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Everything else / making a centrifuge
« on: January 22, 2014, 10:05:23 PM »
Hi everybody!  I'm wanting to make a centrifuge for cleaning used oil and I was thinking of using an old cast iron brake drum from a car.  Can anybody tell me how to figure how much G force I'd have spinning a 12 inch brake drum at 3,480 RPM and if the average brake drum can safely be spun that fast?  I'd think a brake drum would take that since they have to withstand the force of the brake shoes pushing on them.  I'd rather not spend the money for an aluminum bowl.  I was going to mount the bowl on the shaft of a 2 pole 60 cycle motor and use an old pressure cooker for the housing.  I thought I could make a top cap for the drum out of either steel or aluminum plate.  I've got the pressure cooker and a couple of brake drums to choose from.  I already have a 1/2 HP motor but I'm not yet sure it's designed to operate in a vertical position.  Does that seem like enough horsepower?  If I need to get another motor I could go bigger.  Or how about belt drive for speed options?  What do you folks think?  Thanks for any ideas!             Leland

General Discussion / Hi from a newbie...
« on: February 06, 2007, 06:37:38 AM »
Hi everybody I'm new here and thought I'd check in after lurking for awhile.  Ever since I was a child I've wanted to use a internal combustion engine as a heater since most of the fuel burned get$ converted to heat; and back before condensing furnaces I was shocked at how much heat was lost thru the the flue.  I'm thrilled that other folks have the same idea and we have this forum where we can share ideas with each other on this, and other topics.  My plan is to use the engine to turn an automotive AC compressor and suck all the heat out of the fuel so that the exaust that leaves the engine room is really cold.  Overnight low temps in my area run from 25 to 45 degrees F during the heating season and I hope I can get the exaust gas at least down to 32 F or lower if I can do it without clogging the pipe with ice.  I'd like to run the engine for a few hours every night to get heat and a little free electricity as well.  Although I'm a firm believer in the KISS principle I've been left without power for as long as a week by the power Co. a few times so I can try and justify my actions as an attempt to have back-up power ready.  Maybe people will think my Rube Goldburg contraption is a practial tool and not a manifestation of mental illness?  Please don't tell on me OK?  Hi ya'all!  Leland

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