, so we will be removing them this week and having them serviced.
Hopefully that fixes the problem. I will update on the outcome for the info of all.
Many thanks 🙏

Hi all, we have a Lister Marine STW3 engine, around 1981-85 vintage fitted to our sailboat. Over the past 4-5 months it has started vibrating, particularly in the 1200-1800 rpm range. It is mounted on 4 PolyFlex mounts that historically have lasted between 3 to 4 years. No other obvious signs from the engine of any problems.

So we have replaced the engine mounts, checked and rechecked. Realigned the prop shaft twice. Checked valve clearances and all good. The one thing I haven't done is to remove and service the injectors.

Because the injectors are under the rocker covers, close to the moving valve rockers it isn't obvious to me how to check the injector operation without removal.

Is there any advice on how to check the injectors; perhaps other possible sources of the vibrations...appreciate any assistance...Im not a mechanic unfortunately but keen to learn.

Many thanks

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