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Hi there.
Along with a boat I have bought a 25kw generator driven by a Lister HRW3, which I am currently disassembling for spare parts.
The engine was fully refitted in 2017, but got submerged for about two hours in 2019. Water has gotten into the engine through the air intake. The engine was cleaned and conserved from the outside, but due to all kinds of reasons the owner never got around to drain the water, change the oil and run the engine - so the pistons have seized up.
I now I have a truck load full of spare parts in Northern Germany (everything but the engine block, pistons and sleeves, which go to the scrap yard). Some of the parts seem to be in high demand - like brand new looking water heat exchanger.
However I do not have a parts list and offering engine parts without the part numbers is difficult.
At this point I am therefore trying to find a person, who is willing to buy the whole lot (I have fotos of everything) - or alternatively someone who is able to provide an electronic copy of the HRW3 parts catalogue.
Help is much appreciated.

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