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Petteroids / LPW2 / DN2M compression challenge
« on: March 14, 2016, 08:59:34 PM »
Hello.  New to this site and looking for some help on a Lister Petter engine LPW2.  Not finding anyone who knows about them IN DEPTH on the Steel Solders site.   Engine is in a MEP 802A generator set.  What I'm having a problem with is engine compression.  It doesn't have a lot of hours but I've narrowed it down to the valves are not fully closing due to the rocker arms not being loose enough.  This is a hydraulic lifter engine and this usually means that the push rods can be turned by hand when engine has set for awhile when the lifter is on low part of cam.  Technical Manuals say push rods should turn as well.  Anyway, I can loosen the rocker nut and literally feel the valve retainer lift upwards quite a bit.   Didn't measure but clearly it's allowing compressed air past the valves.  Engine turns pretty freely as well where other engines of this type don't turn over by hand at all due to a lot of compression.  This is the case with the 4 valves when on the lowest portion of the cam or no lift.  So the engine turns over with little to no compression because of this.  I could loosen the rocker nut and then have compression but that wouldn't be good with the engine starting without the rocker tight.  O boy could that result in something drastic.  Anyway. I see nothing in the manuals that will help.  Then only thing I can think of is to buy a bunch of thin washers in random thicknesses, like around .010 to put under the rocker pedestal until I get a combination of washers when tightened down by the nut to allow me to turn the push rod by hand.  This is not how it was designed but I don't know what else to do.  Any and all help is appreciated in advance.  Thank you.  Perry

Just a thought after proof reading this.  Could someone have put the wrong oil into this unit and that is not allowing the hydraulic lifter to not compress????.  I bought it from a company who uses way bigger generators than this 5K unit.  They had just had it serviced a several months ago when it was running good but had never ran it since then.  I see a NAPA filter on it, which is fine, but I'm wondering now.  Might need to do an engine flush with Dextron ATF or something, drain, and refill with correct oil. 

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