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Engines / starting petter ph2
« on: December 23, 2019, 11:05:28 PM »
Hi all I am new here and have just bought a Thwaites dumper which I am told has a petter ph2 engine, I am so impressed with how well made the engine is, The problem I have is hand starting it, I had a old cement mixer with a single cylinder diesel Lister engine and that always started first or second attempt. The dumper will start very easy with a tow but I have not managed to get it even to think about starting with the handle,as soon as I turn the compression on the engine stops instantly at the next compression, I think I am doing every think I need to, I have moved leaver over to give more fuel, I have primed both pumps and I have diesel up at the injectors and as will start with tow I think all must be good. It will not even restart with the handle if it has being running and still hot, I would like to convert the decompression so I can re-compress one cylinder at a time. where is a good place to find a second decompression leaver?
Has anyone got any other ideas that might help
I think I am going to really enjoy this engine when I can start it, any help ideas would be great

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