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Petteroids / Re: AB1 pistons and rings- compatibility. Where to buy.
« on: January 01, 2019, 09:22:56 AM »
Ahh, thatís great site to look at part numbers,

After getting back to the workshop this afternoon, I checked all of the numbers on the engine, and I had a typo on the engine number, with a bit of forensic work it turns out the 88313 on the corroded engine plate actually was 38313 so itís an early type engine, this explains all, cheers for all the good advice and Iíll get on with ordering a set of rings and put it back together.

Iíll post an update as to how it performs once itís back together,



Petteroids / Re: AB1 pistons and rings- compatibility. Where to buy.
« on: December 31, 2018, 11:27:19 AM »
Thanks for the advice to contact dieselgman Iíll definitely contact him.  I have been looking at a couple of ring sets on eBay, but will hold off until I find out a little more info as rings are fairly common although pistons are not and at some point Iíll need a spare.
  Once this engine is running properly and I know the bottom end is 100% Iím going to be keen to have a spare is piston and rings to go in. I guess what I need to do is find a parts calalogue for the A series engines and look at the part numbers across the range, this will answer everything, is there one available?
 My understanding is that all the 3Ē bore indirect injection engines use a flat top piston like my AB1, what Iím interested in is if they all use the same piston model and the later ring set is backward compatible and just an upgrade or what is the physical difference between both types? thicknesses, ring style etc. 


Petteroids / AB1 pistons and rings- compatibility. Where to buy.
« on: December 30, 2018, 08:18:18 PM »
Hello to the group,

Iíve just joined up after searching the net for some info and on an AB1 that I have brought back to life and finding it all here.  This site has been a wealth of information and has helped me from get it up and running, although I do have a couple of problems to sort out.

The engine I have was having starting issues and very hard to start. After a injector service and pump rebuild (Brice pump that we accidentally damaged from the filter disintegrating and clogging it up) it improved the situation but not completely.  I suspected low compression and this was proven when two primers full of oil would get it going right off the second turn over (we fitted a starter motor) or plenty of aero start would get it going.  Once going it has no rattles or bearing noises, Iíd say itís in good nick.

But the barrel...  my suspicions were confirmed when I stripped it down, the barrel was completely glazed and had water pitting, after a deglazing hone its still on specification for its STD size piston.

My piston and rings almost looked new, in fact the piston had a very thin layer of carbon on top and still had all its machining marks on most of the skirt, the rings also looked to be halfway through their life and the end gap was just under a mm in the freshly honed bore, then I snapped the second ring re-fitting it.... must have been brittle.

Iím looking for a new set of rings. This engine is a late serial number engine (later than 29189) but  has the early non spring backed oil control ringset fitted. Is there a difference in pistons from early to late serial number or can you use either set of rings on these? (as the pistons are all the same and the newer spring backed oil ring is just better)

Does anyone in the group have some rings for sale or a 1st oversized piston and rings kit to sell or  maybe a good link to a seller.

There may be a chance, in the past somebody had to make do and put in what they had on hand in to get it going without a home and hence why the rings were looking fairly new but didnít bed in and the bore is still in std specification after a hone, Will the info on the piston crown help out.

Iím based in Australia, this engine was rescued from an outback rubbish dump.

Cheers for any help,


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