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Hi all,

I am back in the forum.  I have been in contact with several people interested in the engine, frame and gen set.  I have one gentleman coming to view the set on Saturday.  He has the first right of refusal to match any bid made between now and when he visits.  if there is any further interest in the set, please PM me, I can actually respond now!

Pictures are below

ok so posting pic is not as simple as I remember, pm me and I will send.  In the mean time I will ask my 7 yr old how to post pictures to the internet.


Hi all.  

I have a Powerline 12/1 that I was planning on moving to a new location to free up space in a garage I have behind my house.  I am now leaning towards just selling the engine, frame and generator head.  

The engine is a Powerline 12/1 with probably less than 200 hours on it.  I originally bought this to net meter, but it was at the edge of my property and close to my neighbors house.  Well the neighbors complained about the noise so I bought a 6/1 and this one just sat unused.  This engine has the heavy wheels with boles, not spokes.  It is rated to run at 1000rpm.  It has been stored inside the garage the whole time.  The decompression release is missing; I will either order another or fabricate a new one.  I also replaced the original fuel line and filter with an inline filter from an auto parts store.  

I also have some spare parts that I will list if there is enough interest.

The gen head is 10kw and has had the dog house removed and rectifier added, I have about 10ft of armored 6-3 gauge wire (2 hot 1 common and a ground) that feeds into a breaker box.  It is wired for both 220v and 110v output  

The engine and gen head sit on a heavy I beam frame, the Gen head sits on a heavy-duty sliding steel frame that is adjustable.  I also have 2 pulleys one to run the engine at 1000rpm and the other is for a lower speed.  I will have to measure it to figure out the rpm required for 60hz.

I sold my 6/1 earlier this month, and based on all the PMs I got, it was underpriced.  What I would like to do this time around is gauge interest before I decide on a price.  If there is real interest I will post some pictures.  In the mean time you can view this video I took when I first set up the engine.

Please PM if interested


Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Re: Powerline 6/1 for sale
« on: April 16, 2012, 05:33:23 PM »
the 6/1 has been sold.


Lister Market Place (things for Sale) / Re: Powerline 6/1 for sale
« on: March 30, 2012, 02:04:38 PM »
Sale pending.

Taking back up offers

Parts include
block with cylinder sleeve
additional cylinder sleeve with piston
2 sets piston rings
inlet and exhaust valves 2 sets
C.R. Bearing 2 pair
Packing cor single cylinder engine TRB CBW housing 5 sets
High pressure fuel line x5
complete gasket set x3


I have a Powerline 6/1 and a 12/1 sitting idle taking up space that I would like to convert into a brew shed.  Back in 2007-2008 I imported a few containers of these, at the time the Powerline brand was considered one of the better ones available.  I spent time with Atul and his people here in the US to make sure the engines were as good as they could be. 

A few years ago I ran my 6/1 for 4 days without stopping (there was a large spring storm that knocked out power in Ct for a week in some areas.)  Last year after Hurricane Earl, I ran the 6/1 for 3 days straight with no problems.  The 6/1 is a great engine but just does not have enough power to service my whole house.  Since I have a 12/1 It makes sense to swap them out.

What I would like to do is sell the 6/1, keep the 12/1 and move it to a new location to free up a back garage I have.  I do not know the exact hours on the engine, but I would put an estimate at 500hrs or less.

I am asking $1000 for the 6/1 including all the spare parts I have.  I will list everything out if there is any interest.  I prefer local pick up from zip code 06903. 

Frame and gen head are not included or for sale.

PM me if interested

I will email pics upon request.


it has been quite a while since I have been on the site.  I have grid tied setup you are referring to.  It is  sma Sb 3000 fed by rectified, filtered to <2% ripple, single phase ac, powered by a Lister type 6/1.  This setup has been approved by both the utility and my city.  If you want the drawings I can provide them, e-mail me at  You can also search my previous posts were there is a general overview of the system


Everything else / Re: Grid tie inverters, a million and one questions
« on: September 23, 2008, 02:04:23 PM »
jens to answer your questions:

Cool - what are you using for inverters ?   Sma sb 3000
Could you be a it more specific on the setup ?
 Are you using any batteries ? no
 What DC voltage are you running ? about 250-300v under load
How do you feed your DC to the inverter - is there anything electronic involved no, just a rectifier and capacitors
or are you just hooked up to the battery terminal on the inverter ? no  battery
What size Lister ? 6/1
 How much power are you selling ? 2500w at the inverter is about max
 What happens when the gid fails the inverter disconnects automatically it is part of the code that they have this failsafe.-
do you have local power from the inverter ? it feeds the grid at the same time I draw from the grid.
 How are you controlling engine speed - do you just set it at whatever and let it run in the knowledge that any excess power is sold ? Yes the inverter draws whatever wattage I program it to down to the watt.
What happens when the grid is down and you can't sell the excess power - does your DC level change at all ? Does anything change ? If the grid goes down the dc will rise because the demand on the engine is reduced and it speeds up, making more ac and thus DC.  As long as the dc is below 400v there is no problem

On the co-gen side, do you have a mall coolant loop through the engine and then through a heat exchanger to feed the house ? If so, how many sq feet of heat exchanger area do you have to carry the heat away from the engine ? I am assuming that you use circulation pumps. I have not set this up yet.  I have a buried 4” corrugated pipe from the gen shed to my basement that PEX will be housed in.

Everything else / Re: Grid tie inverters, a million and one questions
« on: September 22, 2008, 11:13:50 PM »
Jens I may be able to help with your quest for a grid tied lister plant.

I currently have a lister that is attached to the grid using a grid tied inverter.

Ac from St head> rectifier with capacitor bank> clean dc to inverter> clean ac from inverter to grid.

It works fine the key is cleaning up the dc out of the rectifier.  I believe my capacitor bank is 12-15k mf  the measured ripple is around 2%

In the last several months I have not done anything with the project, but it is there waiting to be run when it gets cold and there is a use for the heat.

The above install was inspected by both my city and my local power company.


Everything else / Re: Trojan T-105 Battery
« on: June 16, 2008, 01:37:00 PM »
Mobil bob
There is nothing wrong with a double blind test, it is just not applicable in this situation.

A double blind test is when neither the subject nor the administrator of the test know who has the control and who had the compound that is tested.  This type of test is commonly used in the medical field where subjectivity and bias by both the subject and administrator needs to be removed.

Example, a study on a potential cancer drug.  The study is composed of 2 groups of patients, the control group and the placebo group.  In a double blind study the patients can all have the comfort of knowing they MAY have the new compound.  Think about it, if you were a cancer patient you enrolled into a study and at the beginning of the study you were told that you were part of the placebo group, would you continue the study, or would you look for another one?  There is much more that goes into one of these trials but the above makes the point.

In the scenario you describe with batteries, there is no need to run this type of test, in fact it can not be run.  The subject = batteries in this case and as such can not introduce the bias a double blind test is designed to mitigate.

So back to my statement, just because there is lack of a double blind testing methodology does not negate results from other testing procedures.  Double blind testing is not the standard in this application.

My point is limited to the testing methodology and specifically the appropriateness of a double blind test.  As I said in the first post, I don’t know much about batteries except they are expensive.

Simple before and after testing should show effectiveness or not.  If you distrust the tester, that is another issue all together.


Everything else / Re: Trojan T-105 Battery
« on: June 16, 2008, 02:07:42 AM »
While I am no expert on batteries, I do know the Mobile bob’s ascertain that a double blind test is required to prove usefulness of this particular type of desulfators is flawed.  This type of experiment or lack of has nothing to do with the effectiveness of  the process.  To say so that validation using this testing procedure is required is just wrong, and shows a misunderstanding of the reasons to conduct a double blind experiment


General Discussion / Re: Our grid is collapsing - hows yours?
« on: June 06, 2008, 02:52:24 PM »

Guess people don't follow the news anymore - oil prices have been dropping (not a lot but still going down).

Our gas went up 3 cents/litre today even though crude is dropping in price.


Well oil was up $5.85 yesterday, and is up $6.49 as I look at my screen at 9:41am east coast time to $134.28 per barrel
to get back to econ 101 this is a supply demand situation.  With China and other countries subsidizing fuel prices, they users of this fuel are not feeling the pain of the recent price increases, so they have no reason to curb usage.  With that said their demand continues to grow and the daily supply of  crude is not growing. 

until either the supply is increases or the demand is reduced this is the new norm.  Price is the most efficient way to allocate a scarce resource, always has been always will be.


As far as net metering goes,you are out of luck.  In Ny your only options for net metering are solar, wind, and farm based biogass.  If you want to go "under the radar" that is a different story.

it is possible that your utility has different rules.  The only way to know is to call them, or better yet go to their website.


Lister Based Generators / Re: Preparing for extended run times
« on: March 23, 2008, 03:28:14 PM »
I have been thinking about this problem a little more.  I understand that the inertia of the flywheel going 380rpm is much less than that same flywheel going 650rpm.  So why would the system not benefit from an extra flywheel effect on the gen head, after all, the gen head flywheel is spinning at 1800 rpm. 

So by that logic I could add a flywheel to the gen head that weighs less than the engine flywheel and get more inertial “bang for the pound”  It has been said that the weight on the gen head side will make the belt chirp worse, but doesn’t the added flywheel help smooth out the power stroke?   What do you guys think.  If someone could explain the physics as to why the flywheel on the gen head would make it worse, that would be helpful


Lister Based Generators / Re: Preparing for extended run times
« on: March 23, 2008, 02:16:00 AM »
I am runnung the engine at reduces speed because it is much quieter than at 650rpm, I am in a suburban area, to it helps a lot.  The flywheels I have on the engine now are spoked, the one I am considering adding is a stover type, not quote a slid flywheel, but heavier than the spoked.  As far as the belt, it is a "K" section, 8 rib,

I agree that if the flywheel were machined this issue may go away, I am afraid to get a quote from a machine shop for this, God knows what they would charge.  Has anyone had this done after purchase?

The metro engines have grooves machined into the flywheels, but you may be right I could see a shop here refusing to to this.

I was going to move up to a 6" pulley, but Mike no longer makes them.

any other suggestions?

Lister Based Generators / Re: Preparing for extended run times
« on: March 22, 2008, 09:11:33 PM »
I am still working out how to eliminate the belt chirp I am experiencing running my 6/1 @380 rpm with a pulley of 5”.  I have added a 2nd idler pulley to increase belt contact with the pulley and the flywheel.  The pair pinch the belt, pulling the upper run down and pushing the lower one up.  This helped but there is still a slight chirp, and eventually it will cause wear and failure.

I have a 12/1 sitting idle and I was thinking of borrowing one of the flywheels and adding it to the side opposite the starter.  Has anyone successfully added an extra flywheel to a lister type?  Before I did this I would verify that the borrowed flywheel is balanced, both the 12/1 and the 6/1 have internal counter balances.  I would also have to make a gib key long enough to secure both flywheels.

Ok so have at it, what are the downsides and upsides


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