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Things I want to Buy / JP3 Lister
« on: November 27, 2021, 07:20:51 PM »
Hello and Greetings, My name is Mark and I'm looking for a JP3 Lister and someone that can help me ship it to the United States, I live in Washington State in the town of Port Orchard, I am looking for an engine too use as a gen/charging setup, I have never owned a Lister but have always read and heard only the best about them for years, I have 30+ years as diesel mechanic and 10+ years as a machinist and gunsmith, The engine would need to be tore down to shippable parts to be imported here, then I will need to find any manuals and parts as well as gaskets and seals to overhaul/rebuild the unit, If anyone can help me with my quest I would be very pleased, thank you all very much for your time and efforts in this matter...

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