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Other Fuels / Joe cell free gas ?
« on: May 12, 2006, 01:50:00 PM »
Check this link out If it is true you could run a Lister for free by adding a spark plug and way to fire it . this is a DIY kind of thing


I most likely have 300 new computer AT power supplies 65 to 100 watt sitting in my warehouse can any one think up a good use in regards to off grid uses that could be used with a Lister.  I hate to scrap them, all have 110 / 220 AC in and 12 and 5 volt DC coming out.  I have a 8000 SF Warehouse with old and new but dated computer stuff and if anyone can think up some uses I would gladly give it away to anyone that can USE it. Share the junk so to speak .



Does any one use this head or have any info on it. I am thinking it could be a good backup unit if the ST head goes down. You can buy one for $289.00 shipped. it only has a 1" shaft so does it come with a set of  Micky Mouse ears or what.  ???
Thanks Greg  ;D

Lister Based Generators / External regulator V Governor as regulator
« on: December 08, 2005, 01:26:12 PM »
Hi all this is a great forum. I am an engine guy not an electric guy so this may be a dumb question. When a ST gen head hits 60 cycles and an extra a load is applied to the lister the governor try’s to compensate so you get a flux in the 60 cycles because the governor is a little primitive in response it can take a short time to compensate. Now I read Rocketboys mechanical fix and that would seem to work well but does some one make an exturnal regulater that would regulate, say 62 cycles down to 60 so I get no change at all. So I set the Lister to produce 62 cycles and the regulator keeps it at a constant 60 so when extra load is applied no change. I like the fact that the ST head does not have an internal regulator as it could go bad and then you are off line until you fix the head. With an external regulator if it failed you just disconnect it and you still have power using the governor to regulate. Buy the way I got my Lister from Joel and George @ Power Solutions Nice guys all the way around and George answered all my questions even the dumb ones. Thanks George and Joel

Greg.  ???

Lister Based Generators / Cogen would this work?
« on: December 05, 2005, 06:34:20 PM »
All rightly then, I have been toying with an Idea on the cogen possibilities for a lister 6/1. I was looking at a corn stove that sets outside your home and is automated with an auger system the heats an open system water tank of 180 gallons, to 180 to 200 degrees. Then it is pumped through a heat exchanger that is mounted inside the plenum of your forced air furnace. It works off the thermostat that kicks on the blower as needed. What are the thoughts of doing the same thing with the cooling water from the lister. If it would not retain enough of the heat after the fan has been blowing through the exchanger maybe you could run a modified sealed muffler as a second heat exchanger in the cooling tank to capture more BTUs to keep the temp up. Has anyone done anything like that or any Ideas or comments?


Waste Motor Oil / Waste moter oil
« on: October 25, 2005, 04:28:09 PM »
Can someone tell me the most economical way to clean waste motor oil to use in lister clones

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