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Changfa Engines / Ring Gear for s195
« on: April 10, 2020, 02:40:28 PM »
Looking for a suitable ring gear and starter motor to fit to a ZS195.
Has any body had a go at this. Getting the stather conversion kit from china is out of the question, as its 80kg.
So o was thinking a ring gear off and starter from a small car would be a way to go.

Getting ready for my older years.

Everything else / Modbus RS 485 Energy meters
« on: October 17, 2019, 06:56:03 AM »
Way off topic.

I'm looking for a few modbus energy meters, for a solar install.
Must be able to measure export and Import, energy.
And be able to be read via a Pi or Ardunio.
So if you have had a play with any of this, or just know of a quality meter supplier.
Please chime in, with your wisdom. Thought and suggestions.


General Discussion / Solar Split System Inverter Air Conditioners
« on: July 24, 2019, 05:07:24 AM »
Have seen a few adds for these lately and wondered if anyone had any practical experience with them, or of them.
I have lots of panels, so powering one wouldn't be very difficult.

Solar Split System Inverter Air Conditioners

Here is the sales pitch;

HYBRID Solar AC units are as the name suggests. They run directly off solar panels during daylight hours or when their is sufficient sunlight and mains power in the evening or at times of limited sunlight. They can also run on a combination of solar and mains power.

Ideal applications include Businesses, Schools, Offices, Site Camps or wherever heating or cooling is required during the days they run for free when there is sufficient daylight.

STAND ALONE 48 volt 100% Off Grid units run completely off solar panels and charge a battery bank for use during the evening or at times of little sunlight.

Perfect for any off grid application such as remote communities, Islands, farms, mining sites or off grid residential use.

Solar AC, both Hybrid and Stand Alone is Proven Technology with hundreds already installed in Australian Telco towers to cool equipment and batteries.

So you know all i know about them now.

Everything else / ESD 5500E engine speed controller unit
« on: May 30, 2019, 02:57:46 PM »
Hi All;

I have been offered at a very good price an new old stock one of these units.

An was wondering if anyone had any experience with them?

What i was thinking is i could put the speed sensor on the output shaft of the gen head and control the engine speed with the unit and always have a 1500 rpm generator no matter the load.

I'm looking around for a home energy monitoring system or the components to build one.
As i now have a number of inverters spread about the place. The SMA's have there own inbuilt WiFi, so their easy. but the older inverters, read cheap, off gumtree, and ebay just have there own internal displays.
So a walk around the house and sheds at the end of the day and some quick mental arithmetic and i have a number.
But i'd like instantaneous, and hourly and daily data. so when panels are moved or adjusted i have real data not just good guess work.

WiFi energy monitor, home energy monitor, local api support, WiFi energy meter

This is what im thinking about, bang it in the meter box and bobs your uncle.

So what did you do? how did it go? Was there a better way, and if you did it again what would you do different?

Things I want to Buy / 5-8kw Gen Head Australia
« on: November 05, 2018, 02:17:46 AM »
Still on the hunt for a 5 - 8 kw gen head in OZ, closer to QLD the better.
Belt drive..

There must be an extra in somebody shed.

Changfa Engines / Taming the Beast or Hushing A 195 Please Help
« on: October 08, 2018, 05:34:31 AM »
Its now running happily, and waiting for its gen head to arrive.

So its time to change the quality air filter unit, for something quieter, and maybe plastic to it wont resonate.
And to get a little  better muffling, there is a hospital silencer at work, but that's from a 22 liter Volvo so its over kill.

So tell me what you have learned.

Do you love your 195, or was it a big mistake? So far mines been good, but its only early days.

Had thought it might look good with a classic Furgie exhaust, like the old TEA 20 we had for years. Lol.
Give it some British, class.

I had also been wondering what it would be like using a modern car or bike air box, I Know it is not classic diesel, but there are millions of them and if i picked something common i would never run out of air filters.?

Generators / Minimum Horse power to drive a ST10 genhead
« on: September 23, 2018, 01:55:54 PM »
Hi wanting to know from practical experience, what the minimum power is to drive an ST 10 type gen head, and get decent output? (at least 7-8kw)
I have seen you tube videos with s195 type engines but most are rated at 13.2 hp @2000 rpm, and i wondered if this was sufficient.
One my be available at a very reasonable price, in stead of a 5k version. That 13hp would most definitely drive.

By my math 742 watts per horse power, 10000watt generator 742 watts per horsepower about 13.4 hp.
Or do i have this completely wrong.

Generators / single-phase brushless synchronous alternator with capacitor
« on: September 16, 2018, 02:12:46 PM »
Are capacitor controlled alternators worth considering or should you stick to something with an AVR control.
I notice a lot of  honda and mid priced gens seam to be regulated this way.

Block diagram below

General Discussion / The Lister CS Story
« on: September 14, 2018, 05:28:34 AM »
Hi All, have seen this book on ebay a few times and wondered, about it. Any one own it or read it.

Don't know much about the CS family, so worth buying a copy?


Picked up a new inverter today from Mpower in Brisbane.  (Qld Australia).
 And was wondering around the warehouse, and saw a pile of Linz 7 Kva alternator heads with E/L Protection for $268ex gst.
Single bearing type. The company have stopped making generators in there Sydney plant. Cheaper to buy complete from china. so there are 50 of them.

SO if you can make a drive shaft and bearing mount yourself or get one somewhere, here is a very cheap generator.
The sharft is sutable for a J609b type taper.

You would need a plate with a 90 degree  bend for the front housing and base mounting and a Pillow Block Flange Bearing  to carry the shaft, and you would be well on the way..
Some pictures of the generator.

If your intrested in these generators PM me and i will give your there contact. And no there is no free gen in this for me.


And pictures of the twin bearing version sto give you an idea of whats needed.

Has  anyone changed there Chinese diesels filter to something we can buy easily? Something  that's a CAV or Delphi  Ryco Fram, even Lucas  clone or something else common?

Wondering how hard it would be on the S195.

Miami Pick up Belt-Driven Water Cooled Diesel Engine 25HP  ZH1115 ND

On Ebay in the USA at the moment if anyone over there is interested.

Generators / 3hp Lister CS how big a generator can one drive
« on: September 02, 2018, 04:12:34 AM »
Just wondering how big a generator a real 3hp CS could drive as a backup generator?
 or is it more suitable to drive a 24volt alternator and charge batteries in stead?

Generators / 2.5 to 5.0 kw Gen Head in Australia for S195 Engine
« on: August 29, 2018, 04:02:57 PM »
Can anyone suggest a generator head, two bearing type, that i can get in Australia that would be suitable for the mighty ZS195.

Or will i have to hunt down an old Japanese generator from the 70,s or 80,s  and steal the belt driven head.


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