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we've bought a Lister 4 cylinder water cooled diesel engine to restore. It is similar to a 3 cylinder that I restored decades ago to run the flood lifter pump on our outback station but I don't know if this one is an early JP, a CS or some other model - a few people have said it's a JP4 but there appear to be enough differences to make us unsure.

There is a brass plaque that says 40hp and 1100rpm with the number 4693843. That number is also stamped on the flywheel. The decompression levers are on top of the rocker covers. It is radiator cooled with a head mounted water pump, belt driven, with two delivery ports. Also, rockers are lubricated by a greasing system, not oil (oil is not fed to the overhead rocker covers).

The main ID plate has been removed, and the usual identifying marks that people say to look for are not apparent.

I've tried to attach photos by adding the Photobucket URL between the 'img' brackets, trying other options with Pb, as well as trying the 'attach' option below, but nothing is coming up when I check the preview. The best I can offer at present is a link to a Facebook album of pre-restoration photos on a public view setting:   https://www.facebook.com/leanne.owens.10/media_set?set=a.1775840762428677.1073741956.100000083126724&type=3&uploaded=7

I'll put a YouTube link to the first time we started it - I hope the link works. Please excuse the level of Aussie excitement.


If anyone is able to identify it, your help would be appreciated. Most say it's probably a JP4, some say a CS4, others claim a different model. For ordering parts, I really need to know. Thanks!

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