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Original Lister Cs Engines / waddya reckon?
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:38:58 AM »

There might be some life left in the oily one?

General Discussion / Welders
« on: October 22, 2019, 07:13:38 AM »
Hey Bruce (and others)

We talked about home welders & related stuff a while back - probably in the context of "what machine do I need?"  So maybe there is some value in the following thoughts:

See pics?

This is the little single-phase welder I use all the time out of my service truck running off the generator you see in the pic (see detail, nominally a 7500W machine).  This welder likes the generator and runs just fine off it

One of our suppliers has a slightly different variant of the 16TC 7016 Low Hydrogen electrodes I normally use for everything and I bought a box to have a play and did a rough test-piece (see pic detail)

Tomorrow when its cool I'll cut some slices off it and attack them with the press and the sledge-hammer so see if there are any faults

The test piece is an inch thick and used about 3 or four pounds of electrodes (to use American dimensions) and the little welder did a close-to-100% duty cycle - just the time taken to swap electrodes and chip/wire brush as it's only down-time - running at about 60/70% of its nominal 170A capacity

The point I wanted to make is that, while current ratings are a bit nominal, I started off the first ten or fifteen runs at 125A and the final five or six at 100A as the piece got hot and I was working closer to the surface

I'm a fan of these inexpensive (but not "cheap") Chinese-sourced, Australian-branded welders and the inexpensive (and only slightly cheap) Chinese Honda Clone generators

I'm expecting that if there are any faults in that test-piece they'll just be the result of a pretty causal approach on my part but that penetration etc will be good

FWIW I would conclude that - unless you're working on Serious Heavy Machinery - that a nominal 7500W (Chinese watts with a lot less torque than American/English/Lister watts) and a nominal 150A or so of welding capacity is plenty for most applications

Maybe the DC output is 30 or 35V?  On that basis, say, 150A is kinda 5000watts?  Whatever the arc-striking current draw is at 125A, it seems to be well within the range of the nominal 7500W Chinese generator


Generators / uni-lectric
« on: October 19, 2019, 02:28:50 AM »

Check out this little beauty

It looks as if it has been somebody's baby

Maybe a liquid-cooled single with a hopper above?  Looks kinda two-stroke-ish in the cylinder area

Original Lister Cs Engines / Lost 38AC stuff on Camshaft Understanding
« on: September 12, 2019, 08:39:21 AM »


When I bought a CS a while ago in which the cam turned out to have been installed 90 degrees out of whack - several folk here gave me good practical advice, for which I continue to be very grateful

In the course of gaining an understanding I cut-and-pasted all the dialogue back-and-forth from Butch' thread on Camshaft Understanding and saved it as a word doc.  Then I deleted all the redundancies, re-quoted bits, random anecdotes etc (an illuminating process as 90% of the text contributed nothing except to show that we humans are the sort of animal that enjoys communication  QED, I think)

I attach the doc here

Ade - is it OK to do this?  It's not violating the spirit of whatever Butch was wanting to do when he removed his texts?  If it is - please just delete

I'll be surprised if others haven't done similar with other thread stuff


Everything else / Welder
« on: August 24, 2019, 11:32:14 AM »
I wonder if anyone has built a welder powered by a CS or similar using a Lincoln Tractapak or Hummel or PTO-drive welder unit?

I dunno if 6HP would cut it - but these old girls have a surprising amount of torque and might manage, say, 150A?

I'd be interested in any thoughts.  Cheers

Changfa Engines / China diesel
« on: August 11, 2019, 06:52:40 PM »

General Discussion / Speaking of Tesla - the electric plane
« on: August 08, 2019, 09:55:53 AM »
It's the Jetsons

Check it out:

I guess it's a bit of a toy in some ways (a piper cub will go three times as far on a tank of gas

But this little plane is travelling at 100MPH, is good for about 90-100 miles on a charge, cruises at 100MPH using just 20kW to do so

The plane cost $140K.  But the 100-mile flight used $5 of electricity (and yes, you could easily charge it with solar)

Some sort of a "shape of things to come" ?

General Discussion / Tesla
« on: August 05, 2019, 07:24:07 PM »
Hey Glort I thought you might be interested in this as an example of ownership costs for one of these

General Discussion / one for the knockers and sneerers
« on: August 03, 2019, 07:00:33 PM »
Back in 2007 I was fortunate enough to spend a week at the Isle of Man TT

It was my 50th birthday present to my motorcycle-enthusiast self.  It was also the 100th running of the famous event - so it was a big party.  Back then my then GF and I were both freelance writer/photographers for various motor/motorcycle publications so it was a rare opportunity to see, photograph and write about something special

The racing was as spectacular as you might imagine.  It was the first year riders cracked the 130MPH lap average speed, and the weather was fine

But my favourite memory is the old guys from Honda who had come back 40 or50 years later with their old race bikes and their memories.

Almost without exception their stories went something like this:

When we first began to build motorcycles the British laughed at us and said "Let then make and sell little toy bikes; what do we care?"

Then, ten years later when we first arrived to compete at the Isle of man - they looked at our small motorcycles and sneered and laughed

When we got out onto the track and began to win races - the laughter stopped . . .

"This year (2007)" one of them said "you will not find a race here at the IOM - apart from specialist ones - where all three bikes on the podium are not Japanese"

Small beginnings . . .

OK so, see below.  This is a beginning and (like some of the early Japanese motorcycles) by God it's an ugly duckling of a car.  BUT, IMHO, I think it might be a sign of things to come

And, at the complete other end of the scale, hands up anyone who is familiar with the Goodwood Festival of Speed sprint?.. It's a BIG fish in a small pond

This year, an electric car knocked a couple of seconds (significant in a sub-40 second sprint event) off the record set 20 years ago by a McLaren F1 car which no-one (despite million-dollar attempts) had managed to ever beat

Check it out.  it won't take long to watch lol

And it's a VW - which says something about where the company is going.  Same car smashed the Pikes Peak hillclimb record last year and beat the previous electric car record at the Nurburgring this year in a time that's less than a minutes slower than the current outright record-holder, its cousin the Porsche hybrid

General Discussion / Hornsby
« on: July 23, 2019, 07:03:09 AM »
Check out the bidding war on this baby:

Waddya reckon guys?

Is there anything special about the "old" "original" pump and injector?

Or is it smart just to buy a new pump, a new line, a new injector and get on with it

This engine started life as a 3/1 and at some point had a 4&1/2" barrel and piston fitted, then later a + 40 thou barrel and alloy piston fitted.  Maybe the heads are the same (3/1 and 5/1)? I don't know?  But maybe it still has the pump/injector from the 3/1 days which may, effectively, be not worth having

Those new "Genuine Bosch Mico" injectors and pumps are only about $150 each and whenever I have fitted one in the past all my uncertainties about "have I heard a decent CRINK or a half-hearted CRINK?" have just disappeared

I'd appreciate any thoughts

Thanks, Mike

Original Lister Cs Engines / CS head - worth bothering with?
« on: June 15, 2019, 03:44:37 AM »
Hi Guys

Some of you have given me a hand with advice on the + 40 thou piston and barrel I have been tinkering with; and that has been much appreciated

When I took the engine apart I dumped the head, injector, pump and a few other bits and pieces in a big bucket of diesel for a couple of weeks

This morning I made an abominable mess in the workshop giving them a clean and dismantling the head etc

See pics?

Getting the valves out was a mission as the head had sat in the weather long enough for the springs to be substantially rusted - I would say the guides would need replacing, too

I can buy a whole new Indian 7-stud head complete from Australia for about $NZ250 and probably a hundred or two dollars in freight - maybe somewhere in the $NZ350-550 range landed . . .

I wonder if it's worth mucking about with this head - or if it's better to just put it "on the shelf" for an occasion when I have more time - whenever that might be

My objective is to have one good engine I know to have sound internals plus a bunch of good spares - and I think that (with a bit of machine-shop repairs to the top ring groove) the +40 thou Barrel & piston out of this engine will have a good service life ahead of them

I'd be interested in thoughts as I don't have the experience to interpret the images in terms of "how worn things are"


(similar query underway re pump & injector - bear with me here)

Thanks, Mike

Hi guys

In the other thread I have rambled about barrel and piston . . .

But the piston has a bunch of inscriptions and I thought knowledgeable folks might like to shed some light?

It says:

Piston says, maybe

008 0.4025


BLQA 403101/1/0.40T

And see pics attached?

It came up so clean it suddenly occurs to me to wonder if it's an alloy piston?  It's cold and dark and raining out and the engine's 200 metres away so I'm not going out with a magnet now in the middle of the night . . .

Couple pics here, anyway


Finally got around to seeing if the old CS that has been sitting up in the Bay of Plenty is a runner or not

I bought it off a chap who thought it had been in his yard for "quite a few years" but also thought it "probably wouldn't take much to get it going".  A familiar story to one and all here I am sure . . .

I said recently I paid $300 for it, but I think I actually paid $500?  Details a bit blurry as it was a few years ago now.  It has been sitting on the base built out of heavy RSJ for a couple years waiting for some attention

I did the on-the-fly measurement of the rim circumference thing to calculate inlet opening & zorst closing etc etc and fitted a new pump and injector & it bled up good.  A good clean "crink" with each injection

Doesn't want to go, though

I gave it a lot of heat from the butane and a bit of Aerostart but no go.  Just not quite enough compression.  If you try really hard you can keep cranking it over and over the compressions after you let the valve lifter go - and I could feel a little "pop" most compressions and a wee puff of white smoke and a bit of a hand from a partial ignition

It'll have to come apart - my guess would be the rings are stuck

Actually it's good that it has to come apart since, as it has work to do, I'll have to address any issues properly rather than just giving in to the temptation to get it going and use it . . .

They're nice looking machines, aren't they

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