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Generators / Re: ST head prep
« on: October 05, 2009, 07:22:03 AM »
Thanks Doug, that’s very good information.
Question: My slip rings are pretty round but not quite straight on the shaft so I get a side-to-side wobble. It’s not enough to cause the brushes to lose contact so I thought I would be OK. One set of brushes and its ring is wearing faster than I thought it would. I stepped up my cleaning of the area and I’ll see what happens. Any Suggestions? Also, if I’m not mistaken once the ring is worn out I’m pretty much screwed. They don’t look replaceable.

Thanks, Geno

I actually managed to import some spare slip rings so they are replaceable -  next time I do some inspections Ill pull down theh ead and see how hard they are to changeover - Matt Richards former owner of OzListeroids will know

Stephen Hutson
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Generators / Re: st generator fan replacement
« on: September 29, 2009, 05:30:12 AM »

Hi Sara

Talk to Tom Osborne from Central Georgia Generator he has an ebay shop and imports ST spares regularly he may be able to get you a genuine metal fan replacement for you to fit your ST


Stephen Hutson
OzListeroids Pty Ltd

Listeroid Engines / Re: Cheap cigarettes
« on: July 30, 2009, 06:18:51 AM »
Agreed - if it has nothing to do with Listeroids - why have it on this forum?

Delete the thread

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Listeroid Engines / Re: my first engine
« on: July 21, 2009, 09:51:10 AM »
obviously if it is over 200F you have a problem with the thermostat

Let's be careful here.  We have an inexperienced operator.  I would not worry if the coolant exiting was less than 30C above the t-stat rating. 

I should have clarified the fact that the pipe thermometer gauges go on the metal pipe going into the drum and out of the drum - they are soem distance away usually say 900mm - 1m or 36" - 40" if you are using imperial measure away from the engine - so thats why I look closely and monitor if it goes over 200F at the inlet to the drum. Our winter ambient is probably slightly above your at 65F - 70F during the day so you have even - it is probably more important to understand how load and speed affects temperature and work out what is normal Dr D.

Yes we get cyclones up north - winds over 120mph are rare thisd far south but it is not unusual to get 6 - 12" rain in a night in the monsoonal fed summer storms at least on the sub tropical coast where I live.

As Murph - says - it is about the journey not the destination - if you wanted it easy you would have purchsed a turn key Cummins or a Cat "no touching" type power system.

Regards and best wishes to all of you - some good advice has been shared and that pool of knowledge will grow.
I've just ordered the Utterpower "Bill Rogers" book - I'll see if it is as useful as I am led to believe.

Stephen Hutson
Gizmos T/As OzListeroids

Listeroid Engines / Re: my first engine
« on: July 20, 2009, 11:12:53 AM »

I picked up a couple of pipe thermometers online from RS Components one clamps on the metal inlet on the cooling drum and
thether gauge goes on the metal outlet pipe - that way I can make sure thermosyphon is working and also the peak temperatures
coming out of the engine - obviously if it is over 200F you have a problem with the thermostat. The industrial pipe thermoteters are powered by a bimetal strip so do not involve any electrical power connection. The gauges simply attach to the pipe by way of a spring to hold the pick up in contact with a metal pipe or similar.

It is always easy to panic now you are receiving so much advice from others after the event.  - but I think you have to filter messages that cause the level of anxiety to rise. Understand we problably do not really know what your longer term requirments are.

Remain positive take onboard constructive advice and learn from experiences of others - you have bought the unit - but hang in there maybe it can power a really good machine shop - turn a threat into an opportunity - especialy in the colder months.

Look for solutions instead of problems - above all have fun - Happy Listeroiding!!!

Stephen Hutson
Gizmos T/As OzListeroids

« on: July 11, 2009, 11:30:30 PM »

I clarified my earlier posting with the source - the person reiterated they had to clean out brand new Listers
engines before firing them up - but it did not involve disassembly. He said it was mainly metal dust presumably
from the inside of the castings - after the initial clean out it remained relatively clean. I showed him pictures of
some of the faults that had occurred in the Listeroids and he said the quality of the old Listers 3/1 5/1 and 6/1
was much high and they ran like heartbeats. He thought that the Lister Startomatics cost about the same as a
small english car of the day only harder to maneouvre or relocate.

He also confirmed what you suggested - it was a regular school holiday chore to clean out the sumps with
a wire mop brush and pieces of cloth to remove sludge. He said the original Listers carboned up because they were
either not working hard enough or the fuel was poor - some diesel fuels he has seen as a kid were thicker and more
blackish in appearance.

Spare parts he said were very expensive but the engines were a necessity to obtain power on homesteads and farms in remote areas.

I am told that Australia was one of the major market for these engines - in fact I am going to look at a shed full of them next week
most of them working owned by another clients grandfather who lovingly restored them. We are talking big numbers of
engines - see people were obsessed by the original - perhaps George B is right it is about the lure of the speed and sound of these
engines forming a bond. My partner Karen is overwhelmed by the number of people who comment on my engines parked in
the warehosue when they pick up computer parts - it seems most rural people have seen or heard about them. she cannot recall
any of the engines when she was in Oregon USA so obviously there was a well established powergrid unlike Australia in the
pre WW2 years.

I'll take some pics of the collection and post it when I do or email the pics to interested people - I should see if they have
any usable spare parts we can Rockwell test and copy to better understand why the originals were so tough.

Hobbyist, Collector, Off Gridder and Vendor

Listeroid Engines / Re: Power Anand (powerline) or JKSON or ?
« on: July 09, 2009, 11:13:25 PM »

So what did you finally decide on?

A client sent his uncle to pick up an order and he noticed my Listeroid and a Genuine Lister at the rear
of the warehouse.  He told me that as a young boy -n the 1930s hisd father bought a new Lister
Startomatic and another to drive the shearing shed. It was surprising to hear that they ran the engines
by hand over and over then drain the oil and lcean out the sludge each time before actually running them
on diesel. So sand is not just the Indian QC issue.

Each summer holiday the kids would swap notes - yes you guessed it they were cleaning out sump 1 and
sump 2 in their Dads Lister. Maybe the Indians see no need to reduce the sand level when the genuine Lister
while it obviously had superior metail and castings still had sand issues.

I need to sit down with this man and get some more yarns about the genuine Listers.

Happy Listeroiding.

Stephen Hutson
Gizmos T/As OZListeroids.

Listeroid Engines / Re: Anyone have a spare offset idler bolt?
« on: July 09, 2009, 02:27:38 AM »

Thanks Murph - an answer I was looking for.

I'll see if I can "clone" one...any pics of one of Daves units?


Stephen Hutson
Gizmos T/As OzListeroids

Listeroid Engines / Re: Another Listeroid rebuild to generator.
« on: July 08, 2009, 09:44:47 PM »

Thanks WGB - a local steel merchant offered to precut and drill and punch out sections for my frame for no
charge - cost of steel only - so I thought I'd go as close as I can and make a wooden template they can use to setup the
computerised controlled machine they use.

Thanks for the tension settings - your unit looks great!!


Listeroid Engines / Re: Anyone have a spare offset idler bolt?
« on: July 08, 2009, 09:38:29 PM »

Thanks RAB. I previously did a search and sent an email to the email address shown for xyger in the forum notes and transscript but
I have not received a reply. Hence the question - thinking maybe the contact had been updated elsewhere.

I would never have found the search facility without you - forever in your debt.

Happy Listeroiding.


Listeroid Engines / Source for cam offset idler bolts?
« on: July 08, 2009, 07:19:43 AM »

I keep hearing about these units on different engine forums - are they a custom made part ?

How do I order a unit/s to try in my JKSon CS10/1?


Stephen Hutson
Gizmos T/As OzListeroids
Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

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Listeroid Engines / Re: Water injection to clean combustion chamber ?
« on: July 08, 2009, 04:34:49 AM »

water injection and water + methanol/ethanol blends were tricks used in the late 1970s in Australia

While they cleaned the combustion chambers Yella Terra heads found corrosion problems in their cast iron heads
- so I'm reluctant to go that direction - I think Id prefer to use FPC catalyst and/or do as Stan suggested on an earleir thread perhaps using LPG. I have spare OMVLs laying around they are used to regulate supply of LPG and converter liquid to a gas in a controlled way - Just remember to use 12v solenoid to ensure LPG shuts off if the engine stops so combustion does not occur on the wrong side of the piston ..:) This failsafe is in all the GFSI diesel/LPG hybrid setups - a mate did the dyno testing and the best result is at 19% LPG mix - so you screw back on the diesel and enjoy a 20% increase in HP and 9% increase in torque and an overall reduction in fuel, carbon and particulate emissions.

I run LPG in both my petrol engined and diesel powered trucks and the engine and oil certainly remain clean
it also reduces hard carbon and particulate emissions.

I'll see if John Bennett from Ecotherm has written any articles on water injection - he developed special cast iron
heads in Brazil to overcome issues with using 100% ethanol blends.

Interesting thread ... I'll hone up on my spelling to avoid being chastised or I may find myself having to write "listeroids" on the board
50 times before I can log off. I did not realise you were so politically correct on such a fun forum.

Stephen Hutson
Gizmos T/As OzListeroids
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« on: July 08, 2009, 04:16:11 AM »

Thanks Murph My Utterpower CD arrived by mail from the USA today - so thats very timely
and I look forward to learning more about the highly addictive Listeroids..

Stephen Hutson
Gizmos T/As OzListeroids
Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

JKSon CS10/1 ST-5 Off Grid Generator
Lister FR-2 16HP 3" Harland Centrifugal Pump - Irrigation
newcomer ot the world of Listeroid addiction  8)

Listeroid Engines / Re: Another Listeroid rebuild to generator.
« on: July 08, 2009, 04:02:43 AM »

Well I was impressed with the project - I think youve done very well

What was the final length of your I Beams?

Tension wrench settings you said were spec when you reassembled the engine?
So what tensions did you finally use and the source of the information?

Stephen Hutson
Gizmos T/As OzListeroids
Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

JKSon CS10/1 off grid ST-5 Generator
Lister FR2- 16HP Har;land 3" Centrifugal Pump

Generators / Re: SK Bushing Help!!!
« on: July 07, 2009, 11:03:13 PM »

Yes the US seprentine solution is a good idea if you live in the USA.

The QD-SK bushing can be supplied in qty by Naismith Australia but you need an account or alternatively talk to your local industrial supplier about getting them in for you - I bought one off the street for $50 AUD from an engineering shop but you need to machine it as it only has a pilot bore - but it beats the hell out of waiting for one from the US.

I am shifting to L series rather than K serpentine as L can handle the lower RPM HP - Naismith tell me that a 6 groove poly rib belt on L series pulleys and std industrial 2517 locking bush with 38mm bore and 10mm keyway
I ordered some bushes in a for a client and I think I charged $25.00 $AUD
I have been experiementing with 8 groove L series pulleys 224 236 250 t ofind the sweet spot on the CS10/1 to work in harmony
with the ST-5 to run 240v 50hz - more will be posted when the testing is completed
You will find these a readily obtainable in Australia and the locking bushes are premachined for 35mm bore. Naismith engineers say 8 looks good but 6 groove will do the job on a CS10/1 driving a ST-5 at 680 - 750 rpm

PS I have a spare serpentine pulley and QD-SK locking bush if anyone chasing one - obviously nearby because of the weight.

I hope this helps

Stephen Hutson - Gizmos
T/As OzListeroids

JKSon CS10/1 - ST5 alternator.
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