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Listeroid Engines / Foundation
« on: April 18, 2019, 05:47:55 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Well, planning a foundation for the Listeroid genset.  Should get started on it next month - we'll see...  Looks like itís going to be about 48 long X 30 wide X 36 high (inches) Ė about 4000 pounds of concrete.  I'm planning to use fiber reinforced concrete and rebar.  Depending on what I find when I dig, it could be a little taller (so, even heavier).  Where I am you hit granite pretty quickly.

My plan is to mount the engine right to the block (no subframe at all).  I'll grout it right to the concrete using little soft wood (pine) wedges and machinery grout.  Iím going to use fine thread nine sixteenths threaded rod (grade five) to mount the engine (and the generator).

Iím not going to embed the rod in the concrete, but instead I'm going to "through-bolt" it via long clearance holes in the concrete.  Plan is to go about eighteen inches into the concrete with the bolt holes.

That way, if I should ever break a bolt I can change it.  It also gives the rods plenty of stretch room.  Access to the lower nuts will be through little "tunnels" cast into the block from the sides.  With this much mass, though I really don't think I'll break a bolt.  I'm hoping there won't be any up and down motion with 4000 pounds firmly tied and grouted to the Listeroid's butt.

I've read where others have drilled out the mounting tabs on the engine base to accommodate bigger bolts but I'm nervous removing any more material from an already fragile looking casting.  Nine sixteenths fits pretty nicely as is.

I also found where guys were talking about the top surface of the tabs not being machined flat.  Strangely, my tabs are milled and have a circular depression cut into the tops of them.  It's a crude cut but seems pretty flat.

Last Summer I mixed around 35 bags of concrete (80 pounders) all by hand with a hoe.  My back says "you're NOT doing THAT again!!"

I already bought a concrete mixer.  It's so old that it has a flat-belt drive pulley (sixteen inch diameter by three inch wide crowned pulley) - might as well do this in style...  Don't know much about the mixer but she's a pretty heavy one - I think she'll do two bags at a time.

Sadly, the original engine (probably hit and miss) is gone.  I'll have to graft in a modern replacement.  I already fitted the mixer up to a carry-all so I can move it around on the three point hitch on the tractor.  I'd set it up to run right off the PTO but I need the tractor to load the mixer (so I don't have to lift the bags).  Hmmm...  I guess I really DO need two tractors after-all - can't have too many tractors you know...

Like a lot of my projects, first you have to work on the equipment you're going to use to do the project.  Then you can work on the actual project.

-John (Boston)

Listeroid Engines / Skip (miss)
« on: January 21, 2019, 06:27:44 PM »
Hello Everyone,

So the miss I had was not due to the governor hunting.  I actually got to see how the governor reacted this time.  To prep for this big storm we just got I ran the genset on Saturday.  It was in the low 30's if I recall.  It took two compression strokes to light off and away it went.

The governor hunted for a few seconds after startup and I watched the linkage.  It oscillated slowly back and forth over quite a lot of the rack travel.  I put 600 watts on it after about half a minute and she smoothed out.  After a couple minutes I increased the load to 1500 watts - ran nice and smooth.

I then reduced the dummy load and added in the "house" and let her run for about a half hour.  I happened to be right there looking things over when she missed.  It seems she missed about two consecutive power strokes.  On the first miss the governor immediately started to open the rack.  It continued opening through the second miss and then she fired.  The governor then gracefully closed the rack right back to its normal position and she was smooth again.

The head was hot enough to not want to leave your hand on it so I don't think it's a temperature issue.  I'm thinking that there might be some tiny little bubbles either getting into the fuel line or somehow still in the filter.  It was a bugger to get all the air out of that filter.

I may replace the filter with what's on my Kubota tractor.  It's smaller and has hose fittings molded right into the housing.  The only thing I don't like is that it's plastic.  This *does* allow a nice view of what's inside but now you can't heat it up if the need arises.  Well, a project for nicer weather...

-John (Boston)

Listeroid Engines / Colder start 25F
« on: January 13, 2019, 07:17:37 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Was pretty cold last night so I went out today to see if the 6/1 would light off.  It took a few tries but I got her going.  It's definitely easier to crank with the 10-30 diesel oil in there.  I think the friction of the piston in the bore is lower with this oil.

Air temp was about 25F, head temp was about 17F at the time of this start.  The ST5 started out making a resonating howling noise which I assume was one or both of the bearings.  After a bit it lessened.  I did not change out the Chinese bearings - no idea what they used for grease.

A bit into the run the Listeroid skipped a power stroke or two and then straightened out and ran fine for the rest of the run.  I guess I caught the skip in the video so you can see what I mean.  Not sure why it would have skipped so far into the run.  By this time I'd think the combustion chamber should have been warm enough for reliable ignition.  Worries me a little.  I have anti-gel in the fuel so it shouldn't be a flow issue...

Well, hope I'm not boring you guys...  Here's the link to this latest start.  I'll probably do an other one when it's even colder.  The object of the enterprise is to be able to start this thing down to zero F or colder.

-John (Boston)

Listeroid Engines / Video of current setup
« on: December 30, 2018, 05:07:57 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Made a little video yesterday of my current "temporary" setup.  This is the first winter that it's been outside and in a convenient position to run it.  Last year I did start it at about 32F one time.  It had straight 30 weight oil in it.  This winter I have 10-30 Kubota diesel rated oil in it.  Seems a lot better already.  It was 43F yesterday when I lit it off.

I'm going to do several test runs as it gets colder to make sure I can get it going when it's needed.  The crazy weather we have here will often bring a big snowstorm followed by several clear but below zero (F) days.  If the power goes out during the snowstorm I need this to start so the house doesn't freeze in the following days (pellet fired boiler for heat).

I originally had it set up in my basement but had to move it outside due to exhaust issues.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop the "bus smell" from creeping into the house (back of the bus smell).  I liked it inside because it was easier to run in winter and the waste heat was inside the house.  Plus it gave the whole house a comforting "throb", kind of like a ship.

-John (Boston)

Listeroid Engines / Hello Everyone, an other 6/1 owner
« on: December 23, 2018, 06:12:55 PM »
Hello Everyone,

New member hereÖ  First, I want to thank the wonderful people who have run this forum and those who have posted here, sharing their vast knowledge so unselfishly.  Sadly, many may have moved on by now.  I would never have been able to "build" my 6/1 without the many hours of reading (probably hundreds) here in these archives.  Pretty much everything one needs to know is right here.
I got my 6/1 about eight years ago (used).  It came with a bent rod (really good banana shape to it) and was a bugger to start because of it.  I've been all through the engine and the only thing that remains to fix is the idler clearance.  Next spring I will finally pour a 3 or 4000 pound block for it.  It's used for backup power.

-John (Boston)

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