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Things I want to Buy / wanted , most or all of a PW1 Petter or Petteroid
« on: December 21, 2022, 10:45:45 PM »
wanted , most or all of a PW1 Petter or Petteroid .  I have a PH1 project torn apart but my kid moved stuff around to work on his car . Now I can only find about 2/3 of the parts .

Other Fuels / Crude oil purchase by the general public ?
« on: January 08, 2016, 03:25:33 AM »
Just out of curiosity. Is there any particular restriction or regulations? If "Joe Average" wanted to purchase a a couple of totes of light sweet crude oil in the US or Canada ? For off road use of course. Considering the purchaser knows enough to stay upwind of the H2S fumes from the crude .

how many brands of "identical design" horizontal diesel hopper cooled Flying Swan, Yanmar, Changfa Jiang Dong diesels are there ?

  I've been looking at the Yanmar sites for info on the TF109 with a 110X106 B&S, TS190 with a 110X106 B&S and the TS230 with a bore and stroke of 112X115.  Apparently my  Jaing Dong Z1100 has a 110X115 B&S ? 
  I don't know if the numbers may have been rounded off during metric to imperial to metric conversions. Or if the numbers are actual.
  Could somebody please point towards some reference material for the Yanmar,Changfa and Jaing Dong ? I would like to imagine being able to order part for the Jaing Dong s through Yanmar as most Jiang Dong/Changfa dealers have dropped out of the market. Since the EPA p!cks cracked down on the hobby market.
  I can't find crankshaft main and rod bearing sizes, piston pin size, no nothing. A few part numbers for pistons rings, injectors and other odd bits.
  There was reference to Yanmar but no part number for drive shaft stubs to bolt a love joy coupling onto the engine.   

Engines / Custom ground high performance camshaft
« on: September 07, 2013, 12:59:26 AM »
  Now that everybody has agreed on port modifications in the Lister forum...................
  I would assume British built Lister and Petter cams would be built true and only suffer normal operating wear.
  Cam lift, cam duration and lobe centers on an Indian built twin would be suspect in particular.
  So what would there be to gain or loose to grind a cam for peak torque on a Petter for 1400rpm on a direct coupled 50Hz machine. Or 1700rpm on a Petter with a 60Hz generator?
  The Lister of course would pretty much aim for peak torque at 650, 800 or what ever the desired rpm is?

Waste Motor Oil / Dairy cream separater ???
« on: January 12, 2012, 01:24:59 AM »
xJust out of curiosity. Has anyone tried using a dairy milk-cream separater as found on farms ?

Things I want to Buy / PWJ 3-13/16" cylinder block
« on: September 07, 2011, 04:51:17 AM »
  Wanted. Water cooled Petter or Petteroid 3-13/16" bore  PWJ cylinder block, sleeve and piston. 4" bore petteroid even better.

  Recently noticed more new wifi type communication nodes on the rural distribution transformers around here. Checked the Hydro One web site and sure enough I've been paying through the nose for peak power since July 13th.
  The online data shows plain as can be when the kids take a shower, the AC kicks on, the pool pump runs, stove/oven on etc.
   Going to have to do something around here to cut the 7:00AM to 9:00PM demand. Maybe finish the Kryslar Perroid and run it on something,anything for heat and power from the highest priced 11:00AM-5:00PM  to slow or backup the meter?
  Thanks Dalton McGuinty for doubling my power bill.

Engines / Propane or Gas fuel for Lister/Petter etc using pilot ignition???
« on: February 07, 2010, 01:11:53 AM »
  Anybody tried running a small diesel on primary propane or natural gas? I've heard tell of large scale diesel gensets or diesel irrigation pumps set up to vary the amount of "power" via regulating the amount of LP or nat gas  metered into the intake manifold.
   Instead of all the fuss and mess converting to spark plugs and an ignition system. The engine just starts and idles on diesel as per normal. The amount of diesel injected doesn't increase above base idle level. The LP or nat gas in the combustion chamber is ignited by the little "pist" of diesel being injected.   

Things I want to Buy / PJ1W piston,sleeve and bearing set
« on: February 05, 2010, 11:22:57 PM »
  Anybody with a PJ1W piston,sleeve and bearing set on the shelf?

  Took the cylinder head to work today for a cleanup in the sandblaster and a valve bowl porting job. Using a 1-5/32" drill bit, the cast obstructions in the valve bowl, around the valve seats and cast value guides were bored out down to the valve stem contact area.The cast was "soft" and easy to cut.
     I didn't allow enough for deflection of the drill bit and dinged the valve seats a little. The seats were borderline low anyways after a couple of valve jobs. Cutting and installing hardened seats should do the trick.
   I though the coolant passages were bunged "some" with calcium,lime and Barrs Leak. The amount of crud was unreal.The engine had been running air cooled rather than water cooled. The fool Amish that had it used it to run  cow milking machines for 20-30 minutes twice a day. The engine must have been smoking hot by the time the milking was completed..He must have added cooling water from the cattle water trough plus something nasty to attempt sealing of the coolant seepage from under the head gasket.   
     Several passages were completely blocked. I've sand blasted and chiseled all I can reach. I guess a soaking in muratic acid is next, too bad those new bronze valve guides are going to get dissolved. The engine shop that had "boiled" the head and installed the bronze liners.Didn't remove the welch plugs from the sides of the head. The exhaust side coolant passage was 100% plugged.
  The sand blaster was also pointed down the ports for several minutes from the manifold side. Surprising how much the ports were cleaned,smoothed and fresh cut edges rounded off.
  The edges should be blended with a dremel tool around the valve bowls.
  I had hoped there would have been some spot to drill and add a weenie little N8 sized glow plug but there is no obvious place in the cylinder head.
  The head will have to be planned on the combustion chamber side and the intake,exhaust and coolant port surface.The areas previously exposed to the "coolant"  are  pitted.
  The head pretty much matched the cobbled up combination of parts the fuel system consisted of. Looks like the bottom end will have to come apart for inspection too. Who knows what they may have tinkered together in there.

  Anybody ever seen, heard of or hand anything to do with these flat V twin vertical shaft diesels? They appear to have been built for lawn mower applications. Beat to death lawn mowers are cheap to purchase.
  We were kicking the idea around of instead of using a Chanfa Chinese V-twin diesel clone. To take the vertical Yanmar, dry sump the crankcase and stand it up properly. Then bolt it to the clutch/transmission of a V-twin clone of a Harley bike.
   Plan B is apparently Yanmar  does or used to build a vertical diesel three cylinder outboard motor up to 36HP. Anybody ever seen or heard tell of these engines?

Generators / Voltage regulator wonder box add on
« on: August 08, 2009, 08:10:22 PM »
   Once upon a time I thought somebody had posted here about an aftermarket voltage regulator/exciter. It was pretty much just connect to the output windings connect the field windings and enjoy regulated 120/240V power.
  Any links to the topic, manufacture or dealer?

  PD series  Petter engines air cooled, with 3-1/2" bore and 4-1/3" stroke. Anybody seen one?
  When looking through the Petter specs. Many share the common 4-1/3" stroke. Noting that the PH use a 3-7/16 bore and the PJ has a much larger 3-13/16 bore. With the PD being a little larger than the PH with 3-1/2".
  The line of thinking is.........When in there anyways and boring. The PH sleeve while being thick walled won't take a 3-13/16" bore up from the 3-7/16". There is however plenty of sleeve wall thickness left if bored 3-1/2" and a PD piston used.
  Any ideas if the PD engines shared the same piston pin and deck height as the AV,PH & PJ engines? Odds are they do as commonality reduces production costs.
  I wish I could have found a PJ1W engine but the PH1W is all I have to work with. The generator project leaves the factory PH1W a couple of HP short. I'm hoping a little tuning and mild tinkering by cleaning up the ports and a little more displacement. This engine would be able to make 10+HP at 1800rpm without excessive smoke.
  Of interest the PD engine with the 3-1/2" bore makes as much power as the PJ engines with the 3-13/16" bore? The PD is only 1/8" more bore than the 8HP PH series?
  Did the PD engines have better flowing cylinder heads or where did the extra HP come from?     

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