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Changfa Engines / READY TO BY A 1115 23HP CHANGFA, HELP PLEASE
« on: March 09, 2010, 10:10:15 PM »
I have been looking at Carol Stream motor company for an YX1115. 23hp. anybody have any experiance with them or this engine?

The ad shows the engine with what looks to be a belt driven fan in the side of the hopper. That sort of scares me a little. They also have one on ebay that doesn’t mention the fan, it just says hopper cooled for 949+ 149 shipping.

So anyone got any Ideas, thoughts other places to purchase?

I appreciate any info you may have or knowledge you can share

Thank You In Advance


   Is the power still out in FL. and if so, how is your Gen set coping?

Made any new friends yet, meaning neighbors interested in your set up?

What loads are you seeing and what is your  fuel consumption?

Hoping all is well



« on: January 31, 2008, 12:47:08 AM »

I see a lot of discussion about processing waste motor oil and I was wondering why you cant just filter it. Why do you need to processing it?

If I were to use a vehicle remote oil filter assembly in line before a small centrifuge could I just use the oil that came out of the finished end to burn in a Diesel engine. Heating/ thinning and normal fuel system filtration taken into account?


Thank you for your answers in advance and sorry for the remedial question.


Generators / Basic Gen/Electric Question?
« on: September 29, 2007, 06:09:49 AM »
 I have a friend who has a Onan 13.5 kW Diesel Gen to sell me Cheap.

It is so he says, 208v 3phase/110v. MY dum question is. Can I in some way use this Gen on a house that has 230/240v single phase house current?

As you can tell I don't know anything about electric. The only thing about electric I do know is I don't know anything about it.

Some guidance from you Gentlemen would be great. Thank you in advance.


Everything else / Gravity Feed Diesel fuel filters Question?
« on: August 25, 2007, 09:24:01 PM »
  Can you use a filter like a Racor 225Rm or R26 (normal vacuum side filter) with a gravity feed injector pump on a small air cooled Yanmar 10 HP diesel? Given a normal gravity feed position.

I would think the necessary flow rate needed to run the 10 HP diesel would be less than 2 Gal per hour. But that's just a guess.

Thank you in advance

« on: August 09, 2007, 02:08:28 PM »
Has anyone tried to modify and install two flywheels per side on a lister/oid crank shaft?
 My thinking is that the added stored energy would help in the sudden high load areas.I'm thinking this should cause less of a dip in the voltage/hertz levels.
What are your thoughts?


Engines / Sorry hit the button two times.
« on: August 09, 2007, 02:07:42 PM »

Everything else / Yanmar L100 oil presure
« on: July 28, 2007, 12:54:21 AM »
 I hope this is the correct place to ask this question.

Does anyone know what the correct hot oil pressure should be on a L 100 Yanmar 10hp air cooled diesel at three thousand to thirty-six hundred RPM? Or for that matter what it should be on a Yanmar clone? I have both.

  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


 PS Webmaster if this post is a problem get rid of it and I'm sorry.

I am building a back-up Generator using a 10HP @ 3600 RPM Yanmar diesel and a Chinese ST type 8 KW  @1800 RPM Gen head. I have a Gates PowerGrip GT 2 Sprocket drive belt and sprocket system which is roughly 2 to 1(Drive/Driven)
Drive size 2.206/Driven 4.411. I have been building it for about 3 months on the weekends. What's taking so long is #1 I'm slow at building stuff, #2 Roller frame, custom gen/belt screw adjuster, battery box, tank over Gen head   mount, noise/ weather enclosure and onboard electric panel/control panel, #3 interruptions from honey dew list!

I'm fabricating everything first and trying it out, then I will tear it apart and paint/powder coat it all. At that time, I will take the Gen head apart and perform all of the tips and modifications I have learned from the forum and order the Utterpower CD and rectifier kit.

Today was first start up day. Engine, Gen, drive system, frame, just to make sure my theory worked. Well, it didn't go as planned. According to the engine manufacturer the linkage is set for 3600 RPM @ the linkage W.O.T. position. I have no real way to tell if it attained that RPM yet. I was going to use the generator voltage output, but that was only going up to 236 volts and it was wavering at that rate. I then put a makeshift 4 position 120v receptacle on the side of the gen head and plugged in 4200 Watts and the voltage went down to 100v on that leg. The engine hardly even changed notes and the rack arm moved open about a 1/32 of an inch. I don't think the engine was even laboring at all.

Now to the questions.
  Do you think I need to spin the head faster?

  Do you think I made a valid test by only using 1 leg of the gen @ 120V and not both legs and spreading the 4220 Watt       
   load out on 2 separate recepticals/120V legs?

 With the feeble attempt at information I gave you, can you determine if I can lower my engine rpm (10hp@ 3600/9HP@3000RPM) while increasing my Gen head rpm if needed? Ratio/sprocket changes are not a problem just expensive.

1.899 to 1    gen rpm 1800   engine RPM  3402
                               1,900                      3,591

1.759  to 1    gen rpm 1,800     eng RPM   3,166
                                1,900                      3,342

1.691 to 1    Gen rpm 1,800     eng RPM   3,042
                                1,900                      3,211

With the info above, if I run the Gen head at a projected target speed of 1850 rpm to attain my loaded voltage, will I have enough horsepower to get the rated 8KW with the ratios I have given you?
The engineer at Gates thinks I should be able to run it at the 1.691 ratio and still have 1.5 to 2.0 HP in reserve. What do you think? He had never been asked this type of generator drive system question before and was only venturing a guess.
He also said that the sprocket system I have has an extremely low parasitic HP draw on the engine.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to give me, it will be much appreciated!!


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