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Lister Based Generators / HELP WITH LISTER ST2A 14 H.P.
« on: April 04, 2020, 12:17:07 AM »
Hello Lister fans!

This is my first post and thank you for taking a look.

I recently purchased a cabin in the Sierras of California that has the generator listed in the subject. Apparently it had sat without operation for some 20 years. It started up instantly when I jumped it with my truck since it did not have a battery and has run the last couple years, albeit infrequently, without problem! I've only had to replace the fuel control solenoid and fuel filter.

I am not very mechanical or electrical when it comes to engines. I do, however, appreciate well built machines and this seems to be one that I would love to keep. I would like to make sure I know as much as possible about it and maintain it properly. I do have the original manual from the owner, but it has very little information and , of course, not very up to date.

My questions are:

1. What battery is recommended? I occassionally have problems starting it in the morning if it gets below freezing and I end up draining the battery. I will
be installing a solar trickle charger that will stay on the battery permanently so that when it is not in use, which can be a month or more, it will stay charged.
That said, maybe there is a better battery for this generator.

2. What type of oil is recommended? I did top it up with Delo 400 SD SAE 15W-30, but I need to drain it and put new. The manual does not give instructions on
how to replace oil, can someone give me some pointers?

3. How to crank start? When the battery has died, I have tried crank starting, but it is extremely difficult to rotate the handle....does something need to be disengaged to bypass the electrical starter?

4. How to operate the decompressor levers? According to the manual, when starting the levers should point towards the flywheel, is this correct? Do the levers
need to be backed off after it starts? I generally start the generator remotely from the cabin so I am not at the generator to fuss with the levers and have
always just had them at 12' o'clock. Appreciate any advise here....

5. Does anyone recommend an additive to the diesel fuel considering I often leave the generator for a few weeks to a month without operation and thought a dry gas might help...

Thanks for any advise you can contribute!!


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