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Waste Motor Oil / Synthetic Oil
« on: February 17, 2007, 07:00:30 PM »
Does Synthetic oil burn as well as regular used motor oil? has anyone tried this? And what kind of mix ratio?  Does regular WMO burn as well as straight diesel with no side effects? no power losses?
My engine took about 600 hrs to break in.  There is no more drooling black slobber our of the tail pipe and muffler seams and threads on the exhaust manifold.  Also the coolant level is finnally starting to stabilize.  No more adding water/ glycol.  I was thinking of running synthetic SAE 30 for longer oil change durations but if I can't burn it after it's  lube duty, I will stick to standard SAE 30.  Also what kind of fuel preheat temps should a person have for WMO mixes?  Does it gum up the injector pump or injector at all?

Thanks for your reply, 

Generators / 60 hz cycle
« on: January 03, 2007, 05:43:47 AM »
I have a 5 kw ST head 6/1 GTC  engine.  I am running 240 volts from alternator.  I have one P3 kill a watt meter in series on each leg of output.  My voltage is at the high end 125v- 126v no load and about 56.7, 58.1, at times going down to 55.? at times of high load. Normal load, right now on one leg is 115.3 volts, 0.66 amps, 56.7hz.  Is there a problem with the head or is this just normal for the unit?  Slow clocks aren't much fun.  Also, has anybody wired in an ONEAC power conditioner to solve those flickery lights?


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