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« on: September 18, 2010, 07:11:11 AM »

  This outfit is shady! About a year and a half ago I purchased a refurbished Apple G5 from them with a 3 year parts and labour warranty.

  One day, these large black spots appear on the bottom of the screen. I take the unit to Laptop Depot for repair and they claim it was 'Physical Damage'.  I paid $200 for this warranty and they will not honour it!!  If it is 'physical damage' then it was the previous owner and this should be covered under warranty.

  Laptop Depot has stores in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan


 It has a Bore of 150mm and a Stroke of 210mm  x 1cyl, for a Total of 226 cubic inches or 3700cc! :o

 It can be viewed at:   Taian Tamec Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd. Look for Model JSD-3200.

 It lists the specific fuel consumption at 170g/kwh.  It is a 1100 RPM Machine. 8)

General Discussion / The Preachers Son
« on: July 01, 2009, 07:29:13 AM »

 A Preacher was worried about what career path his Son, in grade twelve, was going to take. The Preacher went into his Sons room while he was at school and placed the following items on his sons dresser.
    - A bible. If he picks the bible up, he will be a preacher like me!
    - A Loonie. If he picks the Loonie up, he will be a Business Man.
    - A Marijauna Joint. If he picks up the joint, he will be a Drug Dealer.
    - A 26 oz bottle of Rye Whiskey. If he picks up the Whiskey,he will be an Alcoholic.
    - A Hustler Magazine. If he picks up the magazine, he will be a good for nothing Womanizer.

 The Preacher hides behind the door to see what item his Son will pick up. His Son comes into his room, throws his books on the bed, turns around and notices the items on the dresser.

 The Son picks up the bible and puts it under his arm, puts the loonie in his pocket, lites up the joint and takes a Toke, uncaps the whiskey and takes a good chug and then picks up the Hustler Magazine and looks at the CenterFold.

 The Preacher says to himself: Oh please,God,Heaven Forbid, he is going to be..........



   Has any body watched  'The Obama Deception' by Alex Jones?

   The whole 1hr and 57 minute film can be watched on Google Video. :)

    I found it interesting! :o


    I don't know what to think of this! :o

    Go to YouTube.   Type in  'Colin Powell-crisis on January 21 or 22 of 2009'  Notice that there are no follow up questions by the interviewer about Jan. 21 or 22. ::)

Engines / Isuzu Elf flat spot at 2600 RPM/4.3L 4cyl.diesel
« on: December 31, 2008, 01:13:15 AM »

     I seem to have acceleration flat spot at around 2600 to 2700 RPM. In warm weather it is noticeable until the engine is fully warmed up. In cold weather,it is more noticeable when the engine is running on the cool side(just in the normal zone on temp.gauge). When the engine fully warms up it is still quite noticeable.

     When it breaks over this 'flat spot' the engine goes like a 'bat out of hell'.

    The injection system is mechanical(looks almost like the Bosch pumps on older M-B). The truck has 10,000kms on it.

     I am wondering if the Pump Timing is out due to the initial stretching of the chain and other 'break in related' items like gears,etc.

     At first,I thought it might be the veg-oil,but then I remembered that it had this symtom last summer,before I did the veg oil conversion.

     It also seems that if the air is colder,the flat spot is more noticeable.  I thought diesels liked cold combustion air!    Anybody have any ideas?


General Discussion / Mitsubishi Canter/Versatile Rig!!!!
« on: September 10, 2008, 09:25:25 PM »

  Check this out   www.maxoverdrive.ca     click 'trucks'   then click stock# FE435-565  AND ONLY 9000kms

    I am having a problem insuring my Isuzu Elf 2 ton truck. After 3 weeks TD home and auto wants to cancel my policy because they claim that it is a COMMERCIAL TRUCK!

    According to the Superintendent of Insurance for the Province of Alberta the Definition of commercial vehicle is 'A vehicle that wieghs more than 4500kg empty.' The Elf wieghs 2250kg.
      I laid a complaint to the above department and TD's tune changed immediatley!  Then,TD phones back and said that they Googled 'Isuzu Elf' and got a picture of an Elf Dump truck,and wants to cancel my policy again! Another complaint to the above department.TD phones back and says everything is OK!    No wonder that when someone gets rear ended at 2kph,they phone a lawyer and ask them to bring a 'Horse Collar'

     Superintendent of Insurance for Alberta can be reached at 780-415-1159. They are on your complaint immediatley!


General Discussion / 1991 ISUZU ELF 2 TONCABOVER FROM JAPAN
« on: June 30, 2008, 01:28:47 AM »

    Take a boo at this:   www.maxoverdrive.ca     Cliick 'Isuzu' then click far right picture.  Stock#NKR-8969
                                                        THIS IS UNBELEIVABLE!


General Discussion / Japanese Mini Trucks,660cc TurboCharged
« on: June 07, 2008, 07:47:51 PM »
I just came across a site that sells 1993 and older mini trucks imported from Japan. They are of the cabover design.

Thier address is www.japanoid.com  and they are located in New Westminster BC. They claim 45mpg with these units.  All have passed the tight 'shaken' inspection in Japan .   With the high price of gasoline,these might be an alternative to our domestic GAS GUZZLING PIECES OF S**T we have here!

Engines / Non Rotating Tappet Fix
« on: June 05, 2008, 02:57:31 AM »
Had a problem with the intake tappet not rotating.

Due to a hunch that the Tappet Guide was out of square,I lossened the clamp on the Tappet guide and rotated the guide about 90 degrees.    Tappet is now rotating freely.  Try it,nothing to loose!

General Discussion / Price of DIESEL FUEL in Alberta
« on: May 26, 2008, 02:44:48 AM »
    May 25,2008. Edmonton Alberta Canada

    The going price for diesel in Alberta is 129.9/litre or $5.90 /imperial gallon or $4.94/us gallon. This is starting to get stupid!

    Price of diesel is higher than gasoline!    What are they paying in U.K. and Europe now for diesel compared to gasoline? Somebody told me that diesel is 2/3 the price of gasoline across the pond.Is this true? 

Engines / Unconventional Methods of Balancing Listeroids
« on: May 23, 2008, 04:05:35 PM »

  I was at a website a few days ago that sells a product that will keep your tires balanced automatically throughout the life of the tire.
  They were ceramic beads that are installed inside the tire. When the tire is spinning,centrifugal force sends them out to the outside of the tire and the beads go where they are needed.

  Would it be possible to mount two tires,one on each side,onto a listeroid,using these ceramic beads?

  What about filing a tire with the appropriate amount of glycol (freezing conditions in Canada). Would this not work in the same way as the ceramic beads.

  I would really like to take the 'hit or miss' out of this operation!

  I seen a post on this forum,I think it was this forum ,where somebody is trying steel balls in3/4 aquarium tubing to find where to put permanent wieghts.  I cant find the post!



     I plan on utilizing my existing Hot Water/Glycol coal furnace by tying it into the Listeroid water jacket.  In the winter this would ensure a quick start. After the engine is up and running and producing around 8kw,the waste heat from the engine would help to heat the buildings,and I would burn less coal.

     The coal furnace is set at 160 F.  I want to use waste engine oil for fuel.  I can also use the hot water to heat the oil. Would oil heated to 160 F. be hot enough?   I can always add a small rope heater to the injector line.

     The pump in the furnace is rated at 4 gallons per minute. I am wondering if 160 F. glycol entering the engine would be to cool or not.    One could always have a thermostat with a bypass.  Has anybody tied a listeroid into an existing system before?

Engines / STP Oil Treatment/MSDS(material safety data sheet)
« on: March 01, 2008, 03:26:40 AM »

   I was just looking at the MSDS for STP. This is interesting. The MSDS says it contains 1 to 5% ZINC.  I have heard that zinc has lubrication properties :)

   I then read the history of the product. Started in 1953 by 3 fellows with $3000 cash outlay.They would package the product at night in a backyard residential garage. In 1961 Studebaker bought STP.In 1968 total sales volume was $43 million!

   I am just wondering if our Listeroids would benifit from this product,as they have quite loose tolerances and the oil pumps are not really true pressure lubrication? :-\

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