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Petteroids / PETTER PH2 engine - oil not reaching the tappets
« on: August 31, 2018, 11:34:39 AM »

I have recently reconditioned a PETTER PH2 engine.  I replaced the oil pump, pistons, rings, etc. and had the injectors and pumps recalibrated.  The problem Im having is that there is no oil going to the top of the engine via the oil pipe on the side of the engine to lubricate the tappets.  I find this quite strange as I fitted a new oil pump. 

The supplier of the pump mentioned that I should have primed the pump before installation.  Could this be my problem?  Or must I look elsewhere?  Id also like to mention that the motor runs and when hand-cranking it the oil is definitely reaching the bearings as I checked this with the side covers off. 

Can anybody assist me, please? 

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