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Changfa Engines / utterpower changfa cooling conversion plate specifics
« on: August 04, 2018, 01:06:31 PM »
Planning on converting the Changfa 1115 to radiator thermosiphon cooling.  George's plate seems to have the thermostat on what I'd consider to be the proper place for the "cool" inlet return line closer to the crankshaft, farther away from the head.  The port by the top of the cylinder would presumably be the "hot" side outlet.  Also, there should apparently be a tube extending down into the jacket a few inches on the return line?

Can someone please talk me through the physics and thinking about these conversion plates?  My understanding is that the cool return line should drop in via that extension tube closer to the crankshaft, and the outlet should be near the top of the cylinder, with no extension tube.  Correct?

Also, I've been looking everywhere for a copy of the utterpower CD, but there's no link to buy them anymore.  Can anyone tell me where I can find one?  I'd love to see what's on it.

Thanks in advance for all advice.

General Discussion / Finding an equivalent injector pump
« on: August 03, 2018, 11:32:16 AM »
So on my recent road trip to Wichita to pick up those two LT1A's and four Lombardini 6LD260's, I noted that every one of the Lombardinis was missing some part of its injector pump.  This led me to believe I'd be able to find new or fix them.  Well, I'm striking out.  After trying every trick I can find, I've had no luck with the repairs.  Even after complete disassembly, including thorough cleaning and lubing the rack remains sticky, and the governor can't effectively move it.

Now I'm moving on to Option #2 - Replace the pump.  Problem is, the originals are rare as hen's teeth.  Nobody seems to have them, or I'm looking in the wrong places.  Even if I can find one I'm sure it'd be priced out of what I'm willing to spend on a "maybe fix".  I've seen several suggestions that these pumps are built to standards, and it should be easy to find an import clone of the original.  Can anyone please tell me how to find an equivalent pump for the 6LD260?

Thanks very much in advance.

In other news, one of the LT1's is fully operational after swapping the injector out of its 8600 hour brother!  Also, I made another road trip and picked up an original 1939 CS with SOM "kidney" flywheels and an original Lister SOM cast iron base.  On the same drive I brought home a Changfa 1115 with a 15kVa ST generator head driven via a Lovejoy coupling.  It's been said many times, but I'll say it again - this is a BEAST of a device.  I was honestly expecting a Briggs sized engine, but it's more like someone lopped off one cylinder of a Cummins truck engine and laid it down on its side.  When it fires up it's like a small earthquake.  Quite impressive.

So after seeing the raw awesomeness which is the 1115, I'm going to sell the 295 powered generator.  It works fine, but it doesn't have that "certain something" weirdness I find highly appealing in my toys.

Engines / LT1A no start
« on: July 14, 2018, 03:27:17 PM »
So I picked up a couple of LT1A's and four Lombardini 6LD260's from an ad on Craigslist.  I'm embarrassed to say how much trouble I went to and how far I traveled to pick them up.  I spent WAY more on the rental minivan and hotel room than I did on the engines...  But here we are.

The two LT1's are built in '85 and '86.  The '85 is in MUCH better shape than the '86.  The '85 cranked, but no fire.  First things first, I checked the injector pump.  It was seized up with rust.  So after a bath in Purple Power and a thorough brass bristle brushing, it now works like a champ.  There is fuel squirting out the end of the line to the injector, but outside of a couple of brief firings the very first time it was reassembled (maybe a second or two of actual running - just to give one hope and then have it torn away!) it's acting as if it's getting no fuel.  It acts as though it wants to run, but maybe the injector is gummed up?

This leads to my question - how to remove an injector?  This is Diesel 101, I realize.  But as much wrenching as I've done, I've never had to remove an injector.  The manual makes it seem as though it can only be done with a specialized tool.  Before starting to crank around on the thing, I figured I should post the question here.

After removing the allen head 6mm bolt hold-down, the injector has a flat on the end.  Does this unscrew, or is it a press fit?  I already bought the Harbor Freight injector puller kit, but if I can get it out without using it, well it's $38 back in my wallet.

Thanks in advance for any advice and ideas.

A question for the gear heads and mechanical thinkers:

I have a Mahindra 4505 tractor, basically an Indian-made IH B414.  It's been an excellent little tractor, but it has this one quirk.  When I go to start it, 9 times out of 10 the bendix just goes "clank" and hits the ring gear without engaging.  I keep on trying until it finally meshes and starts.  It's done this since I've owned it, which is an embarrassingly long time.  As one does, you just adapt your behavior to the quirks of your tools and get on with it.

A few days ago I finally attempted to address the issue.  I removed the starter and had a look.  Sure enough, it appears that the bevels have been improperly ground on the bendix.  Now I'd like to remove it and re-grind the faces.  Any suggestions on angles and depths, if it's agreed that this might be the problem?

Have a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure if this qualifies as a "slow-speed" issue, so I apologize if this is in the wrong section.

As you've all seen, I'm in a new phase of my Diesel addiction, and am apparently acquiring new (to me) metal.  I picked up a 12.5kVa generator with a two-cylinder Chinese 295d engine.

Before you ask, yes I did indeed find the number one Google search return when looking up Changchai 295d with 332 hours, and I fully realize that I might have picked up a lemon.  But since I knew it was a potential lemon I had got it for a very reasonable price.  If the motor craps out in the near future I'm still money ahead on the Stamford Newage gen head, is how I see it.

The radiator has some rust in it, as it was manufactured in 2002 and went to live in a prepper's garage for a decade and a half with no maintenance whatsoever.

At a bare minimum I'll be needing a new radiator cap, oil filter, and fuel filter, and that's just for starters.  Does anyone have a source for these items?

How about oil type?  Would Rotella be a good choice?  I'm still learning when a multi-grade oil is appropriate and when straight weight would be.  I've never found the definitive thread on that topic.

Also I'm looking for some documentation on the thing.  I found a PDF with the dimensions and capacities, but I was wondering if anyone had a repair manual hidden in their computers somewhere?

Thanks, all!

Things I want to Buy / Newbie in search of first engine
« on: June 02, 2018, 09:10:00 PM »
Greetings, all!

I'm a recently infected Lister newb wanting to find my first engine.  I was in contact with Sid here in Atlanta regarding his posts that he was ready to sell his Listeroid and Petteroid.  As it turns out, after meeting the man I understand that he has recently obtained a fresh lease on life, and only a monster would ask him to give up his man toys when he clearly doesn't want to or need to at this particular moment in his life.

I should add that I'm in contact with 38ac, and if no engines are available I'll be buying one from him and having him work his magic on it.  Not afraid to pay a man with his skill set demonstrated so aptly on this forum.  But naturally, being a gearhead myself I would love to take a swing at fixing one up myself and so I'm also at odds with myself on this conflict of interest.

So, I'm looking for either a running engine or a non-running collection of parts.  I'm perhaps more mechanically skilled than our national average, but by no means am I a rocket scientist.  Avid home gamer with a nice collection of machine shop toys including lathes and mills, and even an old Steptoe-Western 24" shaper.  An engine I could get back into shape using those tools would be right up my alley.

Proximity to Atlanta, GA has to be considered, although for a true original Lister (or even one Butch has worked his magic on) my range for a road trip pretty much includes all of North America.  Yeah, the bug bit me pretty hard all right.

Also, I have sold this idea of an indestructible engine with excellent fuel economy on the basis of promising an emergency backup generator for the house, so if it would have a generator head setup included well hey, that'd be awesome.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to spending time on this forum.  It seems like you have a great group of users who focus on helping each other rather than trying to scare off the new guys.  Well done to you.

As a closing thought, I'm also utterly fascinated by the Chinese horizontal diesels in a morbid way.  They're just so industrial raw and beefy, at some point I'd like to possess one of those as well and make a genset out of it.  If anyone needs to find a new home for theirs, please let me know.  I am already in touch with Tom up in New England about a brand-new 1115, but $1500 might be a touch high for me to swing by my wife.  I'm sure you all understand that predicament.

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