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Engines / Re: Kofaric small diesel
« on: June 05, 2023, 10:38:37 PM »
Hello Butch
Thanks for the reply, especially re: hard hand starting below 50*F
Since most all of my use will be below these temps, I'd have to find a suitable starter.
Looks like this Yanmar clone is somewhat larger than the L-48, somewhat smaller than the L-70, and not exactly the displacement of the l-60 either...... I wonder about parts.

Engines / Kofaric small diesel
« on: June 04, 2023, 09:50:29 PM »
My gas powered log splitter engine packed up. We're using diesel for nearly everything here except powersaw and weedeater, both 2 strokes.
thinking of taking a gamble and re-powering the splitter with this 247cc single cylinder diesel:


Anybody have experience, knowledge, or comments on this?
Any feedback appreciated.

Engines / Re: decarboning....how to?
« on: May 17, 2023, 10:59:32 PM »
Hello Powder
I do not have a pepper pot muffler installed. The exhaust is a 2" steel pipe that goes into a "Pit-of-Doom" underground chamber. I have removed the pipe at the exhaust port a few times for other reasons, and found no great carbon build-up.
An air compressor filter/silencer is used on the intake. I just unscrew that and spray water directly into the adapter on the cylinder head.
Do a search of the site, you may find info re what others have done. I'm just one guy out in the boonies!

Engines / Re: decarboning....how to?
« on: May 17, 2023, 10:30:59 PM »
Hello Powder
I have 3000 + hours on my 6/1 listeroid. Replaced a couple of head gaskets early on before figuring out that the liner protrusion was excessive. Fixed it with a file. Other than that and regular oil changes, no maintenance seems to have been necessary. Still starts an runs as it did way back 12 years ago.
I do decarbonize once in a while by using a spray bottle. A litre of distilled water sprayed into the intake while running at load seems to do it. Do this a couple times a year. I spray until it just starts to reduce RPM.
 Some operators use a water drip feed or siphon to keep things cleaned up. I find that my wife's garden hand spray bottle works just fine.

As always, YMMV

General Discussion / Re: Tesla
« on: December 06, 2022, 10:20:25 PM »

mikenash said "Of course many countries are in a very different situation"

Here's one of them........



Red Stone Engines / Re: 3 Redstones
« on: August 02, 2022, 12:49:26 AM »
Big and heavy.....too right!
I helped a friend get one into service several years ago. His particular engine had a lot of casting sand in it. More than most listeroids. It was easy to disassemble and reassemble. That engine did not have any kind of breather, so tended to push oil out of the mating surfaces. I believe he made up some kind of arrangement to alleviate this issue, but have not seen the modification or learned if it works well.
It's has been in occasional service over the past 10 years. used for power outages.
Most interested in your project as well!

Engines / Re: SR2 starter replacement
« on: May 15, 2022, 06:16:20 PM »
Re: cooling/heating to remove bearing from shaft.
In commercial aviation, we sometimes encountered a wheel bearing stuck on an axel (think big, like 747)
The solution was to pack the axel in dry ice, the bearing remained at ambient temp. the bearing usually just slid off.
Dry ice is not that difficult to come by, locally, it's used for packing fish for transport via courier (sport fishermen)

Lister Based Generators / Re: Ac1 conversion
« on: May 07, 2022, 06:00:13 PM »
@ Waxel
Use the search function to enter "starter/generator", you'll find a lot of links.
Veggie got me inspired to install one  on my 6/1, it works very well, and has for several years of regular use.
No reason it would not work for your engine.
Some examples

You can find golf cart starter/generators on ebay or maybe locally.


Lister Based Generators / Re: Ac1 conversion
« on: May 04, 2022, 10:16:57 PM »
There's always the old golf cart starter/generator option.

Generators / Re: Small Permanent Magnet Generator
« on: April 29, 2022, 11:56:02 PM »
Thanks, veggie:
 Just saw your post. I will look into this further, though have no requirement for one just now.

Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: head gaskets
« on: April 29, 2022, 11:54:05 PM »
 ChevellRCR & mikenash

I am using Gaskets-to-go head gaskets on both my Lister and listeroid 6/1s.
Very good quality, as OEM automotive gaskets.
Mine have been in service for a lot of hours, no problems,
Cannot comment on cost, as it has been a few years, but they were very reasonable considering their quality and that they are trouble free. Gaskets-to-go will also make custom gaskets if you have a drawing or pattern.

Listeroid Engines / Re: Big end wear or damage
« on: April 23, 2022, 05:25:13 PM »
Yellonev & 38AC
Thanks for that clarification, I'm only familiar with the singles, and had no idea of the internal layout of the twins.
Always something new to learn, even on these old-time machines!

Listeroid Engines / Re: Big end wear or damage
« on: April 23, 2022, 05:18:08 AM »
Re: oil level dipstick..
I think the dipstick is not relevant. Oil level in a Lister and most listeroids is determined by the top reservoir being full, as it is automatically via the oil pump. The oil quantity in the lower sump should be about 1/2' below the removable cover in the lower sump.
I have never used the dipstick in my Listeroid. A real Dursley does not have a dipstick.....not necessary. Oil can never touch the con rod end cap, as that level is determined by the weir of the upper sump.
Dipper should be installed as a blade, not sideways, and needs to clear the bottom of the upper sump.

Generators / Re: Small 900 RPM Generator heads - do they exist ?
« on: April 17, 2022, 10:01:49 PM »
Appears that small 8 pole gen heads and hen's teeth are both made of unobtanium. Here's an LEF link from the distant past asking the same. https://listerengine.com/smf/index.php?topic=264.0
BTW, Veggie, if you find one, let us know. We're all interested!

Original Lister Cs Engines / Re: Changeover valve removal suggestions.
« on: April 06, 2022, 09:33:56 PM »
My experience is same as 38AC's. Tried everything that I had ever seen recomended to remove the COV.......nothing worked. Had to destroy it to remove it.
YMMV......I hope you have success with a less destructive method.

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