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Just picked up a tractor (Shenniu) with the 259T engine. I am about to replace the headgasket. I will have the head checked for planing and will lap the valves and torque in 3 stages the 10 headbolts to 95 ft lbs.
I welcome any advice. I am particularly interested in finding more about this apparantly common engine made by as many a 50 Chinese companies. Was it originally a German design as I have read or a Kubota?  If so what model so I can research that engine too? I see this engine by many names, mine is a Hubei, and that they are used in generators. Does the injection pump need oil? As for manuals, I have a few but none that cover the brakes which do not work. I see I can get parts from Ali express and I have ordered some. I plan to install a lower hose engine heater for easier starts. I will clean the injectors adjust the decompressor and valves, change all fluids and hoses, filters and check to see if the preheater is working. any other suggestions and information as to the engine particularly . Tractor is 4wd with a loader and backhoe.

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