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Changfa Engines / How to remove fuel injection pump in 295d engine ?
« on: November 10, 2019, 08:33:36 PM »
I have an old 295/2100 ChinaDiesel generator, about 15 years old or so.  In general, it has run pretty well, lots of oomph, and always started up fine after a few seconds of churning.  About 5 years ago we had a run of good weather, or the power company kept their lines well, because we didn't have any outages that required the generator (I have an inverter with big batteries).  Power would come back, batteries would charge back up and all was well.

So a couple of years ago I did some improvements ...  Ran a 3/8" copper line through conduit down from the heating oil tank - no more refilling that silly tank on top of the genset.  I removed that tank and the associated "instrument panel" of useless gauges, wired up my own set of gauges, etc.  All looked OK.

Except that the damn thing wouldn't start.  No matter what I did.  Frustrated, I gave it up for a while, but have now come back to get it running again.

I've heard that the fuel injection pump can sometimes go bad, and I have a sneaking suspicion that may be the culprit here.  I mean, it's a diesel - give it fuel and air and it runs, right ?  So I though to pull it off, take it apart and see what I could see.  BTW, overall the engine is crappy design - hidden/blocked bolts means you have to remove other stuff first.

I have the 3 bolts that hold the main injection assembly to the engine out, and the assembly is loose, can be rotated.  That required removing the front plunger assembly since it blocked one of the bolts.  But the assembly wouldn't come off.  So I removed the oil-filler neck, which required removing the damn water pump feed because one of THOSE bolts was blocked.

Removed the big nut inside there, but the assembly is still stuck.  It rotates fine, but won't come out.  I'm loathe to put too much force on it ...  Sooo, after that long ramble, I guess these are the questions :

How is that injection pump assembly removed ?
Any tips for disassembly and possibly repair ?
A source for parts ?  Millions of these were made, must be easy(ish) to get once found.

(Hmm, can't seem to attach images.  It says "uploading" then just refreshes to a new "New Topic" page" and nothing happens.  Maybe I can edit the post or do a reply to include the images ?)

(Ah-ha.  Images were too big.  Resized down now)

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