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Engines / Cylinder head modifications
« on: September 28, 2006, 12:52:36 AM »
Is anyone hear familiar with Somender Singh? I am curious as to how some of you, especially Guy Fawkes and Mobile Bob, feel about his work. This is open to anyone with an opinion, good or bad. So, let's have it.

Listeroid Engines / Ernesto no match for Listeroid
« on: August 31, 2006, 01:45:34 AM »
My father just finished his Listeroid generator project this week just in time for Tropical Storm, er, Hurricane, er, Tropical Storm, er, Tropical Depression, er, Light Drizzle Ernesto. It seems as though Ernesto lost his cajones, which means that Pops will have to wait for another storm to officially commision his Listeroid powered generator into service. Ernesto is passing over us (Daytona Beach) as I type. Here are the pics of the finished project.

The project breaks down like this;
Pops has a 10-kw, 4-pole, self exciting ST generator head belt driven by an Anand 12/1 which are mounted atop a 24"x24"x48" concrete block. The engine was not what I would consider a "jumper". He started his engine many times, unbolted, for everyone who stopped by for a beer. It would move, of course, but more of what I would call "skating" around on the concrete. Not much either. The engine had no significant issues as some on the forum have had. No sand in the crankcase, for instance. The tappets don't rotate but he's not concerned about it. My brother, gpkull, pulled the flywheels and dynamic balanced them to "0 imbalance" on a big truck wheel balancer (Dad's 12/1 is internally balanced) just for good measure. I don't know that it needed it, however, it certainly couldn't hurt. The only other modification was the addition of a "cheapie" import muffler. The base was formed up around a welded 3/4" rebar cage to which the anchor bolts were also welded and then poured solid, which took (25) 80lbs. bags of Quickcrete. The engine and Gen head are anchor bolted to a 3/8" steel plate with a 1/4" sheet of conveyer belt material underneath. This all sits, drilled and pinned, atop a 5" fiber impregnated concrete slab. The cooling system consists of a Ford pickup radiator (6.9 Diesel) affixed to an extruded aluminum stand w/ a household box fan which is wired to start and run as soon as the generator makes power. As you can see this is one sweet looking Gen set. I may have to retire my gas Briggs & Stratton "screamer"and step up to a slowspeed oil burner. My fiance knows nothing about engines but even she thinks it's cool. She asked me " Are we getting one of those?" ;)

General Discussion / Newbie
« on: July 11, 2006, 11:07:17 PM »
Hi all. I'm new to the whole slow speed diesel thing, however I find them facinating. My brother just aquired a 22/2 and my father a 12/1. Both are Indian Listeroids and both have thier issues but pretty cool anyhow. I am the most computer literate of the family (still not very) so I willl be posting pics and developments as they come. Been reading and learning alot. I may end up with my own Listeroid before long. We'll see. Just wanted to say hey. Love the forum. :)

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