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Original Lister Cs Engines / The Mystery of Binnie's British Lister
« on: July 20, 2008, 07:54:49 PM »
Binnie has not posted here since he passed away last fall. There is one mystery solved. The family is telling me that he ordered?/paid? a real Lister from England, and it is somewhere?/shipped?/UK?/Canada?... if anyone has any information, I will forward it to the family.



Generators / Type of Rubber for LoveJoy, ST -> ChangFa
« on: September 28, 2006, 06:38:45 PM »
The LoveJoy type coupler (universal joint) comes with BUNA or HYTREL rubber. According to the manufacturer, the softer buna is more appropriate. The Hytrel is almost as hard as plastic. I have been warned about too hard and I have been warned about too soft.

I will order the thing with the buna spider, unless I find reliable real-world experience otherwise... hey, how about, what is buna, anyway?


Other Slow Speed Diesels / Is this part of a Changfa?
« on: September 27, 2006, 02:37:53 AM »
This brass thing (2 of them) were in a rented trailer after I moved 2 ChangFa engines... maybe they fell out of the crates (which were in rough shape), or are from someone else's stuff ... I found them when I swept out the trailer.

My Coleman generator weighs 147 pounds, dry. I manage to drag it around with wheels, hand carts, dollies, etc. To upgrade to diesel, I find nothing under 360 pounds.

By the time I put a small engine and gen head together, I will be over 700 pounds, maybe pushing 1,000 pounds. Right now, I am looking at components that are about 800 miles away from each other. So, for the first time in my life, I am looking into "come along", winch, jacks, lifts (the things mechanics use to get engines out of cars).

I figure it is also time to get a new trailer. The two I have had have been very handy, and the last one went with the truck I pulled it with (drove a small car for a few years). I figure a closed 5 x 8 like a Pace American keeps my load dry and concealed.

I ran into a used Pace 5 x 8 (sold a few hours after it was listed). So, I checked their Web site, and some dealers. Found out they do not cost a great deal (base model) more than an open trailer, even a used open trailer (even a lousy home-made half of a pickup truck trailer).

What kind of "rigs" have anyone here found or invented for lifting an engine (400 pounds?) into a trailer (ramp, lift, winch, block&tackle), out of truck or trailer... and to lift the whole assembled thing into a vehicle... I figure I may well want to use the generator (like I have with my Coleman) somewhere other than at home (most of my place runs on wood, propane, and some backup, low-voltage, low-wattage, battery).

Any interest in this topic?

General Discussion / Lots of Canadians here!
« on: September 02, 2006, 01:36:34 PM »
I live between Montreal and Ottawa and am pleased to see Canadians who participate here (Sudbury, "north of Toronto", etc.). Canadian tax, Customs, and product availability issues are unique. For example, the ChangFa engine is still being imported here (has been dropped by a lot of US sellers).

Typically, it is easier to find "stuff" of any kind, in the US. I have a place in the US, and can often drive stuff home myself, which is a big part of why I keep the 2nd address.

Changfa Engines / Changfa's Alphabetic Codes
« on: August 31, 2006, 02:07:31 PM »
On Changfa's site, they say that "N" means condenser (the water condenser/radiator thing that sits on the hopper? the thing that is reported as "to be upgraded ASAP?)

"P" means pump. What kind of pump? Fuel pump? Water pump?

"M" means electric start.

"G" means... what?

"ZS" before the model number means what?

"CFS" models... vs. "CFZ" or "CFS" or "ZS" or "CS"... what are the differences in all these different model configurations of the same engine!?

Does anyone know any of the answers to the significance of these codes?

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