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Engines / Quieting the exhaust on a SR2 motor??
« on: June 26, 2018, 03:53:56 AM »
Hello everyone, I have a generator, built around an SR2 motor, My question is , has anyone come across a way to quiet down the exhaust noise, the generator/SR2 is inside, so engine noise is not that bad, but trying to come up with an idea on how to quiet down the exhaust.  Right know, it runs though an exhaust off a F450 ford diesel cube van, works well...but was looking for better ideas....

Generators / generator help...
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:28:05 AM »
Two days ago my ST-10 gen head went down...stopped making power. Took the top cover off the control box ( houses the AVR and diodes)...and found a new mouse nest!!but I was too late, AVR is NFG, so I have a 5500 watt gas unit the I uses as a back up...I've never used it on the house, just in the field, to run saws, drills etc.
The problem I'm having is that the inverter will not acknowledge the genset, with out the neutral being hooked up...the gens out put is 220 volts .
The Lister/ST10 220 volt genset only need the 2 power wires hooked up and inverter pick up right away. Does anyone know why...only going to use it for a couple of day, I've got a Stanford head that is going back on the Lister, just waiting for a new coupler and sprocket.

Generators / Stamford generator head
« on: February 21, 2017, 08:22:56 AM »
Hello everyone,
As you may recall I pick up old Lister SR2, with a Stamford gen head, sometime back in the summer months. Anyways haven't got to the rebuild on the SR2 yet...but it coming!!
My  home and shop are both off grid. The house has a full set up...batteries, solar, gen...etc. But the shop...not so much. I've been using an old Honda 5000, when it's needed. But a couple of days ago, I bought a small electric air compressor ( smaller then the 4 cylinder DV that has another SR2 on it) to do some air tool work in the shop. I have a sander,grinder, board sander, paint spray get the picture, not any big air tools, but ones that do take a bit of air.
But what I found is the little Honda 5000, don't like to run my new to me ,small air will...but just barely, so I have a cheap..Jap 10 Kw ,that has very little hours on it, that I keep for my number 3 back up, for my back up genset :-) . So I got it out of storage , check everything, started right up, seem to run good, let it warm up, oil was new, when it was put in storage, so everything was great. Ran the shop compressor great! Until, the big bang!! The rod went though the top of the motor, and was laying on the gas tank!!!?? So o well never like it ...from the day,I bought it on sale.
So I took the SR2 off the Dv compressor and mount it on the Stamford gen head base. It took like 5 minutes, with the skid steer and some lifting straps. I'm glade I got the whole genset, and if anyone remember, the price was right!! I paid shipping..and got the Lister for FREE :-) from another member on this site , thank you very much, Mr Hugh...again!!

My problem is I can't get any power out of the gen head...I think I have it wired right, (Mr Hugh) also sent me the wiring diagram, and I'm usually pretty good at wiring thing up....but this one has me stumped.
I'm just not getting any output . I do get a reading of around 10-20 volts ( it slowly drops, as you hold the probes on the leds). Any I need to  re-magnetize the field...or??
The gen head is a Stamford "D" range ac self exciting , number 8 frame, 4 wire, 220/115  rated at 8000 or 9000 watt (don't have the name plate in front of me).
And is it possible to install a newer type AVR, everything looks a little old and aged, if would I go about doing so.
If anyone can help, that would be great! If anyone would like a copy of the manual for this gen head,( it cover the Stamford #8 and #10 frame from the 1970's) or think it would help , in helping out of my little problem. I can send you a copy if they wish.
Thanks, for all the great help the past, and for years to come. One of these days, maybe , I'll be able to help others, and keep the old Lister alive!

And Dieselgman , I'm going to be looking for a reverse rotation starter...or part number to get one. This SR2 has the ring gear, but no electric start, and at -10 I think it could be lots of fun trying to start .

Engines / SR2 interchange-ability?
« on: July 12, 2016, 02:50:50 AM »
Hello all, I've only been collecting SR2 for about 3-4 years now, and my question is , are they ALL interchangeable.... Like. Can I take a cam out of a reverse rotation and put a regular rotation cam in its place...I know there's a little more to it... Like the cooling fan ...etc.
The reason I ask is I have an sr2 with a little different fan cover , from the rest. It has a notch on the fan side housing, unlike the sweeping  cowl, like the rest, and would like to utilize some starter parts form another SR2 that I just picked up ( thanks you Mr Hughes) :-).
These SR2 might not be an old 12-2 but they are a lot cheaper and a good way to become a little mechanically inclined with the Lister family... One day.... One day I'll buy 6-1 or 12-2 .

Engines / Lister SR2 air compressor?
« on: April 06, 2016, 01:36:20 AM »
I while back ,I guy offer me a Lister SR2 that had been made into an air cylinder worked as normal and the other pumped air. He told me it had come off a big ship and was used as an air supply of some type...air starter??? maybe... can't remember. Anyway, I've been thing of building one. Does anyone on here had any experience with one. I remember he told me it put out 7cfm @90 pounds and was rated for 145psi. 
Wish I had bought it!! Long gone!!
Was it a kit you could buy or a factory built piece...or??

Generators / SR2...just picked up another one.... :-)
« on: February 21, 2016, 10:41:17 PM »
Hello everyone,
Just picked up another SR2. My first one runs my off grid home. The one I just picked up, is a little different.... It has the spin on oil filter, and what looks like part of the auto, stop??/start switch, an oil pressure switch and maybe a temp switch? And it has a factory fuel pump!! on the side of the block. It was part of a genset...but someone remove the generator end...was I told it didn't work and was scraped!!!for the copper :-( ....Wish I had it...Anyways the serial number is :4605SR2A22. When I picked it up today, the guy I bought it off of started it in reverse.... Doesn't say it's a reverse rotation. If I'm right the build date is 1968?? My newer SR2 (1972) has the older style oil replacement element...not the spin on filter like this one...anyone have any idea why?
It has the starter ring gear on it, and I'd like to have electric start. Does anyone of know where I can find the adapter and starter . I would like to have the generator head as it was...but I think that, that would be a lot to ask for.
Thanks for looking.
I'm going to try to post picks,...It a little dark(Late day), so sometime next weekend...if I can get it to work.

Everything else / Any Witte diesel generators in Ontaro Canada
« on: December 27, 2015, 02:05:40 AM »
Hello all, new to this forum. Great forum!!!  I wish I'd found it a long time ago. Have a Lister SR2 with a 10 KW head, that I uses for my off grid home in Ontario Canada, works great. But after seeing an old Witte genset on the net...will you know :-) anyways is there any running in Ontario? haven't ever seen any (only on the net) ...maybe , mostly in the Western provinces of Canada?
Keep up the great work!! And thanks for letting me join the forum.

Lister Based Generators / Lister SR2 Help please
« on: December 20, 2015, 10:39:34 PM »
Hello everyone, This is my first posting here at the Lister engine form. First up, thanks you very much, for letting me join this forum!! :-)
Hope to make a lot of new friends that have the same interests as I do...any thing old and slow LOL just like me!!
Anyways I bought a Lister SR2 engine about 3 years ago, it was used as a air compressor/starter for a much larger diesel generator. Very low hours, was just started every month for inspection and always service etc.( government facility). I took the air compressor off and put a 10 KW generator head directed coupled (double chain coupler system). The governor is set at 1800rpm . The gen head I bought(new) is a four pole head. Everything works great!! I live off grid and have had gas gensets for about 5 years, was saving my Lister for the new house, but about three weeks ago my last gas gen , went out of service. So instead of buying a new gas gen, I put the Lister into service. WOW should have done it years ago!!Uses 1/3 or a little less of diesel fuel an hour.
My question is  what problem (normal problem) should I be looking for, what happens normal to these motors. It has the electric starter motor (works great) and that's about it.
Also it has a oil filter inside a steel case on the outside of the engine, is it replaceable with a spin on filter (auto) type, and if not, does anyone have a part number for a replacement filter. I've put about 20 hour on the motor since it was put into service, three weeks ago.And would like to do an oil change, and filter and inspection soon.
I'm in Ontario Canada, so part might be hard to find?? I don't really know.
Thanks for looking and looking forward to responses from a group that will know a lot more then me.

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