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General Discussion / Re: Methings we need a new category, "How to"
« on: July 16, 2006, 06:57:36 PM »
I kinda agree.  DIY is something that the lack of tooling and know-how at the local home store stifles.  I bet there are a ton of people who would like to go back to "the old way" and just cannot find the support to get their feet wet without breaking the bank re-discovering things.

A Lister is a good place to start, and I think a compilied and concise How-To filled with the enormous volume of otherwise unorganized data held here, would be a great boon for all.  A quicker reference for "Our People" and an easier way to learn for the newbies.  Open-Source Software is full of how-to's targeted at newbies.  This forum, in a sense, is a chunk of Open-Source Life, and the community would benefit greatly by adopting the same model.

I'm somewhere in between, and I can experess first hand the frustration I have when trying to DIY, but "off the shelf crap" is all the vendors can relate or comprehend.  "Why are you doing that?"  "You're crazy"  "What's wrong with you, are you a Terrorist?"  "Why can't you just be 'normal' and buy this handy plastic wrapped piece of crap, and then buy one again in a few months."  "Is it even leagl to do that?"  "You better not talk about it, you're going to get in trouble."  I am not a know-it-all by any stretch of the imagination.  These obstacles to ingenuity, be they fabricated for the benfit of dispoable corporate resale or just plain ignorance, can be insurmountable for someone trying to break the mold.

This forum has been useful to me on topics not even relating to the Lister (becasue I don't own one yet).  It's full of ideas that apply to many things.  When I have a problem with my truck(s), a diesel, I come here first.  any time I say to msyelf "there's got to be a etter way," this is where I come.  I almost always find it.

The USAis the greatist democracy in the world where our president is elected by 25% of the registered voters of the country.  A man with a estimated IQ of 91.  Makes you wonder!

One thing that jumped out at me was this:

  105   Ronald W. Reagan (R)
   98   George H. W. Bush (R)

I don't see how Reagan could be smarter than HW Bush.  Bush Sr. set himself apart in several fields, from Air Force pilot to student to executive to politician.  Reagan never pretended to be intelligent; he was the quintessential 'moral compass' or 'instincts' type.

"Estimated," by whom?

Dubya did finish higher in his class, from the same school, as Kerry and Dean.....  Both of whom scooted out in the lower 20%....  Dubya was in the upper 80%....

"Estimated" IQs aren't as good as the real thing, eh?  I guess facts wouldn't get much attention from the press tho....

Listeroid Engines / Re: Epa Revisited.
« on: July 09, 2006, 04:55:30 PM »
It seems better at first glance.  Ours just does it wholesale to everyone a little bit at a time.  That way it doesn't seem unusual and we all just get used to it.  History shows how ours is gradually becoming more like theirs, just bigger.

But we digress.

Listeroid Engines / Re: Epa Revisited.
« on: July 06, 2006, 03:28:09 PM »
the only problem is the EPA doesn't recognize VO as fuel...     

Aye, there is the rub.  For an organization who's name is "Environmental Protection Agency" they seem to do the opposite at every opportunity.

They should be kicked in the groin until they bleed out their ears.  I absolutely loathe our government.

Listeroid Engines / Re: Epa Revisited.
« on: July 05, 2006, 10:28:28 PM »
I'm concerned witht he emissions only to the degree that the EPA refuses to allow alternative fuel engines to be tested while running on the intended alternative fuel.  If the engine can be made to get by on the 'new' diesel fuel, we may be doing better with importation possibilites.

But, after seeing how many years the Indians have continued to suck at making these engines, I doubt they care enough about the Export Market to make that effort.

Listeroid Engines / Re: Head Gasket fabrication
« on: July 05, 2006, 10:23:30 PM »
Guy, you are so funny. Certainly, you have a deep appreciation for English engineers. In my line of work, I see the Hawker corporate jet. It is an engineers dream. Where every part fits perfectly, and works forever. In typical Brittish fashon, the landing gear actuation is the most complex linkage I have ever seen. It is full of adjustments, shims, cams, bellcranks, rod ends, bearings, hydraulics, switches, indicators and whatever other mechanical parts the engineers knew of. It truly is a sight to behold!

Gulfstream aircraft (made in America) use a hydraulic ram that locks in place. No other parts are needed.

Both are viable and reliable systems. One certainly took more brain power.


Just because one can do a thing...

If it's stupid, and works; it isn't stupid.

Ironic how the Lister was engineerd by the English, but is a picture of simplicity and bigger-hammer thinking.  Overbuilt, but not overcomplicated.

How do you think the Indians would handle Landing Gear?  Large Stone Tablet and Duct Tape?

My point being, the English Engineering of today could not be copied by a 3rd World Industrial Complex.  Things have changed a lot in 50 years.  Seems the Hawker Gear you speak of reminds me more of Germans than the English...  (I am sooooo gonna get it for that one..... :-P )  Look under the hood of a 70's Mercedes.  Compare it to an 80's Isuzu (like my C223 Diesel).  There's 3x as much crap under the hood of the Mercedes, yet after 300,000 miles, my Isuzu is still running as good as it did when it was new.  Both are rather gasketed...

It doesn't have to be complicated to be reliable and effective.  But one sure has less crap to go wrong, thusly costs a lot less to buy and maintain.  I don't see overcomplicating a system as an indicator of more brainpower.

Listeroid Engines / Epa Revisited.
« on: July 04, 2006, 03:52:13 PM »
I was reading about 2007 Diesel Engines having a doo-dad on the exhaust pipe that isn't a cat, but helps emissions.

Also, that the Diesel 'Fuel' available will have higher standards than our (USA) current "crappiest fossil fuel on the planet" standards.

Wouldn't both of these be possible contributors to EPA passage of these handy dandy Listeroids?

Listeroid Engines / Re: Building engines in India
« on: June 25, 2006, 04:52:24 PM »
BTW I've noticed that for some reason folks in asia like to work close to the ground...

I often work on the ground as well.

1) If I drop something, it builds less inertia.
   a) It often does not damage itself upon impact with the ground.
   b) I don't have to look far to find it.
2) No need to buy/build a table/bench of sufficient strength.
   a) I'm broke.
   b) I'm young enough I can still get away with it.

I can see how many of these points may apply to our friends in India.

If we're rebuilding your Lister/Petter in-place, won't we all be doing the same?  I can't tear apart an Isuzu C223 on the ground.  Perhaps the main reason for it is; because they can.

Bio-diesel Fuel / Re: The rarely heard of, yet incredible SVO source
« on: June 24, 2006, 08:23:29 PM »
Maybe its an urban legend, but I've heard Hemp can also produce a lot of oil.
Its a little hard to grow of feild of it though......


Er, wouldn't know about that.  But it makes great rope...

Bio-diesel Fuel / Re: The rarely heard of, yet incredible SVO source
« on: June 23, 2006, 07:41:28 PM »
ixtow, I appreciate trying to do something with nothing. By having virtually zero disposable income myself I feel your pain. It took a year to get the Listeroid cash. But it is important to live debt free. Its emotion and lack of self control that gets in my way, as you can see in my earlier dramatization a few posts up.  May I make a few suggestions for scrounging?:

 You can grow very well in 5 gallon pails with lava rock 3" in the bottom and a moderately draining top soil thereafter up to about 4" from the top. Drill 3 drain holes 120 deg apart about 4" up from the bottom. Do not drill a bottom center hole, unless you are growing shrubbery, which we are not doing here. Each pail now becomes a semi-hydroponic cell.  You can get pails free from fast-food places, grocery stores or on the side of the road. Go around and ask, you will be suprised. (I have done this, I know it works) Get "food" pails, not "paint" pails if possible.

One very important thing. I have been thinking about this alot. You are very lucky to have a nearby tree. If you propagate cuttings, they will have the same attributes as the parent. What I mean is, they will behave like they are the same AGE as the parent. This means that as soon as they have enough biomass within them they will produce seeds in season. You will be way ahead.
Go on the web and search for "propagation of woody ornamentals from cuttings"

Keep the date on your notes too (daylength and temp matter alot). Nothing new here just that you can scrounge this stuff very cheaply.

Sources: Pails...Free from McDonalds (pickle pails) etc.
Lava Rock: Cheap (but not totally free) from wholesale landscape suppliers (where you load with a shovel yourself) little more in bags. you don't need that much
Soil: Try using your existing top soil. If not buy peat based soil and blend it with yours, etc.
Irrigation: This can be tough but shop around garage sales or thrift stores for irrigation clocks, drip heads and watering wands (intermatic timers work good, simple repairable) battery powered drip kits from Toro are pretty cheap at Ace hardware. (but not free)
Greenhouse: Too expensive. You can get by without one if you use the pails.

Nothing is perfect. stay small  but take your time and you should at least be able to get a row of 5 pails growing within 3 months. Good luck.

Sadly, it would be illegal to grow Chinese Tallow, so I'll just have to propagate my Orange Trees instead...  Golly, I wouldn't want to break any laws.

That's excellent help Old'.  All these 5gal drywall compound buckets, from remodeling, are about to get used.  As soon as the brass casings I keep picking up at the range are sorted and/or melted and thusly no longer occupying the 20 or so buckets..................  ;-)   It's a habit I just can't break.

Holy crap!  The rod bearing pic is amazing.  How could anyone believe that was a good idea?  This isn't even about listeroids anymore.  I have to wonder if they have the slightest clue about rotating assemblies in general.

Hmmm... maybe I should duct tape my tires onto my car instead of bolt them?  It probably works in India.  :-)

Has anyone considered that the "quality control problem" may not be accidental?  American Car Manufacturers easily make 300% more on parts than the sale of the vehicle.  A widely used AG engine like the Lister may be more profitable to perpetually repair than to build properly.  Since most of their customers are local, it screws us more because we're not.

Listeroid Engines / Re: Upping the HP on a 6/1
« on: June 18, 2006, 10:21:00 PM »
I agree with you guys on schooling.  Once the Socialist States has control, they're only obligation is to keep kids dumb enought that they'll never mature to see the crimes of their government.

While attending school is required by law, I haven't got the option of Expensive Private Schools.  So before he went, I spent the time teaching hium myself.  At 5 years old, he could read on a 5th grade level, and his math compared to 3rd graders.  Being the Downright Violent Rebel sort that I am, I'd have gadly started World War 3 to keep him out.  I only sent him in for the social experience.  I didn't want him to be the outcast that I am.  But it's happening anyway.  Most of te teacers at his school are actually quite good at what they do.  Often their hands are tied by government rules, but they really love what they do, and are good at it.  The criticisms come from other parents who aren't up to snuff, in my book.  I'm non-marxist to a point of unemployability, and the parents that know it go out of their way to deride me in front of him.  What the teachers are wise enough not to pull (nanny state, no acountability, etc) these parents do.

I want to kick them in the crotch 'till they bleed out their ears. But of course, this would just serve as another example of what a moron I am for opposing the Proletariat...

I just want to move to the middle of nowhere and start my own little country. and I'll need a Lister.... ;-)

General Discussion / Re: All members - some thoughts.
« on: June 02, 2006, 03:18:33 PM »
I used to run a forrum on home brewing and a funny thing happened about a year and a half into it....
We ran out of things to talk about. Every now and then a newbie would join the list and ask the same questions again and the same people would say the same things, and things would quite down at Good Homebrewing a slow and withering death realy.
The reason is we focussed on the technical aspects of brew and less on the enjoyment of the hobby. We thumbed our noses at extract brewers and debated pointless things. Now a quick pop over to Hopland a sister site today shows a lot more posts because they drink and chat about beer some brew some buy and some just drink wine....

Setting limits on a forrum is kind of foolish, at some point we'll run out of things to say once we identify the best Indian cam gear and solve the gentle weep of coolant. This is a hobby to some and a way of life to others, what you run is less important than the fact you run something.

Let it be Stationary and IC is all I ask. Lets explore all the options of speed, fuel and aplication. Let's talk about producer gas and cooking oil out of turkey guts. Let's see pictures of homes, kids and cottages. Lets keep the door open for all manner of electrical equipment pumping systems and perhaps even Hvac.

When we close the door off topic we risk loosing good ideas and people who will keep the discussions lively and open.


To which I can only add ...AMEN!  We live with too many (externally imposed) rules as is is, without adding a lot more of our own.


I 3rd that motion....  Not that anyone would listen to me....  :-P

General Discussion / Re: All members - some thoughts.
« on: June 01, 2006, 10:03:06 PM »
I wonder if flaming is all this thread is going to be useful for?  GuyFawkes and I haven't gotten along too well at times.  Doesn't mean I'm going to start crap in every thread he posts.....  He has redeming qualities outside of suggesting that Oil is a terribly corrosive lubricant that should be replaced with Water.....  :-P

As long at the already definied topics for the forums are followed, I fail to see how limiting things severely can be useful.  We already have a place for "other slow-speed engines" and such.  Plenty of diversity at the top of the page on Indian/Original Listers, etc...

I say it's fine the way it is.  It's organized and easy to find information.  The "other stuff" isn't mixed in, making things hard to find.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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