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Petteroids / bryce pump on petter pj1 will not prime
« on: July 21, 2019, 12:32:41 PM »
I have a fuel problem with which I am getting nowhere.
The original problem that the previous owner had was that the engine would start and then stop as if it had no fuel.
He unsuccessfully tinkered with the pump, so I decided to simply replace it for a fresh start and bought a replacement pump from

The existing pump was a Bryce FA0AB080C0280 which was replaced by an FA0AB080C0770

Fitted the new pump, but the engine would not prime.
I bled the system as in the manual but the primer didn't really seem to be pushing fuel up the pipe although it was operating and I could see a change in fluid level at the top of the pump with the injector pipe disconnected but was expecting more of a burst rather than just a level change.
I took off the fuel pump housing cover plate to check the action of the tappet and primer and it seemed ok, although I'm new to these engines.

Regardless of how long I operate the primer no fuel comes out the pipe at the injector end.
Took the pipe off and blew it through with an airline.
Thought at first it was possibly drawing air in so spent an age sealing everything up around the fuel filter/pipes and bleed screws but to no avail.
I found yesterday afternoon that if I filled the tank so that the fuel level was above the injector, fuel simply flowed out of the pipe at the injector end in a continuous flow by gravity.

I don't think I did anything wrong when fitting the pump but I am stuck so there must be something

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

thanks in advance


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