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Greetings from New Zealand,
I have just acquired a National single cylinder vertical diesel engine and would like some assistance identifying the Model number, rating etc.
It starts easily and runs beautifully.
The engine has no rating plate and I can't see where one might have been fitted.
The Name plate says "National Oil and Gas Engine Co, Ltd.' so I'm assuming it it post 1932 when they changed their name.
The engine was imported to NZ by Turnbull and Jones Ltd who were the National agents here.
I haven't yet had the engine delivered to me but I do have these (not very good!)photos provided to me by the person I bought it from.
I also have a few dimensions:-
- Flywheel is 570mm (22.5") dia. and 100mm (4") wide
- Height of engine from base to top of cylinder head is 780mm (30.5")
- Width of engine - flywheel face to cranking stub shaft is 630mm (2)

I'll post more photos in the next post

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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