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Changfa Engines / Changfa 22hp ZS1115GM starter replacement source?
« on: September 04, 2021, 12:49:32 PM »
Iím back again with another issue with my genset, been trying to revive my genset that has been sitting for a while.

It seems that my starter had started a bad habit, smoking! Lol

Been trying to start it using the starter when I noticed it had some light smoke coming from it, not sure how it happened but that is beside the point, I need to find a replacement for it.

I pulled the starter off, hooked up a good battery and it spun the bendix and everything seem to work except when under load, wouldnít turn the flywheel much. This is after I seen some light smoke coming from it. Took it to a few auto parts stores and ask if they had something I could use locally, a no-go, took it to a auto electric repair shop to see if they could rewind it or rebuild it and he seem to saying he canít get parts for it. So now I am at a loss of what to do.

Has anybody had to replace a starter on these types on engines, is there some Chevy, Ford or ??? Type of starter that would fit this engine?

Many thanks again,


I have a genset I built a few years back, changfa 1115 with a 10kw head. Had it running during a power outage, ran great for 3 days without issues. Fast forward a couple of years without running it nor starting it, was stored undercover and looks no worse for wear. Decided to bring it into my shop and see if I could hand crank it as I did before, no-go.

I engaged the decompression lever as before, tried to spin the flywheel and couldnít get past the compression stroke, tried a few times but no luck. Took of the valve cover, inspected what little is inside for the decompression mechanisms, just an oblong knob of sorts, outside lever moved as before. While cover was off I took the end of a rubber mallet and pressed the intake valve open, turned flywheel with hand crank and it moved past the compression stroke, no stuck valves. Hum? Decide to see if I could see if the internal decompression knob was engaging the intake valve stem, I applied a lite coat of anti-seize compound on end of valve stem, cleaned the decompression knob of any oil, assembled valve cover back on, engaged the decompression lever and hit the button to use the starter to turn the engine over a few time, pulled the cover and no transfer of anti-seize compound to the internal decompression knob, not hitting it at all?

It worked before using the hand crank and the decompression lever, but not now. Any ideas?

Also trying to see if I need to adjust the valve clearances but canít find the TDC marking anywhere on the flywheel? Again, any ideas where this marking is, externally?

Attached are a few pics of the inside of valve cover showing the know in question as well as the valve body.


Lister Based Generators / Generator outlet 50Amp/220V receptical ?
« on: March 10, 2009, 11:11:04 PM »

I've built myself a 10Kw genset and I am looking at ways to power my woodworking shop and as a backup for my home during power outages during hurricane season (Florida). I'm not looking to power the whole house, just some comfort circuits, lights, fans, microwave, frig, etc.

My genset is a diesel powered unit and can produce a 10Kw of power, an ST-10 head, it's a 22hp ChangFa single cyl engine

I'm trying to find a 50Amp, 220V twist lock female  receptical that will fit into a water proof Reliance outdoor box, anybody have any sources for this item? 

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