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Other Fuels / Transformer oil as fuel.
« on: January 19, 2010, 01:44:07 PM »
Hello from Australia,
I have access to a quantity of transformer oil, not the old PCB stuff, and tried some in my 8/1 recently.It started from cold (30c) and
ran fine, burnt clean and delivered full power. Are there any longterm problems with pumps, injectors etc? My supplier has been told it's a veg based oil, but it is
very thin and only thickens slightly in the freezer overnight unlike most veg oils. It does begin to feel slightly tacky when it has been on the skin for a while.
I am tempted to try it in my vehicle which is a normally aspirated precombustion (glowplug) motor. Anyone tried this with good results or otherwise?
Any advice will be welcome, Regards, Combustor.

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Australia's Lister Equivalent.
« on: August 12, 2009, 03:59:02 PM »
When Lister introduced the CS in Britain, the firm of Ronaldson Bro's & Tippett (in Ballarat, Victoria) were launching a line of cold starting Diesels including the CF, in sizes
up to 8 hp @ 750 rpm. A measure of oil was put in the intake for extra compression which ensured easy cold starts. Injection gear was similar to a CS, but the injector
was over the top centre of the cylinder, and valves were horizontal, one each side of the head. Intake valve was "caged" so one could remove both valves without draining
coolant or removing the head.Early Rustons, Nationals and others were similar.
         My CF from 1937 is in the Lister engine Gallery in the album of Murray Shiner (page 2). It was one of more than 1200 engines used by our West Australian grain
handling authority to operate bucket elevators at railway siding receival points. R&T made a wide range of engines and machines and could rightly claim in the 1950's they
were the largest engine makers in the southern hemisphere. With just a single heavy flywheel they are still a smooth well balanced motor, very similar to a CS 8/1 in
size and performance. I also have its little sister the 3hp CM, very different looking but similar internal design. Sad to see the passing of great engine builders, but at least
some of their handiwork lives on,      Regards,

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