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Things I want to Buy / Flat belt pulleys
« on: October 27, 2011, 12:54:17 AM »
Anybody got a copla spare flat belt pulleys bangin around??? Niether of my engines came with one , or any spares, woud like to get a couple,,love flat belt drives. Expect to pay reasonable, n shippin , lemme kno
            Thanks   Dail

Things I want to Buy / Pulley
« on: October 07, 2009, 02:12:38 AM »
   Looking / need a flat belt pulley for my 12/2 . Didn't get one with the engine, n would like to be able to run a lineshaft. Anybody got an extra? Need to be able to ship ,or be in driving range of central WV ,or eastern NC

General Discussion / Engines At Work Video
« on: April 26, 2009, 02:37:04 PM »
   Hope I can do this right,found a video on another forun . Showes guys sawing lumber using what looks like a changfa ,wit links to several listers worjing also. Here goes........
   Let's see if this works

Listeroid Engines / Things I Have Discovered,Or Observed
« on: February 10, 2009, 11:04:07 PM »
   When we finally got some weather that wasn't too miserable to be outside,I got a chance to take a good look at my Metro. I knew my engine had been uncrated at Sam's,but thet did an outstanding job of recrating it for shipping to me.The original crate bottom was screwed and banded to a regular pallet/ That had a sturdy wood frame built around the engine,with the genhead on another pallet on top. The whole affair was well wraped in black plastic shrinkwrap type stuff. It arrived completely dry ,and in perfect condition, despite it's long stay at the hardware store,and it's harrowing trip up the mountain.
   With all the wrapping out of the way,I eagerly tore into my new set of Indian wrenches,and set about exploreing. The first place to look was inside the crankcase,so off came the door. Hmmm looks ok in there,'course I don't see so well,so in goes my hand. The very first thing my fingers touch is a chunk of something that obviously shouldn't be in there. Alittle further exploring turns up plenty of indian real estate,especialy in the oil drain area / oil pump intake. No great surprise,was just hopeing I'de doge the bullet.
   Looked all around the engine several times before Ifound the dipstick,,,,,,,,,,logical place,just didn't see it. Not sure it's properly located,seems to be fouling with the oil line. One or the other is bound to cause a problem,either the dipstick will fatigue and break off ,or it will chafe a hole in the oil line.
   Took the valve covers off,one sticks a bit,hole or bolt one or the other is off a bit,a file will fix that . everything looks ok ,oh snap ,wait what th??? are the valve rockers supposed to be in line with the crankshaft,or angled a little? Mine seem to be at a slight angle,and not striking the lash cap dead center,maybe some wiggle room in there,guess I'll find out when I pull the heads.
   This engine has twonice water manifolds,and a water pump,not sure now if I'll use the pump or not,but it's there. Nice intake manifold ,usual pepper pot mufflers,some odd bits for the cooling system.
   Not surprised,or really disapointed with what I got,it's about what I expected.Hopefully nothing too difficult to sort out,most has probably been done before. The thing that did sorta surprise me was how big ,and beefy this thing is. Don't remember if I ever saw a twin in person or not,but I remember seeing a single at the show in Kitzner a coupla years ago. Don't remember it being this honkin big. Everything on it is big/heavy
   Be traveling the rest of this week,and be in N Carolina next week with Mamafor valentines ;D ;Dmore when I get back.

Listeroid Engines / Tools????///
« on: December 28, 2008, 02:39:32 PM »
   Any special tools I need to work on my engine when I get back to WV? I have plenty of wrenches /n stuff. I know I'll need some feeler guages and a good straightedge.
                     Thanks Dail

Lister Based Generators / Help Me Build It
« on: December 23, 2008, 10:00:47 PM »
   Now that I've got my engine,and gen,it's time to start thinking about how and what I want (need) to do.Here is what I think now,all subject to change as I go along,but these are the current plans.
   1. Primary power for off grid workshop/apartment
   2. Battery back
   3. Some wind added later
   4. Mains power to be added several years from now.
   When the project is completed,I or I leave,everything except mains service is mine,and I will take it with me.The apartment is 900sqft,and I would like for life there to be as near normal as possible. Heat will be wood stove in shop,and apartment. Building is just a shell now,30 x 30 no floor, so I have a blank page to work on.
   This building will have it's own electrical service in the future,but the owner is not ready to do that now. However,we need the use of my woodworking tools now,and I need a place to be by myself sometimes. Please don't tell me this is all an unworkable pipe dream. I don't have a clue as to batteries, converters,ect except not to use 12 car bats

Listeroid Engines / Should Arrive Today
« on: December 06, 2008, 05:40:28 PM »
   After a long often frustrating ordeal I finaly have an engine gen on the way. 12/2 Metro 10k gen head. Hope to have it powering my woodshop before Chrismas.Time will tell

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Bamford engine
« on: September 20, 2007, 02:29:11 AM »
   There's a Bamford for sale over on the smokestack site,shoot,forgot the name. Looks remarkably like our Listers. The price is right. Anybody know anything about them?

Engines / Head Gaskets
« on: September 04, 2007, 04:11:01 AM »
   I keep seeing references to problems with head gaskets,weeping water,leakingect. All sorts of fixes for the goobered up sort of stuff that comes with our beloved engines.Question is,why doesn't someone try- use annealed copper gaskets.? Any good reasons not to?
   Don't want to start something,just asking 'cause I don't know.

Other Slow Speed Diesels / Lister Petter Engine
« on: December 08, 2006, 12:59:36 AM »
   I saw an invatation to bid on a surplus site for a Lister Petter model --3901479TX3A001. Supposely about 35 hp, ran ,but had knock. What is it likely to cost to rebuild? The engine is within easy driving distance,so I may bid on it if it would make a good gen engine.
   The site is Gov Deals .com, it's under machinery I think if tou want to look


Listeroid Engines / ARE THESE GUYS MISSING IT?
« on: June 19, 2006, 11:11:47 PM »
   What are the manufacturers thinking about? They are building a product aimed at third world customers,with third world spendable incomes.   " Ahmed" gecides that he needs an engine to irrigate his fields,grind grain,or whatever. He takes two or three years income and buys an engine that because the idler gear shaft was put in wrong will only run 400 hrs. What happens then? Is it now junk?Where does he get parts,or better how does he pay for them ?
   Substitute casting sand,leaks,broken castings,or any of the maladies Listeroid owners have faced. Why would a manufacturer do this? Cheap made crap is cheap made crap,don't matter how much green paint you put on it. You can bet the farm,if Mr Ahmed bought an XYZ bramd engine,and it pukes it's guts,he's going to tell it downt at the bar- coffee shop,or whatever the local gathering spot is .These guys are supossedly howling costs,how much does bad publicity cost?
   This is a good design,or it wouldn't have lasted this long. One of these days,some one is going to start building "GOOD" engines again using Mr Lister's design,and they will sell. Period. Yes they will cost more up front,but when Mr Ahmed goes to his banker,bil,or local loanshark,wherever he gets his money ,that guy is going to want to know this lump of iron is going to have more than scrap value 1 year from now.
   Wonder who it will be,and when?

Listeroid Engines / Listeroid Visit
« on: May 29, 2006, 02:20:12 AM »
   Hey guys,
   I live in northeastern N. C. and was wondering if there was anyone close by with an engine that would allow a visit . I would like to see one in person,fumble with it ,check it out. I promise not to wreck it ,or drink any of your adult bevs.
                  Thanks Dail

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