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Petteroids / Petter AC1/Markon Alternator
« on: March 03, 2023, 12:36:27 PM »
Yep, another AC1 query from a Forum newby.
       This AC1 Genny on it's pram wheeled frame, was originally(20 years ago) used on a pal's farm as a standby genny. I wired it up via a Memrex mains change over switch. About 10 years back, my son acquired it for his wee croft, but left it mobile. He now wants it "done up" by dad. Covered in barn crud & dust & jolly rusty. Engine will need a full service - air & oil filters changed, engine flushed & new oil. Rusty interior of fuel tank needs thoroughly cleaning. The usual story.
        Securing wee bolts on black plastic alt. end cover - rusted solid - - so took a chance at stator casing removal without removing slip-ring brushes. Came off easy enough, but sod's law - one brush broken. Can these brushes still be acquired ? The Markon brush assembly(19-033C/1/E) was covered in crud & the 4 wee nuts & bolts heavily rusted. But have managed to remove it & clean up. Have tested the components on the wee pcb - OK at 2 x 0.1mF, & 100 ohm. So hopefully that(rocking-horse manure ?) wont need replacing.
        Just one bearing at the slip-ring end of the Rotor - guessing "fully sealed" - would folk recommend changing it ? Or are they r/h manure also ? It seems free-running enough.
        Any help & advice most appreciated.

                                                                     Regards,  Dave

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