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Hi Fellow Lister Lovers
First post.
I have recently got myself a Lister 1/9 6.25kva Startomatic complete with base, original fuel tank. cast iron silencer, control panel and water tank etc etc.
It was an almost 2 tonne truck and trailer load on a 650 km 2 day round trip to dismantle and collect it.
It was made in 1951 and ran a sheep station homestead in New South Wales. As far as I know it is in original condition and has had no major work done on it before.
It's going but with reduced compression and some piston slap but it's turning out power.
I have obtained enough new mainly original and NOS parts to rebuild the engine:  piston, rings, gudgeon pin, cylinder sleeve, con rod with big and small end bearings, main bearings, fuel filter, gaskets, valves and all the attendant head bits etc etc.
It is going back to work when finished to provide back up battery charging  to wind and solar power on an off grid farm on the south coast of Victoria.
I would dearly love to get copies of the original documentation before starting work.
Can anyone out there help me please?
Listeria (Jim)

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