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Listeroid Engines / Any one setup for CHP capturing your exhaust heat?
« on: January 25, 2021, 03:09:00 PM »
I've been looking through lots of CHP videos and haven't found anyone capturing waste exhaust heat of there listers. Is there a reason to avoid it? Condensation issues?

Listeroid Engines / timing belt conversion on youtube
« on: December 04, 2020, 07:21:20 PM »
Anyone seen this mod or something like this? Looks like maybe a custom camshaft or is the housing removed to mount a belt drive sprocket on the end of the camshaft? Apparently this guy got tired of dealing with his idler breaking;

I've been searching for an option for a low output CHP set, right around .5-1 HP. I'm looking for 300-600watts continues electric and heat output. Think small cabin type setup. I want it to run continues but be able to go a 25k hours between major rebuild(if possible) so I'm thinking low 100-200 RPM. Big piston / flywheel motor looks like the way to go.

So far, I'm thinking a listeroid may be the simplest setup, but I'm not sure what kind of power output at those speeds. I was also looking at a changfa but I think indirect injection would probably be more reliable at low speed vs the changfa direct injection. Its going to also run on oil.

Issues with the lister that I know about would be the oiling and lower "running compression". I'm also dealing with altitude which will further decrease air volume.

1) Add extra pressurized oil system.
   - Oil sprayer for under side of piston. This should get the cylinder oiled and the Rod small and large end.
   - Oil stream for the mains ( in addition to existing???)
   - Extra oil for all camshaft points
   - Add oil filter while at it.
   - Any thing else?

2) Add a blower
   - centrifugal - vane style
   - belt driven
   - 1-3 PSI

3) Water dripper for coaking issues

4) Governor mods for smoother low RPM response(?)

generator would be a permanent magnet driven directly off the flywheel (Radial or axial)


Listeroid Engines / Gadget's DES 8/1 Stamford build
« on: September 28, 2019, 02:52:22 AM »
I decide to start a thread on my build. Originally I was going to build a 6/1 with an ST5 gen head. After talking with Gary at D.E.S. I went with an 8/1 and a Stamford clone generator. It seems like there is allot of work to get the ST generators working good and I thought it would be best to just go with a turn key head that has know clean power. Its much more $ but its worth it for me so I can focus on getting the motor dialed in.

I'm thinking of running this thing in a dual speed configuration. 300-400ish RPM for 12v/24v DC charging and/or running a belt drive vacuum pump for my freeze dryer. 850 RPM when running the genhead.

Something to consider if your going to order a kit on a pallet, make sure you have a forklift to unload or pay for a shipping truck with a lift gate. There is no way to unload the pallet and lift out by hand. The short block with the wheels on and the gen head are way to heavy. The gen I got weighs 200lbs.

Mine came as a short block in a crate on a pellet with all the parts boxed up

After I removed the pallet sides I took off the flywheels. I used a bolt and nut to put pressure on the keys to remove them. They where pretty tight so I gave them a gentle shake while they where under pressure with an air hammer. It took 4 consecutive length bolts to get them loose enough. After I got the keys out, I scrapped the paint off the shaft and gave it a light sand with emery cloth and oil till they where clean before removing the wheels. One flywheel came off easy the other did not. I used a bottle jack carefully placed against a strong part of the case(under light pressure) while taping with a rubber mallet on the opposite side. It took about 20 mins to get the second flywheel off. I had a second person helping me.

So far this clone is looking pretty good for a listeroid. I'm going to start stripping the out paint off and taking it completely apart

I'm going to tear it down and clean it up here at work. I'm a mechanic and can work on it when I'm not busy. I will assemble it at home. I took the genhead home to wait for the motor to be finished. This stamford clone looks very well made so far. Pulley looks to have some good weight to it. Its rated continues duty @8.8kw. Its over kill for my motor and should give many years of good service

This will be a slow going build till I get caught up on another project.

Listeroid Engines / After waiting 10 years, finally putting together an 8/1
« on: September 06, 2019, 01:54:48 AM »
I did lots of research many years ago and have had to relearn allot. I have many questions, still researching....

After talking with Gary, I decided on an 8/1 instead of a 6/1. Also getting a 5KW ST head to start with.

Initially I am going to set it up as a backup generator with an interlock to my panel.

Next step is to getting it running on WVO and possibly WMO/Distilled fuel oils and recover some heat for domestic hot water. Will also add a couple of auto alternators for the 12v and 24v batteries to top off what my solar panels can't keep up with.

Eventually I want to build a 24v axial flux generator for my 24v battery bank

I want to also convert my DIY freeze dryer to belt driven vacuum and refrigerant pump and run off the flywheels directly.

One other idea I want to try is to use the exhaust heat to distill WMO. I have done lots of research on WMO and ash. Its a tricky subject.

Gears are turning.......


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