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Engines / Lister CD8 Diesel
« on: December 22, 2022, 05:16:08 AM »
I have this CD8 diesel engine and when it came to me it was from a farm and use to drive a generator for the old farm house. When it came home to live with me the generator was long gone. Now I understand that this is a 'tropical' model when they run a radiator (I have the original honey comb radiator but it leaks like a sieve) but when it arrived here it had no oil tank and there was a rubber hose looped around to complete the flow of oil. This idea worked a treat until the engine built up too much oil pressure in the hose and would blow it off but the engine ran beautifully.
Since then I built my own oil tank and plumbed it in also fitting a free flow oil filter in line. I also added a good fuel filter to keep the fuel lines nice and clean.
I had put the engine under cover for about a year and now I am having issues with oil. What happens is I start the engine and run it at about idle and at that speed I hooked up a pressure gauge where the original gauge is and it reads 28psi more than needed going by some paper work I have. After about 4-5 minutes of running at idle it locks up as if there is no oil or pressure. I have to use a plumbers wrench to wind the engine backwards to unlock it. This scares me as I don't want to stuff a good engine and I need some help in resolving this problem please.
First shows the engine on my home made transporter.
Second shows the in line oil filter
Last shows the engine ID tag

Engines / Lister CD 8hp
« on: December 31, 2020, 05:40:21 AM »
I have owned this engine for a few years now and due to other projects it has been left alone under a tarpaulin to keep the weather off it. This is a 'high speed, tropical' model which runs a dry dry sump set up and is why there is the extra filter and oil tank on the back of the engine. Before leaving it alone under cover this engine always started and ran very well. Now I have an issue with it seizing up after running for a very short time. This is out of character and I need to fix the problem. There is plenty of oil in the tank and I do turn the oil tap on before starting and there is oil pressure showing on the original gauge but it is knocked around so I connected another gauge and it shows good pressure of around the 15psi as specified.
When I start it up it takes maybe 3 full swings on the crank handle then use the compression lever and pull it down or push it up , it doesn't matter and it starts. I run it at just above an idle speed and possibly after a minute or so it starts to slow down so I decompress it and shut the fuel off as well.
After this happens I cannot swing the engine over with the crank handle but I can use a pair of stillsons to wind it backwards. Once I have done this I can swing it over on the crank as if nothing has happened.

Any clues as to what to look for please as I miss hearing this run and it is a soothing sound with no muffler just ticking over, even at half revs. Any help is greatly appreciated so than ks in advance.

Engines / Starter Motor
« on: August 22, 2020, 12:43:54 PM »
Hi Guys,
A bloke over here down in Tasmania has a HR2 air cooled 21HP Lister engine and is chasing a starter motor for it. He can buy from the UK but with freight is AU$1200.00.
Is there a aftermarket starter available or another starter motor off another UK engine? I am guessing the original was a Lucas, is this correct?

I am about halfway into the rebuild of this McDonald 2.5HP crude oil / diesel engine. It left the factory in Victoria on 18th May 1945 so it is coming up for its 75 birthday soon. It was donated to me, well a pair of them were, in the hope that one day I would bite the bullet and get one running, that time has come. It uses a Hyvid / Brons fuel injection system which is a tricky bugger on a good day and of which I know next to nothing about as yet. It took close to 4 days of hard yakka to get the flywheels off as the Gib key heads broke off easily and then it was a case of welding a bolt to it and a slide hammer and the other had to be drilled out and then collapsed. So far I have been at this for around a month and a half found the reason for it being pushed into a corner as the roller for the cam seized up and then wore that cam down and that stopped opening the valves enough to make power. I have had the engine for a minimum of 5 -6 years looking for the damaged or missing parts and the biggest issue was the broken injector which I managed to find one.
Other missing parts but promising just recently are an oil primer for pushing oil down through the water hopper to the piston, rings and gudgeon pin. A cap for the crank case lid which I think I can make and a fuel tank again will make. I've ordered a new set of rings, 6 in total for this engine and have been making new gaskets including the head gasket as well.
I will post a couple of pics of this monster, small in size but bloody heavy when assembles as the 2 engines in the box trailer rated at 750kg flattened the springs.
These pics show both engines waiting to be looked at,drilling the Gib key and finally getting one out and the absolute mess inside the gears.

Engines / Petter PH2 engine
« on: August 21, 2018, 01:49:57 AM »
Hi Guys,
I have been asked to try and find out the age of this engine that is in a Dumper truck it is a 2 cylinder Petter PH2-67055 rated at 18HP @ 2000rpm . This is the only details I have of the number so far. Hopefully this is enough to find out the age.
Thanks in advance, Cobba.

Things I want to Buy / Oil Pressure Gauge
« on: June 11, 2018, 05:49:01 AM »
Hi guys,
I just bought a new toy to take to Rallies and after about a month of research I now know the make and model of the little dumper. It is a Liner - Roughrider 1250kgs that runs a twin Lister diesel model # 2917SR2A25 rated at 13.2HP @1800RPM. Everything is in good condition but I would like to find an oil pressure gauge to suit it. The original connects just above the oil filter and the gauge sits against the crankcase cover.

Are these still available and if so where from?

Is there a way of estimating the year model of this engine? I think the dumper is 1971 but not confirmed and I hope that the engine number may confirm or help with it age ID.
Thanks for any and all replies. John

Lister Based Generators / Lister CD 8hp
« on: October 31, 2015, 05:40:56 AM »
Hi Guys,
I have had this great little engine for a few years now and it is time to get it up on a transporter to make it easy to move around and take to rallies. I have almost finished the transporter and its nearly time to mount the engine onto it. My engine originally was a generator set off a farm about 100 kilometres away but now has no generator. Going by the serial number it was built about 1947 and has a letter M in it which may mean it was a marine engine. This also has a radiator for cooling as I was told it is a 'high speed' model (1200 rpm) and also originally had an external oil tank and ran as a dry sump arrangement. I now need an external oil tank to complete the set up and need to know details on this tank like size and quantity of oil to be held. Hopefully someone out there can help with the sizes or a tank here in NSW Australia.
I have had the engine running by putting some oil in the sump and clamping a flexible hose from the high pressure outlet to the return line. This does work for a short time but then the pressure gets too high for 3 utilux clips to hold the hose in place and then everything within reach gets a dose of 'rust proofing' diesel oil.
Thanks in advance for any further information.

Engines / 8hp CD Lister
« on: May 21, 2014, 06:12:59 AM »
We have a 8hp CD Lister that starts and runs very nicely but I need to attach an external oil tank to this engine as it was originally. This has the twin geared pump behind the flywheel and all the pipe work and valves still in place and now I am looking at getting a tank made I need some advise as to what height this should be mounted. One picture I have seen for our engine shows the bottom of the tank should sit just above the height of the oil pump, is this right?

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