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Hello everyone! Turbo charged 6/1 Listeroids for sale! Just kidding,, but hey I bet it got your attention eh?

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have some more of our GTC high build spec 6/1 Listeroid engines for sale. Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is located just north of Lethbridge Alberta, Canada (in a small town called Diamond City). We welcome USA buyers to come to come to our location for pick up (we have had at least 12 Listeroids go across the border without issue.  Additionally, We have also now shipped 7 to the USA successfully. For all USA bound engines, we uncrate and remount engines onto pallets as the India wood crate can be rejected or not allowed to cross the border. We do charge $150.00 for this which includes the delivery to the truck terminal.

  These GTC 6/1 Listeroid engines have the 1000 rpm, 5 hole pattern 12/1 flywheels instead of the spoked type (as we feel these are much safer), 7 stud cylinder head and cast iron block cylinder (no wet liner) as this is close to the original Lister design minus the Listard chrome. These engines also have en52 valves, spin on oil filtration, unpainted crank case interior, counter weighted crank shaft, cast iron valve cover. We charge a little more for these 6/1engines to cover some of these upgrades which we are confident you will in the end be thankful we added. Please check us out at or call Troy at 403 329 4368 for more information and pricing.

I just wondered if any of the Lister/oid owners or members  have been following the 2013 Monster Energy US Supercross series? I was fortunate enough to be able to wittness the Anaheim Supercross opener live at Dodger Stadium in early January and have been following the races ever since on Speed vision. Those new 4 strokes are unbelievably fast! The Harley Davidson was the most efficient device for converting gasoline into noise until these 14,000 rpm 4 stroke MX bikes came along. Many moons ago, this was my sport, so I can really appreciate what these guys have to do to get to this level. Amazing to watch live if you ever get the chance. Just don't forget your ear plugs!


Straight Vegetable Oil / Nextera canola oil
« on: October 18, 2007, 05:54:00 AM »
The other day I pulled my 6/1 roid demonstrator out to play as it hadn't been run for about a month. It had been pumping water most of the summer filling 4 of the dugouts in the neigborhood durring a severely hot and dry summer. If it were not for it we would have had no water! I had been running this engine strictly on pump diesel since the first firing as I  havn't yet fabricated my multi chamber fuel tank. About 6 days before the unit was finished pumping water The suction line became plugged with a school of minows and the pump lost its prime. It may have run unloaded for as long as 6 hrs that day and as I currently am using a temporary 1" ball valve to control running temp and the engine was normaly under a very heavy working load the operating temp had dropped from 205 down to 160. After this happened I noticed the exhaust was far more smokey and I expected that the injector had coked up from the cooler running temp. It was staring at me the other day just begging me to fire it up so today when I grabbed my yellow diesel container to fill the standard listeroid tank I discovered it had less than a 1/4 litre of diesel in it. Swell I thought! When I looked in the Listeroid tank I could see the top of the petcock was barrely covered by fuel so the tank was basicaly out of fuel when I poured in the coffee cup amount of diesel in. For some reason I didn't feel like driving to the pump and I thought to myself maybe I should go up to the kitchen and grab one of the bottles of Nextera canola oil that I had been given by an Esso bulk dealer. When I was doing sales calls last year I kept seeing display stands with this Nextera canola oil on them so I was asking the guys at the fertilizer plants if they had any samples they were giving away and ended up getting a number of bottles which I was saving aparently just for this very day. This Nextera canola oil seed produces a very light oil thats almost as light or viscous as pump diesel. I poured in approx a 1/3 litre of Nextera into the tank right on top of the coffee cup sized amount of diesel and fired it up. The outside temperature was about 14 degrees C, engine temp at 205 degrees and a constant 2500 watt resistive load on the genny. Initialy the engine ran pretty much the same as it did a month ago with smokier than normal exhaust and the same exhaust note Ive become acustomed to. After about 20 minutes of running though, the engines exhaust note changed to a slightly softer more gentler sound with less knock and the typical diesel exhaust smell disapeared in favor of a much more pleasant smell. After 45 minutes of run time on this blended mix The exhaust has now cleared right up to being virtualy undetectable and the engine is definitly sounds to be operating better than before. I am in belief that this blend of Nextera and diesel may have actualy cleaned the injector. I will pull the injector to inspect after I have a bit more run time on this blend. So far I am impressed with what I see, hear and smell.


Listeroid Engines / The Kyradawg bites
« on: May 24, 2007, 06:04:47 AM »
Hi everyone!
I think Kyradawg came back to bite because he was beat up pretty baddly when he use to actively particapate on this forum. I almost can't blame him for wanting a little retaliation. He was just an fan of these engines and had is own ideas of what could be done with them. Whether he owned one really doesn't matter as there are others on here who have asked questions or had ideas that have never seen or touched a Lister/oid. Some of the very knowlegable people on this forum sometimes come off pretty hard on new posters and are indeed offending or intimidating many others who might post or ask a question. I often find myself wondering why this isn't just a little bit frendlier place? I think these attack like responses are why some have started new forums some of which are by invitation only. (invitation only! to me that doesn't sound like a forum it sounds like a cult!) He hee!  Things have kind of gotten off track here. Kyradawgs post (although a repost) was to point out that an engine can be purchased dirrectly from an Indian exporter for alot less than a importer/reseller can sell one to you for here in North America. Although he was missing some of the associated costs of importing an engine the main reason for this price saving is because the profit margin is missing. There are only a few manufacturers/assemblers of these engines that have offered to give exclusive reselling rights to a few North American importers (dealer network) and that there are many other India sellers willing and able to ship you one at the same wholesale price the importer pays. Yes many Indian exporters will gladly sell and ship you an engine and you will save money even after it's sitting in your driveway, but you will only understand why importers are charging what they do for these engines only after you have been through it yourself. The profits are really not as big as Kyradawgs price list or the newer one would make you think. My first order was for 4 GTC engines. When they were finaly sitting in the driveway I was alsmost in a state of shock that it was all finaly all over! I honestly remember thinking - GOD! what alot of stress, I would never do this for one engine. Kyradawg also pointed out the very low priced parts and it is very true, however when the North American importer chooses to be a dealer he want's his customers to be able to call him for an engine part he just can't wait for 3 - 6 weeks to come from India so there is a cost associated with having 2 crank shafts, 2 camshafts, cylinder heads, exhaust elbows etc to be sitting there on his shelf just in case! I recently had neen discussing and quoting a twin cylinder engine for a potential customer who later chose to import an engine and spare parts himself. I offered some importation advise and didn't see a reason to be upset after all I remember being there myself not so long ago. This same fellow later ordered an 15kw alternator from me a short time later. I guess where I am going with this is - Lets try to be there for each other instead of against each other. We are only here because we all like these engines. 

General Discussion / Everyone should watch this movie
« on: December 14, 2006, 05:33:17 PM »
My girlfriend brought home Al Gore's movie - An Unconveniant Truth  I was very impressed, unimpressed and depressed. I think everyone on this planet needs to see this movie. Many here on this forum have taken either small or huge steps to reduce their impact or footprint on this planet and we all need to encourage our friends, families, and aquaintances to make real change. We don't need to wait for the gov. to do it for us. Every one of us gets a little enjoyment out of showing off our rebel works. I think more of us need to call our local papers and have it known what we are trying to do. With any luck, one day every home will be off grid except for maybe water and sewer. Troy Erler movie review- a three thumbs up!

Original Lister Cs Engines / Happy man in Alberta
« on: December 05, 2006, 05:39:42 AM »
Just had to post as I am the happy owner of a new (for me) CS 12/2 original. serial # CS67919 Beside spec it reads 10/2/30
I have to thank Stan the man from Kimberly BC for the inside scoop on this rare find. I had been looking all summer for an original Lister 6/1 but was only able to stumble upon a 3hp hopper cooled with frost damage which the owner would'nt sell me. Any Idea how old this old girl is? I am especialy happy that it has the SOM flywheels (without the 2 V grooves) I have a feeling this gal did her fair share of work as she has a double V groove pulley on one side and a 3 groover on the other! She definitly looks in need of some TLC thats for sure. A few parts are still trying to be found by the previous owner. In case they are not found I may be needing a set of rocker arms with block and springs and shaft, 1 set of push rods and valve covers. Of course i am trying to keep it all original Lister parts if possible.This engine was sitting out in amongst some other machinery with both heads off for over 4 years. I Know! Such an attrocity! Some people should be locked up for this. Apparently the previous owner prior to the fellow I bought it from took it apart to re ring it but never put it back together. I have just started to tear into this engine and am totaly amazed that there is no frost damage. The block should have been split in two as it still had 2" deep ice in it when I got it home today. It's amazing that old oil and water mixed at a 50/50 ratio kept the crankcase interior rust free. There is a little surface rust on the cam/drive gears near the tips of the teeth but none on the matting surfaces. One of the cam lobes has a rust patch on it which is probably going to cause me to loose a little sleep tonight. When it's all apart I will examine closer. When I first opened the crankcase cover for inspection there was a dead spider (quite dusty for some reason) that was hanging from one of the connecting rods. He must have been misinformed or lost his sence of dirrection or maybe he just loved Listers too.  

Listeroid Engines / New dealer in western Canada
« on: April 09, 2006, 07:17:24 PM »
Hello fellows
My name is Troy Erler. I have been reading your forum for a while but have not until now posted anything. I have had an interest in these Lister type engines for quite some time. I have been reading much of what has been written here and am impressed with the knowledge you fellows posses. Years ago I was a pro MX racer who had 12 years experience working on/modifying 2 stroke motorcycle and snowmobile engines. The last 10 years I have been building/developing acreage properties while running a small polyurethane dead blow hammer manufacturing company. I have a background in machining with 4 years experience working with 2 different tool and die makers and have roughly 15 years metal fabricating/welding experience.   My interest in these Lister type engines was serious enough that it has led me to import some engines. I live 2 hours south of Calgary on the outskirts of Lethbridge and had been inquiring about working with a few different manufacturers and distributors regarding importing. My findings have led me to build on a business relationship with GTC and there is a small batch of 6 hp singles and 12 hp twins with spares on route for the port of Vancouver. If you wish you may ad me to your list of dealers. My new company is called  (Eco Diesel Solutions Canada) my email is     ph (403) 3294368 Website soon to be constructed. I hope as I figure out how to use this forum i will be able to contribute and as well hope that I may ask of your expertise from time to time. Nice to meet you all. Bye for now

Troy Erler 

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