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Generators / 3 phase generator to single phase conversion?
« on: October 04, 2007, 11:43:24 PM »
Got a really good deal on an ONAN genset, a 7.5 kw  model DKD.  It's three phase though, instead of single phase.  I'm awaiting service and maintenance manuals.

My main question is, is it possible to reconnect the three phase alternator to put out straight single phase power?

I have wired it in to three separate load centers, all sharing a common neutral, but the loads (my small woodshop)  are intermittent (although fairly well balanced when all are running).

Problem is, the loads are very intermittent and the operator manual for the gen set specifies a balanced load (phase to phase) within 10 %.  Obviously if I have 15 amps on a phase and on B and C,  it ain't balanced.

The genny is placarded  at 23 amps for a single phase or a maximum of 26 amps/phase in 3 phase operation.  ( I will double check the numbers).

Thoughts?  The three phase just happened and it would be hard to turn down free genset.  Single phase would be be more flexible for me. I also don't want to break the genny by running it in a completely unsuitable manner! No sense being stupid in the face of good fortune!



Listeroid Engines / Quinnf and Beta tester LISTEROID pix!!!
« on: August 25, 2006, 10:16:04 PM »
Yo Quinnf!

I'm dying to see the final installment of pix on the Beta tester Listeroid!!! Could you post them here? Loved your writeup, but sure would like to see  the pix too!!


Petteroids / Who's running Petteroids?
« on: June 27, 2006, 01:09:41 AM »
And what are you doing with them? Especially the ones being "worked"!

Any backup power types out there?


Other Slow Speed Diesels / Xi Xiang Z-195?
« on: June 12, 2006, 09:56:06 PM »
Anyone ever see one of these?  I assume it is some generic Chinese diesel single.  Anyone know anything about them?  The one I looked at this weekend is, reputedly, an old "China Diesel". looks a bit tired around the edges .  It's not froze up, but I had no fuel to start it.  Any idea if generic chinese diesel parts can be used to support it.  Or is it a real cheap copy like the Chang Zou's.

 The availability is getting tight on all these types,  and listeroids even more so,  especially on  the west coast where I live! I want a slow speed deisel but it seems A am late into a market that the EPA has put a big crimp in.

Bottom line, any reason to think this above mentioned engine is worth trying to purchase. Does it looks supportable?  The seller wants $500 but I think a lot less is going to be my starting point.

Any thoughts are appreciated!



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