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Listeroid Engines / Epa Revisited.
« on: July 04, 2006, 03:52:13 PM »
I was reading about 2007 Diesel Engines having a doo-dad on the exhaust pipe that isn't a cat, but helps emissions.

Also, that the Diesel 'Fuel' available will have higher standards than our (USA) current "crappiest fossil fuel on the planet" standards.

Wouldn't both of these be possible contributors to EPA passage of these handy dandy Listeroids?

General Discussion / Me and my LUV
« on: June 01, 2006, 01:37:02 AM »
I recently snatched up a couple of 1981 Isuzu Pup/Chevy LUV Pickups.  They look like Jesus might have driven them, even tho they are from 1981...

They run great tho.  But with over 250,000 miles, I think a preventative overhaul is in order.

I've got 4 of the C223 Diesel Engines.  Two running (in the trucks), 2 unknown but supposedly very close to running.  I also got 2 extra transmission, both from the gasoline version of the vehicle.  One is 2x4 the other has 4x4.  3 of the bolt holes line up, the starter is in the wrong place, but I'm sure this can be 'augmented.'  I think one of the trucks is going to lose #5 gear shortly.  All Manual, of course.

I've never taken on an automotive task this large before.  I wanted to check if someone here was nearby and might be willing to serve as a floatation device if/when I get in over my head?  I'm in Citrus County, FL.  I need to square this away before I can buy me a Lister!

It's probably easier than I think it is.  I always assume the unknown is above me.  I screw up less that way.  ;-)

General Discussion / Not Lister Related
« on: April 28, 2006, 05:58:53 PM »
I'm posting this here, even tho it's automotive, cuz ya'll seem like you've probably tinkered with a few cars in your day too.

1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

I keeps overheating, but just barely.  If I rev up the engine, it cools off.....

I checked coolant level.  Peachy, it's full.

I took apart the water pump, becasue it's really easy to do on this car, and is easy to get to.  No problems there, spins free and smooth.

I started it up, and the coolant line coming out of the engine never gets warm.  I'm thinking thermostat (which I would normally check before water pump), but I can't get to the bastard without tearing the top half of the engine apart.

But, I noticed something else.  As the temp gauge is approaching "oh shit," the cooling fans on the radioator never turn on.  NEVER.  Do they have a seperate temp sensor on the hot side (maybe mounted to the radiator) that is not tripping because the coolant isn't moving??  If so, anomoly explained.  Dig for the Thermostat.  Or, am I looking at a bigger/different problem than the thermostat?

I'm hesitant to do as much work as is needed to reach the thermostat, just to discover that it's not the problem.  Is there soemthing 'special' that I don't know about this system?

I'm not familiar with this vehicle, it's only been in my care for a few weeks.  Anyone got experience with this system?  Input is appreciated.

Listeroid Engines / RPM
« on: April 20, 2006, 07:00:01 PM »
Am I silly for thinking that anything above 650RPM, like these 1000RPM 14/1 ideas, would be less reliable than the original 650RPM?  If slow speed is why they last so long, then increasing the speed by 30% just bugs me.  Am I just overthinking it?

Listeroid Engines / Any Conclusions Reached?
« on: April 11, 2006, 05:24:02 AM »
I just ofund this forum a few days ago.  The Government seems bent on wiping out any means of self-sufficiency...  First our guns, now our listers...  this is sad.


Has any consensus been reached on how we might get these things into the states "legally?"  In parts?  Make a few parts locally?

I was also wondering how regular car tires would fare as a flywheel.  They're common, and balancing is simple....  For the slow speeds, RPM is pretty similar to driving on the highway...  Just a thought, if bringing in parts was considered an option.  Skipping the weightof the flywheels would be a boost for overseas shipping rates, for sure.

Could we not have many parts here that would suffice?  Valves?  Gears?  Import only those things which cannot be economically acquired locally?  If would give us domestic replacement stock too.  Maybe one of these Builders will work with us for a hybridized design that uses dimensionally similar parts that we already have here?

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