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General Discussion / Lister Engines In South Africa
« on: November 07, 2019, 06:30:41 PM »
I started a Facebook group for "Lister Engines In South Africa". There are many groups and forums all over the world where I see countrymen swopping parts, advertising items for sale and discussing local events.

The group is open to anyone who would like to join and contribute. The global engine community is amazing so it would be silly to have borders around the group. It would just be nice to gather the South Africans in a place where we can post local happenings.


Everything else / 12VDC to 220VAC Inverter
« on: December 04, 2017, 01:55:22 PM »
I'm just sharing this in case someone finds the information useful. I told a couple of people about what I did and nobody seems to have thought of this....

We are going away over the December holidays to an off-grid farm on the coastline. There is solar power for lights - but thats about it, so I made a 220V 360W Inverter using an old PC UPS. We can now charge phones and operate the jukebox and so on by connecting this to the solar battery. I've seen these laying around and maybe some of you can also breathe some usefull life back in these units.

The conversion is easy:
Dump the internal 12V 7Ah gel battery
Desolder and remove the piezo buzzer (if applicable)
Add leads and crocodile clamps to connect to the deep cycle battery. (Extend the leads that connected to the internal battery)
Remove or disconnect the mains input port - optional, but I removed it since the charging circuitry will probably eventually go up in smoke if someone tried to charge a big battery with it...  in theory it should work as long as it doesn't overheat.

Since I'll be vastly exceeding the original designed duty cylcle with the big battery, I also drilled some additional ventilation holes and added a 12V PC fan to keep things cool.

Here I'm testing it with a 220V 150W fan that was handy. It works great!

General Discussion / Father's day treat - RSME Visit
« on: June 18, 2017, 07:11:46 PM »
Today is Father's day, and since I got to have the final say how and where our family would spend the day, the decision was quite easy  ;D First prize would be to be in tow behind a Class 15F, http://www.reefsteamers.com/css/News/2016/2016.011.19%20The%20Return%20of%203046.mp4, but that idea is on ice for a while due to various reasons.

Next best - but even better in some ways: A visit to The Rand Society Of Model Engineers
They are about a hour's drive away from where I stay.

A slightly smaller version engine did duty today  ;)

Railway Station:

Apparently the "day to go" is on the first Sunday of a month. Then there are many more locomotives, and the engine museum is also opened and the engines are started. (I saw these running a couple of years ago and definitely worth the trip to go see). Pity I missed it this time round, but I'll go back soon.

I took some pics inside the engine room:

1925 Ruston Hornsby Size 7 Class H Oil engine
Bore: 250mm
Stroke: 457mm
Swept volume: 23L
Mass: 8.95T

1911 Deuts E12

Tangye FL9B Oil engine

28HP @ 330 rpm
Bore: 220mm
Stroke: 408MM
Swept volume: 15.5L

1929 Blackstone
Spring injection Diesel

Blackstone Oil engine
50HP @ 450 rpm


1926 Petter S Oil engine
12-14 bhp @ 525rpm
Driving a 50Hz 3kVa 230V alternator

National gas engine

1898 Ericsson Hot Air Pumping Engine

General Discussion / Lister engine gallery down
« on: August 31, 2015, 07:25:51 AM »
Does anyone know why the gallery won't open?

"Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.
More information about this error may be available in the server error log."

Original Lister Cs Engines / Another 6/1 Restoration
« on: April 18, 2015, 09:39:59 PM »
I have been on and off busy with a 6/1 restoration for quite some time now. There are lots of problems with the engine. Plenty wear and missing/broken parts. The engine was obviously abused, and a seized camshaft ultimately put the engine out of service. It was then left outside for a loooong time... some people have zero mechanical sympathy. ??? I'm having to deal with lots of rust and grinding off thick layers of paint.

As I strip, I try to clean and repair as much as I can.
Basic progress -
Injector: Fixed and set. (Was stuck and blocked)
Diesel pump: Fixed (Was stuck and blocked)
Head: Fixed up and painted (Valves stuck, springs badly corroded)
Other parts in stages of getting painted.
Bottom end basically untouched.

Next big challenge: I will use the engine as a standby generator when I'm done with it, but with the project being just a hobby, cost is an issue for me. I don't want to do halve a job, but I will fix what can be fixed - more fun that way anyway. The cylinder bore is badly worn - apparently it is typical of high-hour engines to wear the chrome away towards the top of the cylinder near the exhaust port. There are also some scorch marks towards the top of the piston, but I'll see how bad it is once the piston's been cleaned properly, but I suspect I will be able to use the piston again. I would like to bore out the cylinder and put a liner in it, but I've been advised not to do this. Can anyone comment on past experiences with putting a liner in? Is it really impossible?

Engine when it landed at home. Doesn't look too bad? Couple of surprises waiting for me...

Mouse nest in head?

Head off

Underside head. Plenty rust.

Patience tester ;D

New style key... Some people can fix anything with a hammer.
(Notice the bolt hammered into the keyway.)

SOM Solenoid:

Serial Number:

Cleaning Piston:

Head soaked in oil - Springs rusted badly.

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